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Wishbones are an accessory gained by killing the boss Bonemass in the Swamps.


After equipping the Wishbone, the player will gain a buff allowing them to find secrets. While equipped, the player will sometimes see a puff of green particles around them, beginning approximately 20 meters from a secret. The green particles are accompanied by a ding sound, indicating that something is buried nearby.

The particle effect the Wishbone makes when it finds a nearby secret.

The wishbone rapidly pulsing directly above a secret.

As the player gets closer to the secret, the dinging will get both faster and higher pitch. Once above the secret, the player can dig to reveal Muddy scrap piles (Swamp), Silver veins (Mountain), or Buried Treasure (Meadows).

Once the object is interacted with (opened or mined) the Wishbone will stop detecting that object.

The wishbone is equipped in the same accessory slot as Megingjord, so both cannot be equipped at the same time.