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Workbenches are base structures used for crafting, repairing items and building various structures within 20 meters.

They don't require any other structure to be built.

They must be have a roof and 70% cover for crafting and repairing. Repairing items doesn't cost any resources. Building structures doesn't require roof or any cover.


Upgrading a workbench enables additional crafting recipes and higher upgrade levels for items. A workbench can be upgraded up to level 5 by building following structures within 2 meters.

Name Icon Materials
Chopping block
Chopping block.png

10 Wood
10 Flint

Tanning rack
Tanning rack.png

10 Wood
15 Flint
20 Leather scraps
5 Deer hide


10 Fine wood
3 Bronze

Tool shelf
Tool shelf.png

10 Fine wood
4 Iron
4 Obsidian

Duplicate upgrades do not stack. Upgrade items can be used to upgrade more than 1 Workbench at a time.

Recipes exist calling for level 6, which suggests further upgrades planned for the future (see below).

Note that each upgrade structure needs it's own unique line of sight to the crafting table. So, for example, they can't be placed in a line on one side because they will block the line of sight of each other.

Upgrading Tools, Weapons, and Armor

With each level of the Workbench gained some items can be upgraded an additional time, to a maximum of two or three upgrades. Each upgrade gives it more durability. For weapons and armor, it also improves its damage and defense respectively.

A Note About Monster Spawning

The workbench is a basic structure used to define the Player's base. Since monster spawning is prevented inside player's bases, the workbench can be used to prevent monster spawns in areas that the player chooses.

  • For the goal of preventing spawns:
    • Building workbenches is the easiest way to ensure there are no gaps because the effect radius is shown.
  • Workbench radius can be used to check the covered area of a player base structure. Right click the hammer and select workbench. A white circle is displayed on the ground to show the build radius which is also 20 meters.

Some Basic Recipes