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Weapons are items that can be used to fight and kill Creatures in Valheim.


Wielding (One-handed/Two-handed)

Only One-handed weapons can be simultaneously equipped with shields or a torch. All melee two-handed weapons have a greater movement speed reduction and cannot be used together with shields or a torch.

Offensive and defensive properties

Damage/ Damage type

All damages in Valheim have a damage type. Some creatures have weaknesses/resistances to certain damage types, which increases/decreases the effectiveness of these damages. For example, skeletons are weak to blunt damage and resists pierce damage.

When creatures are hit by damage with damage types they are weak/resist to, the damage numbers would be shown in yellow/grey color compared to the usual white color.

Similar types of weapons mostly deal same type of damage:

Exceptions include weapons that deal elemental damages like Torch, Frostner and Draugr fang. Some clubs including Stagbreaker and Porcupine also deal pierce damage besides blunt damage. Keep in mind that not all damage types are upgraded when upgrading some weapons.

Block power

All weapons have a value of block power, indicating the amount of damage absorbed when blocked by the weapon.

Parry, Parry force and Parry bonus

All weapons including round shields (but not tower shields) can be used to parry attacks, with varying parry forces and parry bonuses.

Parry force shows the amount of knockback applied to enemies when parried. Spears, bows and the blackmetal axe have 0 parry force.

Parry bonus is a multiplier to block power (damage absorbed) when parrying. Damage dealt to the enemy in a period of time after a successful parry that absorbs all the damage is always 2x. Parry bonus is mostly determined by the weapon type:


Backstab indicates the multiplier applied to enemies when backstabbing. The backstab bonus is applied when attacking unaware enemies, regardless of whether they are facing towards or away from the player. Backstabbing an enemy gives it a backstab immunity for 5 minutes. Backstabbing can occur even if enemy has partial HP. An enemy which has a red exclamation point over its name and HP bar cannot be backstabbed.


Knockback shows how far enemies are knocked back when attacked by the weapon.

Movement speed

Most weapons, when equipped, decreases the character's movement speed. The movement speed effect is mostly determined by the weapon type:

Melee weapons

Melee weapons are items that can be equipped to increase attack damage. Different types of melee weapon can have different ranges, attack speeds, stamina costs per attack and secondary attacks. When equipping one-handed weapons, the character can also equip shields.

Most melee weapons' attack pattern involve a 3-hit combo. Generally, the first hit has the slowest delay (from the initial click), the second hit has less delay, and the third hit is slightly slower while dealing the most damage. Most melee weapons are quicker to recover and block from a miss than after a direct strike. Below are details regarding each type of melee weapon:

Weapon type properties

Weapon Type (strike) Stamina drain (base) Range Attack speed Damage modifier Staggering modifier Knockback modifier Notes
Axes (primary) 10 2.2m 2.74 s (0.93 + 0.69 + 1.12) 1x + 1x + 2x Player moves forward 0.25m on the 2nd and 3rd combo swing. 90 degree arc.
Clubs (primary) 15 2.4m 2.46 s (1.02 + 0.68 + 0.76) 1x + 1x + 2x Player moves forward 0.66m with each swing. 90 degree arc.
Clubs (secondary) 30 2.4m 1.72 s 2.5x 2x 2x Player moves forward 0.66m. 30 degree arc.
Swords (primary) 10 2.4m 2.46 s (1.02 + 0.68 + 0.76) 1x + 1x + 2x Player moves forward 0.66m with each swing. 90 degree arc.
Swords (secondary) 30 2.4m 1.84 s 3x Player moves forward 0.33m. 45 degree arc.
Spears (primary) 15 1.8m 0.68 s 1x Player moves forward 0.33m. 40 degree arc. No 3-hit combo.
Spears (secondary) 15 Thrown 1.57 s (includes picking up) 1.5x 1.5x Throws the spear. Can be picked up afterwards and can float on water.
Knives (primary) 5 1.8m 2.04 s (0.88 + 0.54 + 0.62) 1x + 1x + 2x Attacking does not move the player. 80 degree arc.
Knives (secondary) 40 1.8m 1.72 s 3x 4x Causes the player to lunge 5m forward. 45 degree arc.
Polearms (primary) 20 3.2m 2.98 s (0.84 + 0.86 + 1.28) 1x + 1x + 2x Player moves forward 0.75m on 2nd and 3rd combo swing. 20 degree arc.
Polearms (secondary) 35 3m 1.74s 1x 6x 10x Player moves forward 0.5m. 360 degree arc. No multi-target damage penalty.
Two-handed axes (primary) 25 2.5m 3.44 s (1.82 + 0.92 + 0.7) 1x + 1x + 2x Player moves forward 0.5m with each swing. 90 degree arc.
Two-handed axes (secondary) 15 2.5m 0.94s 0.5x 4x 2x Player does not move forward during strike. 30 degree arc.
Two-handed clubs 25 6m 2.23s 1x Hammer lands 2m in front of player creating a shockwave area of effect with a radius of 4m. No damage falloff anywhere in the radius. No multi-target damage penalty. No 3-hit combo. No secondary attack.

List of Melee weapons

Name Icon Type Damage Max Total
Damage Type
Backstab Knockback
Club Club.png Clubs 12 30 Blunt 3x 25
Stone axe Stone axe.png Axes 15 30 Slash 3x 50
Torch Torch.png Clubs 19 - Blunt: 4

Fire: 15

3x 30
Flint axe Flint axe.png Axes 20 35 Slash 3x 50
Flint knife Flint knife.png Knives 12 18 Slash: 6/9

Pierce: 6/9

10x 10
Flint spear Flint spear.png Spears 20 38 Pierce 3x 20
Antler Pickaxe Antler pickaxe.png Pickaxes 18 - Pierce 3x 50
Stagbreaker Stagbreaker.png Two-handed Clubs 25 43 Blunt: 20/38

Pierce: 5/5

2x 150
Copper knife Copper knife.png Knives 18 24 Slash: 9/12

Pierce: 9/12

10x 10
Bronze atgeir Bronze Atgeir.png Polearms 45 63 Pierce 3x 30
Bronze Axe BronzeAxeIcon.png Axes 35 50 Slash 3x 50
Bronze Mace Bronze mace.png Clubs 35 53 Blunt 3x 80
Bronze Spear Bronze spear.png Spears 35 53 Pierce 3x 20
Bronze sword Bronze sword.png Swords 35 53 Slash 3x 40
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze pickaxe.png Pickaxes 25 40 Pierce 3x 50
Ancient bark spear Ancient bark spear.png Spears 55 73 Pierce 3x 20
Tankard Tankard.png - - - (Only used to drink mead) 4x 30
Battleaxe BattleAxe.png Two-handed Axes 75 93 Slash 3x 70
Iron sword Iron sword.png Swords 55 73 Slash 3x 50
Iron axe Iron axe.png Axes 55 70 Slash 3x 50
Iron sledge Iron sledge.png Two-handed Clubs 55 73 Blunt 2x 200
Iron mace Iron mace.png Clubs 55 73 Blunt 3x 90
Iron pickaxe Iron pickaxe.png Pickaxes 33 48 Pierce 3x 50
Iron atgeir Iron atgeir.png Polearms 65 83 Pierce 3x 30
Silver sword Silver sword.png Swords 75[1] 93[1] Slash: 75/93

Spirit: 30/45

3x 40
Fang spear Fang spear.png Spears 70 88 Pierce 3x 20
Frostner Frostner.png Clubs 75[1] 93[1] Frost: 40/58

Blunt: 35/35

Spirit: 20/20

3x 120
Abyssal Harpoon Abyssal harpoon.png Spears 10 - Pierce 1x 20
Abyssal Razor Abyssal razor.png Knives 24 30 Slash: 12/15

Pierce: 12/15

10x 10
Blackmetal atgeir Blackmetal atgeir.png Polearms 105 123 Pierce 3x 30
Blackmetal axe Blackmetal axe.png Axes 95 110 Slash 3x 60
Blackmetal knife Blackmetal knife.png Knives 36 42 Slash: 18/21

Pierce: 18/21

10x 10
Blackmetal sword Blackmetal sword.png Swords 95 113 Slash 3x 40
Porcupine Porcupine.png Clubs 95 113 Blunt: 50/50

Pierce: 45/63

3x 90
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Spirit damage excluded. Only affects undead and is not instant damage. See Spirit.


Bows are weapons that shoot equipped arrows. Unlike melee weapons, attacks consume equipped arrows and can be charged while spending stamina to increase range and damage. Bows cannot be used when there are no arrows left in the inventory.

List of Bows

Name Icon Damage Max Total Upgraded Damage Damage Type
Backstab Knockback
Crude bow Crude bow.png 22 31 Pierce 3x 0
Finewood bow Finewood bow.png 32 41 Pierce 3x 5
Huntsman bow Huntsman bow.png 42 51 Pierce 3x 10
Draugr Fang Draugr fang.png 52 76 Pierce: 47 / 56

Poison: 5 / 20

3x 20


Arrows are items that can be shot by bows. Bows cannot be used without arrows.

List of Arrows

Name Icon Total Damage Damage Type Knockback
Wood arrow Wood arrow.png 22 Pierce 10
Fire arrow Fire arrow.png 33 Pierce: 11

Fire: 22

Flinthead arrow Flinthead arrow.png 27 Pierce 10
Bronzehead arrow Bronzehead arrow.png 32 Pierce 10
Ironhead arrow Ironhead arrow.png 42 Pierce 10
Silver arrow Silver arrow.png 72 Pierce: 52

Spirit: 20

Obsidian arrow Obsidian arrow.png 52 Pierce 10
Poison Arrow Poison arrow.png 78 Pierce: 26

Poison: 52

Frost arrow Frost arrow.png 78 Pierce: 26

Frost: 52

Needle arrow Needle arrow.png 62 Pierce 15


Shields are weapons that can be used with other one-handed weapons. The block power, parry force and parry bonus of the weapons used with shields would be replaced by that of the shield used. Round shields have lower block power than tower shields. However, tower shields cannot parry and reduce 20% of the movement speed when equipped (except Serpent scale shield, which reduces 10% of the movement speed only), while round shields can and only reduce 5% of the movement speed when equipped.

List of Shields

Name Icon Round/Tower Shield Block Power / Upgraded Max Parry Force / Upgraded Max Parry Bonus
Wood shield Wood shield.png Round 20 / 30 20 / 20 1.5x
Wood tower shield Wood tower shield.png Tower 35 / 45 - -
Bronze buckler Bronze buckler.png Round 45 / 55 30 / 30 2x
Banded shield Shield banded0.png Round 60 / 70 40 / 50 1.5x
Iron tower shield Iron tower shield.png Tower 75 / 85 - -
Silver Shield Silver shield.png Round 75 / 85 40 / 50 1.5x
Serpent scale shield Serpent scale shield.png Tower 90 / 100 - -
Black metal shield Black metal shield.png Round 90 / 100 50 / 60 1.5x
Black metal tower shield Black metal tower shield.png Tower 105 / 120 - -


Bombs are weapons that are consumed when used.

List of Bombs

Name Icon Damage Damage Type Backstab Knockback
Ooze bomb Ooze bomb.png 6 Blunt

(Poison effect AoE)

3x 40