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Yagluth is a creature in Valheim.


He is a large skeleton with only the upper half as his body.


Yagluth's Vegvisir runestone

Vegvisir Yagluth.png

Yagluth's Forsaken altar can be found in the Plains biome. There are Vegvisir runestones in Plains biomes that reveal his summoning location. Some appear near stones that resemble stonehenge, while others appear near small, unassuming single groups of standing stones (see images to the right).


Yagluth's Forsaken altar

Yagluth is summoned by obtaining Fuling totem.png 5 Fuling totem and placing them at the sacrificial altar. The altar can be found within five giant stone pillars that resemble fingers from a hand reaching up through the ground. Within the pillars is a small altar that has five small circles in which players can place the totems.

There is a red tablet in front of the altar that can be used once the totems are placed to complete the sacrifice and summon the boss.

Attacks & Abilities

Yagluth is fairly slow but has devastating attacks.

  • Nova: Yagluth raises his right fist which glows blue before slamming the ground, creating a short range spherical explosion. Anyone standing within the explosion radius will take 130 Blunt, 100 Chop and 100 Pickaxe damage. Nova cannot be blocked. Blue fire will remain in the area for a short time dealing 100 Fire damage over time.
  • Meteors: Yagluth raises his left fist which glows red. Then burning stones fall from above and create a small explosion on the landing spots. Anyone hit takes 40 Blunt, 140 Fire, 50 Chop and 50 Pickaxe damage. The meteors fall from the sky at a slight angle which is from from the direction of Yagluth. Meteors cannot be blocked.
  • Fire Breath: Yagluth will occasionally breathe a beam-like fire in a straight line and slowly rotate to follow the player (if they are side-stepping). This rapidly deals several hits of 50 Blunt, 60 Fire, 50 Chop and 50 Pickaxe damage.
  • Environment aura that forces darkness and removes raining which means Wet from rain can't be used as Fire resistance.


Dealing with Yagluth's attacks

  • The fight is balanced around the expectation that players will use Fire resistance barley wine which reduces fire damage by up to 75%. Not doing so can be very dangerous. Armor further reduces fire damage.
  • Meteors: They can be outrun, or the stone pillars can be used as cover. If melee'ing Yagluth, remaining in front of his face is an option, as his head will block most of the meteors.
  • Nova: Can be dodged using the brief invincibility of rolling as Yagluth slam's his fist down. Cannot be blocked.
  • Fire Breath: Yagluth only uses this attack against a player not in melee range. It can be avoided by moving in either side direction. The stone pillars can be used as cover, although they will take damage and eventually break from repeated attacks. It can also be blocked with a shield, but this is not an effective strategy as it will rapidly drain the players stamina.

Melee Strategies

Trying to avoid taking damage entirely can make for a very long fight, as Yagluth doesn't provide many openings. With Bonemass Power, good Food and reasonable armor, his attacks can be ignored for quite a while before getting low on health. Otherwise it may be preferable to dodge-roll his Nova, as it deals up to 130 raw blunt damage.

Other Strategies and Notes

  • Frost arrows are the best arrow type for dealing damage to Yagluth.
  • It is possible to hit freely and backstab Yagluth while he is raising from the ground (starting animation).
  • Yagluth takes spirit damage, making the Silver sword and Frostner decent weapon choices against him. Raw damage of Blackmetal sword also works.
    • The best use of a spirit weapon is to use the secondary attack once to apply a stronger spirit burn, and then primary attacks will refresh the duration of the stronger burn. Utilizing this makes the Silver Sword slightly better than the Black Metal Sword if comparing the same quality level.
    • After summoning, Yagluth is very briefly on unalerted state which allows sneak attacking with enough practice. This allows even stronger spirit burn.
  • A tunnel can be dug under his altar to provide a safe place to regenerate health and repair weapons or portal out. A campfire can be built for the resting bonus.



Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Yagluth trophy.png Yagluth trophy 1
Yagluth thing.png Yagluth thing 3
The "Yagluth thing" is a placeholder item with no use as of version 0.148.7.

Forsaken Power

See Yagluth's Power.


Defeating Yagluth affects the following events for that world:

  • Disables: "The horde is attacking"

Creature Spawning

Defeating Yagluth unlocks Fulings to spawn at night in the Meadows, Black Forest, and Mountain. They can only have 0 stars.


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