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Windmills are base structures used for converting Barley into Barley flour.

They require Artisan table to be built.

General Information

The Windmill becomes available after the player has killed Moder to obtain the materials for an Artisan table. It can only be placed on dirt or stone, and within the radius of the Artisan table, but does not require it to function after placement.

The windmill can hold 50 Barley at a time in its input storage, and will drop stacks of 20 Flour out of its output. Flour can also be removed by hand before reaching the stack limit.

The operating speed depends on the wind strength and how covered the windmill is (from top of the windmill). The wind strength is from 10% to 100%. The blades always cover 24% - 29% of the windmill depending on the wind angle which increases the base 10 seconds per product to about 13 seconds per product. Lower wind strength or other cover will further increase this.

Due to how inconsistent the wind can be, it may be useful to build several windmills to take advantage of the wind when it is blowing strongly. It is also important to build windmills in an open, unobstructed area as structures, terrain and natural objects can slow down the wind.

A very efficient way to use the windmills can be to place them on the plains since there is a lot of wind and the windmills will always be in operation.

When spinning, the windmill blades deal 20 blunt damage every 2 seconds to players or creatures. This makes them effective at killing Deathsquitos.