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The ward can be used to protect an area from other players, by locking doors, chests, and preventing new building. Wards can be destroyed by other players. If your buildings are attacked by an enemy creature within the ward's radius, a circular dome around the area will pulsate in blue for each attack the enemy creature carries out on your buildings.


  • It does not currently lock or affect carts that are within its radius.
  • Buildings and chests can still be broken. Wards just prevent opening the chests.
  • Has a protection radius of 32 meters.
  • You can not place a ward if it overlaps with a ward you are not authorized on.

Configuring permissions[]

Ward permission

While the ward is inactive, any other player than the person who placed the ward can interact with the ward using [E] to add themselves to the list of authorized vikings.

The list is always displayed below the use button for the creator of the ward.

The ward can be reactivated by its owner after that to enforce the permissions.

To delete a viking, you can either ask them to interact a second time with the ward while it is inactive, or destroy the ward to reset the permissions.

Hugin's Comment[]

You have built a Ward.

The Ward emits a strong aura that prevents other vikings from building things. It also locks all doors and chests within its influence.