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Yggdrasil, also called the World-Tree, is an immense sacred tree visible in the sky above Valheim.


The World-Tree appears as a gigantic set of colorful branches that curves around the entire world of Valheim. The titanic branches visibly pulsate with a strange greenish-blue resin and have various areas of vegetation adorning them. The core of the branches curves around the world and disappears into the horizon.

The enormous array of glowing branches that can be seen very high in the sky during clear weather is a part of the World-Tree. According to the lore, this tree was once anchored to Valheim, as well as nine other worlds, before Odin severed the boughs that connected Valheim to it after designating the world as a prison for his foes.



  • In Norse cosmology, the Yggdrasil is an immense and central sacred tree. All of existence resides around Yggdrasil, as well as the Nine Worlds which are connected directly to the tree.
  • The name Yggdrasil is not designated to the World-Tree in any of the in-game lore. However, game assets do refer to this tree as Yggdrasil. It can be reasonably assumed that the World-Tree is the Yggdrasil of Norse lore.
  • Using console commands, the player can float upwards and reach the branches of the World-Tree. Currently, the branches are incorporeal and the player character will fly right through them.
  • The various "twigs" that are patched across the branches are roughly the size of regular trees in the world.