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Zil & Thungr is an aggressive duo miniboss found in Plains inside Sealed tower.


Item 0 Star
Hildir's bronze chest Hildir's bronze chest 1
Zil trophy Zil trophy 100%
Thungr trophy Thungr trophy 100%

Attacks and abilities[]

For strategies for defeating Zil & Thungr, see Boss strategies § Zil & Thungr.

Thungr will use melee attacks, while Zil will fire elemental magic from the top of Thungr's neck. Zil will sometimes cast a blue shield, which will make Zil and Thungr invulnerable.


  • Zil & Thungr are the first creatures in Valheim that work as a duo.
  • Even they are supposed to be fight as a duo, you can spawn them separately thanks to their Internal IDs
    • Zil's Internal ID is GoblinShaman_Hildir
    • Thungr's Internal ID is GoblinBrute_Hildir
  • Zil is the one that drops Hildir's bronze chest.
  • Zil can still cast his elemental attacks while swimming.


  • According to their trophy descriptions, Zil is older than Thungr, despite the former's size being smaller than the latter.
  • Zil & Thungr have an envy on each other. Zil is jealous of Thungr's strength, and Thungr is jealous of Zil's magical power.