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New world dialog

The in-game dialog for creating a new world. The seed input field can be seen below the name input field.

A world seed is a map seed used to initialize Valheim's pseudorandom number generator that determines how a world is generated. All worlds generated from the same seed will have the same layout for any given game version.

When creating a new world in the main menu, the game opens a dialog where the player can enter the world name and seed. The input field for entering the seed is initially filled with a random seed that can be replaced with a custom seed.

Generating Online Maps[]

You can also generate worlds online using the website listed below created by wd40bomber7. You can easily view all boss locations, tombs and other important land marks. One thing to note though, only the first trader you visit will spawn. The others will not actually be created. Also, this generator is in very early development. Some maps may be slightly incorrect or different from in-game maps and can become incorrect after new updates to the game have been published.


How to find my world seed?[]


The world seeds are displayed next to their names in the list of worlds.

List of world seeds[]

Useful seeds[]

  • maypoleplz — The starting continent has a maypole to the west.
  • jWM4fqFdSm — The island southwest of spawn has two maypole locations very close to each other.
  • wVJCZahxX8 — Starting in the Meadows with Black Forest east and west, a Mountain west. Eikthyr is close to the spawn but The Elder is on an other island south.
  • 42069lolxdHaldor can be found by following the coastline and crossing to another attached island on the south.
  • sBIkiadtIh — Haldor can be found on starting island to the West, with Black Forest, Swamp, and Mountains relatively close. Swamp and Mountains to south and west.
  • 9934622021 — All five first biomes on the first island.
  • WorldEater — All main biomes on first continent, including Haldor.
  • Gremlin — Over 20 beehives and Haldor on the first continent.
  • SRqpmRdigC — One Swamp to the west with 45 Sunken Crypts, so likely 3000+ iron.

Hard seeds[]

  • yfNmtqZ5mh — Starting on a little Meadows island surrounded by a Black Forest.
  • lduTRpBHca — Starting on a small-ish island with very little Black Forest and mostly Meadows. No other biomes.
  • nai4qtPKFt — No bosses on starting island, bosses are spread out. This is a very hard seed.
  • xV2pLimZea — Hunt for the elusive Frost Queen, tangled starting island with nothing nearby.

Speedrun seeds[]

  • HHcLC5acQt — Three bosses, five major biomes and Haldor on the same continent, with two bosses each an island away. For maps generated prior to the location changes with version 0.148.6, Moder is still on the starting continent.[1]
  • TxCD10fTIP — Five bosses and biomes on same continent. Two traders close by, one of which is on the same continent, the other can be reached by swimming or rafting.
  • lSB4fI46nV — Five biomes and four bosses on starting continent, Yagluth on continent next to starting island, Haldor on island next to starting continent.
  • kpI0aXHSfz — Five bosses, boss summon items, and Haldor on all starting continent. Current as of update 0.154.1.


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