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Weapons are items that can be used to deal damage to creatures and structures.


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Wielding (One-handed/Two-handed)[]

Only one-handed weapons can be simultaneously equipped with shields or a torch. All melee two-handed weapons have a greater movement speed reduction and cannot be used together with shields or a torch.

Offensive and defensive properties[]

Damage/Damage type[]

All damages in Valheim have a damage type. Some creatures have weaknesses/resistances to certain damage types, which increases/decreases the effectiveness of these damages. For example, skeletons are weak to blunt damage and resist pierce damage.

When creatures are hit by damage with damage types they are weak/resist to, the damage numbers would be shown in yellow/grey color compared to the usual white color.

Similar types of weapons mostly deal same type of damage:

Exceptions include weapons that deal elemental damage like torch, Frostner and Draugr fang. Some clubs including Stagbreaker and Porcupine also deal pierce damage besides blunt damage. Keep in mind that not all damage types are upgraded when upgrading some weapons.

Block armor and block force[]

All weapons have a value of block armor, indicating the amount of damage absorbed when blocked by the weapon.

Block force shows the amount of knockback applied to enemies when blocked.

Parry and Parry bonus[]

Weapons and shields, except tower shields, can be used to parry attacks, with varying parry bonuses.

Parry bonus is a multiplier to block armor (damage absorbed) when parrying. Damage dealt to the enemy in a period of time after a successful parry that absorbs all the damage is always 2x. Parry bonus is mostly determined by the weapon type:


Backstab indicates the multiplier applied to enemies when backstabbing. The backstab bonus is applied when attacking unaware enemies, regardless of whether they are facing towards or away from the player. Backstabbing an enemy gives it a backstab immunity for 5 minutes. Backstabbing can occur even if enemy has partial HP. An enemy which has a red exclamation point over its name and HP bar, indicating that it is aware of your location, cannot be backstabbed.


Knockback shows how far enemies are knocked back when attacked by the weapon.

Movement speed[]

Most weapons, when equipped, decrease the character's movement speed and increase dodge roll cost. The movement speed effect is mostly determined by the weapon type:

Melee weapons[]

Melee weapons are items that can be equipped to increase attack damage. Different types of melee weapon can have different ranges, attack speeds, stamina costs per attack and secondary attacks. When equipping one-handed weapons, the character can also equip shields.

Most melee weapons' attack pattern involve a 3-hit combo. Generally, the first hit has the slowest delay (from the initial click), the second hit has less delay, and the third hit is slightly slower while dealing the most damage. Most melee weapons are quicker to recover and block from a miss than after a direct strike. Below are details regarding each type of melee weapon:


They are the only type of player weapon that can be used to cut trees. They can also be used against creatures, which makes for a slightly worse sword.

Name Icon Type Damage Stamina (primary) Stamina (secondary)
Stone axe Stone axe One-Handed Slash: 15/30
Chop: 20/29
5 10
Flint axe Flint axe One-Handed Slash: 20/35
Chop: 30/39
6 12
Bronze Axe BronzeAxeIcon One-Handed Slash: 40/55
Chop: 40/49
8 16
Iron axe Iron axe One-Handed Slash: 60/75
Chop: 50/59
10 20
Battleaxe BattleAxe Two-handed Slash: 70/88
Chop: 40/47.5
16 8
Crystal battleaxe Crystal battleaxe Two-handed Slash: 90/108
Spirit: 30/30
Chop: 50/57.5
18 9
Blackmetal axe Blackmetal axe One-Handed Slash: 100/115
Chop: 60/69
14 28
Jotun bane Jotun bane One-Handed Slash: 80/95
Poison: 40/40
Chop: 70/79
16 32
Berserkir axes Berserkir Axes Dual-Wielded Slash: 140/155
Chop: 80/89
16 28


Clubs primarily deal blunt damage and feature high knockback. The knockback from clubs allows the player to keep enemies at arms' length and is sufficient to displace some enemies out of their effective attack range.

Name Icon Type Damage Knockback Stamina




Torch Torch One-handed Blunt: 4
Fire: 15
30 4
Club Club One-handed Blunt: 12/30 30 6
Stagbreaker Stagbreaker Two-handed Blunt: 20/38
Pierce: 5/5
150 12 AoE damage
Bronze mace Bronze mace One-handed Blunt: 35/53 80 8 16
Iron mace Iron mace One-handed Blunt: 55/73 90 10 20
Iron sledge Iron sledge Two-handed Blunt: 55/73 200 20 2x stagger,
AoE damage
Frostner Frostner One-handed Frost: 40/58
Blunt: 35/35
Spirit: 20/20
100 12 24
Porcupine Porcupine One-handed Blunt: 50/50
Pierce: 45/63
100 14 28
Demolisher Demolisher Two-handed Blunt: 145/163 210 28 2x stagger,
AoE damage
Flametal mace Flametal mace One-handed Blunt: 135/153 100 16 28


Swords have low knockback and low stamina cost for good damage. Sword damage is not reduced when several enemies or objects are hit by a single attack, unlike most other weapons.

Name Icon Damage Stamina (primary) Stamina (secondary) Notes
Bronze sword Bronze sword Slash: 35/53 8 16
Iron sword Iron sword Slash: 55/73 10 20
Silver sword Silver sword Slash: 75/93
Spirit: 30/45
12 24
Blackmetal sword Blackmetal sword Slash: 95/113 14 28
Mistwalker Mistwalker Slash: 75/75
Frost: 40/58
Spirit: 0/15
16 32
Krom Krom Slash: 150/168 20 40 Two-handed
Nidhögg Nidhögg Slash: 135/153 16 32
Slayer Slayer Slash: 170/188 20 40 Two-handed
Dyrnwyn Dyrnwyn Slash: 145/163
Fire: 10
16 32


Spears have a fast attack with short range and low stamina cost.

Name Icon Damage Stamina




Flint spear Flint spear Pierce: 20/38 6 8
Bronze Spear Bronze spear Pierce: 35/53 8 10
Ancient bark spear Ancient Bark Spear Pierce: 55/73 10 12
Fang spear Fang spear Pierce: 75/93 12 14
Carapace spear Carapace spear Pierce: 115/133 16 18
Splitnir Splitnir Pierce: 135/153 16 18


Polearms are strong two-handed weapons. All polearms deal pierce damage, and have a distinct AoE special attack.

Name Icon Damage Stamina (primary) Stamina (secondary) Block armor
Bronze atgeir Bronze atgeir Pierce: 45/63 12 24 16
Iron atgeir Iron atgeir Pierce: 65/83 14 28 28
Blackmetal atgeir Blackmetal atgeir Pierce: 105/123 18 36 52
Himminafl Himminafl Pierce: 85/85
Lightning: 40/58
20 40 64


Knives have fast attacks with short range and low stamina cost. Knives deal 6x damage against unalerted enemies, whereas most other weapons do 3x.

Name Icon Damage Stamina (primary) Stamina (secondary) Notes
Flint knife Flint knife Slash: 5/8
Pierce: 5/8
4 12
Copper knife Copper knife Slash: 12/15
Pierce: 12/15
6 18
Butcher knife Butcher knife Pure: 1000 5 - Does damage only to tamed animals
Abyssal Razor Abyssal razor Slash: 20/23
Pierce: 20/23
8 24
Silver knife Silver knife Slash: 25/28
Pierce: 25/28
Spirit: 12
10 30
Blackmetal knife Blackmetal knife Slash: 34/37
Pierce: 34/37
12 36
Skoll and Hati Skoll and Hati Slash: 45/48
Pierce: 45/48
14 42 Dual-wielded


When a player attacks without a weapon, tool equipped, or use a dedicated Fist weapon such as the Flesh rippers, they do a Fist strike.

Name Icon Damage Knockback Stamina
Bare fists Fists (Skill) blunt: 5 5 4
Flesh Rippers Flesh Rippers slash: 60/72 20 10


Shields are weapons that can be used with other one-handed weapons. The block power, parry force and parry bonus of the weapons used with shields would be replaced by that of the shield used.

Name Icon Type Block armor (Min/Max) Block force (Min/Max) Parry bonus Movement speed
Wood shield Wood shield Round 6/18 20/30 1.5x -5%
Wood tower shield Wood tower shield Tower 10/22 100/110 - -20%
Bone tower shield Bone tower shield Tower 32/44 100/110 - -20%
Bronze buckler Bronze Buckler Sprite Buckler 16/28 30 2.5x -5%
Banded shield Banded shield Round 42/54 40/50 1.5x -5%
Iron buckler Iron buckler Buckler 28/40 30 2.5x -5%
Iron shield
(Only obtainable via console commands!)
Iron shield Tower 35 30 - -20%
Iron tower shield Iron tower shield Tower 52/64 100/110 - -20%
Knight shield
(Only obtainable via console commands!)
Knight shield Round 120 40 1.5x -5%
Silver shield Silver shield Round 60/72 40/50 1.5x -5%
Serpent scale shield Serpent scale shield Tower 60/72

Resistant vs. Pierce

100/110 - -15%
Black metal shield Black metal shield Round 78/90 50/60 1.5x -5%
Black metal tower shield Black metal tower shield Tower 104/116 150/160 - -20%
Carapace buckler Carapace buckler Buckler 78/90 50/60 2.5x -5%
Carapace shield Carapace shield Round 96/108 60/70 1.5x -5%
Flametal shield Flametal Shield Round 114/126 50/60 1.5x -5%
Flametal tower shield Flametal Tower Shield Tower 140/152 150/160 - -10%

Ranged weapons[]


Bows are weapons that shoot equipped arrows. Unlike melee weapons, attacks consume equipped arrows and can be charged while spending stamina to increase range and damage. Bows cannot be used when there are no arrows left in the inventory.

Name Icon Stamina Damage Types
Velocity Spread Attack noise Hit noise
Min Max Min Max
Crude bow Crude bow sprite 4 / s Pierce: 22/31 0 3x 2 m/s 35 m/s 20° 15 m 8 m
Finewood bow Finewood bow 6 / s Pierce: 32/41 5 3x 2 m/s 50 m/s 20° 15 m 8 m
Huntsman bow Huntsman bow 8 / s Pierce: 42/51 10 3x 2 m/s 50 m/s 20° 4 m 4 m
Draugr Fang Draugr fang 10 / s Pierce: 47/56
Poison: 5/20
20 3x 2 m/s 60 m/s 20° 15 m 8 m
Spinesnap Spinesnap 14 / s Pierce: 72/84
Spirit: 5/20
25 3x 2 m/s 60 m/s 20° 15 m 8 m
Ash Fang Ash Fang 14 / s Pierce: 82/94

Spirit: 0/15

25 3x 2 m/s 60 m/s 20° 15 m 8 m


Crossbows are weapons that shoot equipped bolts. Like bows, attacks consume Bolts. Crossbows are slow to load, but have great damage and long range with no trajectory drop.

Name Icon Reload Speed Stamina Damage Types
Velocity Spread Attack noise Hit noise
Arbalest Arbalest 3.5 s 1/s Pierce: 200/209 210 3x 200 m/s 15 m 8 m
Ripper Ripper 3.5 s 1/s Pierce: 220/229 210 3x 200 m/s 15 m 8 m

Magic weapons[]

Magic weapons need Eitr to be used. There are two types of magic weapons, Elemental magic and Blood magic.

Elemental magic[]

Name Icon Damage Eitr Used Block armor Block force Parry bonus Knockback Movement speed
Staff of embers Staff of embers Blunt: 120
Fire: 120/138
35 48-72 20 2x 100 -5%
Staff of frost Staff of frost Frost: 30/36 5 48-72 20 2x 10 -5%
Dundr Dundr Lightning:
25 48-72 20 2x 210 -5%
Staff of the Wild Staff of the Wild Blunt:
55 48-72 20 2x 100 -5%
Staff of Fracturing Staff of Fracturing Blunt:
30 48-72 20 2x 100 -5%

Blood magic[]

Blood magic weapons drain some of the caster's Health (current health, not maximum health) per cast.

Name Icon Eitr used Health drained Hp/Shield Damage Duration Limit max Summon
Staff of protection Staff of protection 60 40% 200 0 1/4 minutes 1 per ally
Dead raiser Dead raiser 100 40% 400 Summon: 50 slash/40 pierce Unlimited 1 to 4
Trollstav Trollstav 120 60% 2000 On cast: 300 fire, 50 pure

Summon: 60-80 blunt

Unlimited 2



Arrows are items that can be shot by bows. Bows cannot be used without arrows.

Name Icon Total Damage Damage Type Knockback
Wood arrow Wood arrow 22 Pierce: 22 10
Flinthead arrow Flinthead arrow 27 Pierce: 27 10
Bronzehead arrow Bronzehead arrow 32 Pierce: 32 10
Fire arrow Fire arrow 33 Pierce: 11
Fire: 22
Ironhead arrow Ironhead arrow 42 Pierce: 42 10
Poison arrow Poison arrow 78 Pierce: 26
Poison: 52
Obsidian arrow Obsidian arrow 52 Pierce: 52 10
Frost arrow Frost arrow 78 Pierce: 26
Frost: 52
Silver arrow Silver arrow 72 Pierce: 52
Spirit: 20
Needle arrow Needle arrow 62 Pierce: 62 15
Carapace arrow Carapace arrow 72 Pierce: 72 15
Charred arrow Charred arrow 82 Pierce: 82 15


Bolts are items that can be shot by crossbows. Crossbows cannot be used without bolts.

Name Icon Damage Knockback
Bone bolt Bone bolt Pierce: 32 0
Iron bolt Iron bolt Pierce: 42 0
Blackmetal bolt Blackmetal bolt Pierce: 62 0
Carapace bolt Carapace bolt Pierce: 72 0
Charred bolt Charred bolt Pierce: 82 0


Missiles are items that can be shot by the Ballista. Ballistae cannot be armed without missiles.

Name Icon Damage Knockback
Wooden missile Wooden missile pierce: 75 45
Black metal missile Black metal missile pierce: 120 60
Flametal missile Flametal missile pierce: 140 60


Bombs are weapons that are thrown by the character and consumed when used.

Name Icon Damage Damage type AoE damage AoE radius AoE duration Backstab Knockback
Ooze bomb Ooze bomb 5 Blunt poison: 40 4 m 10 s 3x 40
Bile bomb Bile bomb 5 Blunt fire: 15
poison: 30
4 m 10 s 3x 40
Smoke bomb Smoke bomb 5 Blunt smoked: 2/s 3 m 10 s 3x 40