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Yagluth is the fifth and currently final boss of Valheim. He appears as an ancient, possibly Fuling, spirit inhabiting his now decomposed skeleton body which is missing its lower portion below the ribcage. A crown rests upon his skull, implying he was once or still is a king.


Yagluth's Forsaken Altar.

Yagluth's Forsaken altar is located in the Plains. His location can be found when visiting Stonehenge structures, where a Vegvisir will reveal his nearest summoning location on the map.

He is summoned by placing 5 Fuling totem.png Fuling totem in his Forsaken altar in the Plains. Like all bosses, Yagluth can be summoned as many times as desired, provided the required materials are met.

Attacks and abilities

Main article: Boss Strategies

Yagluth has an environment aura that forces darkness and removes raining which means Wet from rain can't be used as Fire resistance.


Yagluth raises his right fist which glows blue before slamming the ground, creating a short range spherical explosion. Anyone standing within the explosion radius will take 65 Fire, 65 Lightning 100 Chop and 100 Pickaxe damage. Blue fire will remain in the area for a short time dealing 100 Fire damage over time.


Yagluth raises his left fist which glows red. Then burning stones fall from above and create a small explosion on the landing spots. Anyone hit takes 40 Blunt, 120 Fire, 50 Chop and 50 Pickaxe damage. The meteors fall from the sky at a slight angle which is from from the direction of Yagluth.

Fire breath

Yagluth will occasionally breathe a beam-like fire in a straight line and slowly rotate to follow the player (if they are side-stepping). This rapidly deals several hits of 40 Fire, 20 Lightning, 50 Chop and 50 Pickaxe damage.



Item 0 Star
Yagluth thing.png Yagluth thing 3
Yagluth trophy.png Yagluth trophy 1
The "Yagluth thing" is a placeholder item with no use as of version 0.148.7.

Forsaken power

See Yagluth's power.


Defeating Yagluth affects the following events for that world:

  • Disables: "The horde is attacking"

Creature spawning

Defeating Yagluth unlocks Fulings to spawn at night in the Meadows, Black Forest, and Mountain. They can only have 0 stars.



  • At the time of release, Yagluth was and still is the last boss to defeat.
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