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Wraiths are aggressive creatures found in Swamps. They are dark blueish spectral entities, cloaked with a hood covering their blank face. They emit a quiet snarling hiss sound when they are aggravated. Since they naturally spawn at night, glow and fly, spotting them from a distance is easy. Their telltale glow also reveals them to unattentive players as they approach.


Item 0 Star
Chain.png Chain 1
Wraith trophy.png Wraith trophy 5%


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Swamps during the night time, despawn at dawn 2 Uncommon No
Rare spawn point near abandoned huts in Swamps, also during the day time - One time No


See: Aggressive Creature Strategies



  • Wraiths are the only respawing source of Chains, besides those found in Sunken Tombs.
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