Valheim Wiki

0.218.15 - Ashlands[]

Release date: 14 May 2024

New Biome – Ashlands


  • Beware the skies! Cinders rain down from above in the Ashlands, causing damage to those who are unprotected
  • Wooden build pieces can now catch fire in the Ashlands – and the fire spreads!
  • A new world modifier that allows fire to spread outside of the Ashlands as well (part of the immersive preset)
  • Deadly lava takes up large parts of the landscape; traverse it with your very own platforms
  • Lay claim to Charred Fortresses with two new Siege Machines
  • New plantable Ashvines will grow on the walls of your base
  • Combine your Flametal weapons with gems (Bloodstone, Iolite & Jade) in order to upgrade them to magical weapons (giving them blood, storm and nature based effects respectively)
  • The waters in and around the Ashlands are boiling hot, and only the sturdiest of ships can sail them


  • Enemy: Fallen Valkyrie
  • Enemy: Charred Warrior
  • Enemy: Charred Archer
  • Enemy: Charred Warlock
  • Enemy: Charred Twitcher
  • Enemy Turret: Skugg
  • Enemy: Morgen
  • Enemy: Bonemaw Serpent
  • Enemy/creature: Asksvin (tameable & rideable)
  • Creature: Asksvin Calf
  • Enemy: Volture
  • Enemy: Lava Blob
  • NPC/Enemy: Redbeard Dvergr
  • Boss: Fader
  • Miniboss: Lord Reto
  • Spawner: Monument of Torment
  • Spawner: Effigy of Malice


  • Material: Majestic Carapace (previously Queen Drop)
  • Material: Fader Relic (placeholder item)
  • Material: Asksvin Hide
  • Material: Asksvin Bladder
  • Material: Asksvin Tail
  • Material: Morgen Heart
  • Material: Morgen Sinew
  • Material: Celestial Feather
  • Material: Bonemaw Meat
  • Material: Bonemaw Tooth
  • Material: Volture Meat
  • Material: Volture Egg
  • Material: Charred Skull
  • Material: Charred Bone
  • Material: Pot Shard
  • Material: Bell Shard
  • Material: Dyrnwyn Fragments x3
  • Material: Bloodstone
  • Material: Jade
  • Material: Iolite
  • Material: Flametal Ore (previous Flametal is now obsolete)
  • Material/craftable: Flametal (previous Flametal is now obsolete)
  • Material: Sulfur
  • Material: Ashwood
  • Material: Grausten
  • Material: Charcoal Resin
  • Material: Proustite Powder
  • Material: Asksvin Neck
  • Material: Asksvin Skull
  • Material: Asksvin Ribcage
  • Material: Asksvin Pelvis
  • Material: Charred Cogwheel
  • Material: Molten Core
  • Material/craftable: Ceramic Plate
  • Materia/craftable: Shield Core
  • Plantable: Ashvine Seeds
  • Artisan Table extension: Artisan Press
  • Galdr Table extension: Feathery Wreath
  • Cauldron extension: Rolling Pins and Cutting Boards
  • Black Forge extension: Metal Cutter
  • Black Forge extension: Gem Cutter
  • Craftable: Bell
  • Resource location: Lavaiathans
  • Misc: Asksvin Egg

Craftable Items:

  • Weapon: Dyrnwyn (sword)
  • Weapon: Slayer (greatsword)
  • Weapon: Brutal Slayer (greatsword)
  • Weapon: Scourging Slayer (greatsword)
  • Weapon: Primal Slayer (greatsword)
  • Weapon: Nidhögg (sword)
  • Weapon: Nidhögg the Bleeding (sword)
  • Weapon: Nidhögg the Thundering (sword)
  • Weapon: Nidhögg the Primal (sword)
  • Weapon: Flametal Mace
  • Weapon: Bloodgeon (mace)
  • Weapon: Storm Star (mace)
  • Weapon: Klossen (mace)
  • Weapon: Berserkir Axes
  • Weapon: Bleeding Berserkir Axes
  • Weapon: Thundering Berserkir Axes
  • Weapon: Primal Berserkir Axes
  • Weapon: Ash Fang (bow)
  • Weapon: Blood Fang (bow)
  • Weapon: Storm Fang (bow)
  • Weapon: Root Fang (bow)
  • Weapon: Ripper (crossbow)
  • Weapon: Wound Ripper (crossbow)
  • Weapon: Storm Ripper (crossbow)
  • Weapon: Root Ripper (crossbow)
  • Weapon: Splitnir (spear)
  • Weapon: Splitnir the Bleeding (spear)
  • Weapon: Splitnir the Storming (spear)
  • Weapon: Splitnir the Primal (spear)
  • Shield: Flametal Shield (with multiple styles!)
  • Shield: Flametal Tower Shield (with multiple styles!)
  • Weapon: Trollstav (blood magic)
  • Weapon: Staff of the Wild (elemental magic)
  • Weapon: Dundr (elemental magic)
  • Weapon: Staff of Fracturing (elemental magic)
  • Armour Set: Flametal Breastplate, Flametal Greaves, Flametal Helmet
  • Armour Set: Robes of Embla, Trousers of Embla, Hood of Embla
  • Armour Set: Breastplate of Ask, Trousers of Ask, Hood of Ask
  • Cape: Asksvin Cloak
  • Cape: Ashen Cape
  • Misc: Asksvin Saddle
  • Bomb: Basalt Bomb
  • Bomb: Smoke Bomb
  • Ammunition: Grausten Payload
  • Ammunition: Explosive Payload
  • Ammunition: Charred Arrow
  • Ammunition: Charred Bolt
  • Ammunition: Flametal Missile

Build pieces & furniture:

  • Building Pieces: 25 Ashwood Pieces (Ashwood Wall, Ashwood Half Wall, Ashwood Quarter Wall, Ashwood Arched Wall, Ashwood Decorative Wall, Ashwood Decorative Window, Ashwood Divider, Ashwood Floor 2x2, Ashwood Floor 1x1, Ashwood Decorative Floor, Ashwood Arch, Ashwood Beam 1m, Ashwood Beam 2m, Ashwood Pole 1m, Ashwood Pole 2m, Ashwood Beam 26°, Ashwood Roof Cross 26°, Ashwood Beam 45°, Ashwood Roof Cross 45°, Ashwood Wall 26°, Ashwood Wall 26° Inverted, Ashwood Wall 45°, Ashwood Wall 45° Inverted, Ashwood Stair, Ashwood Door)
  • Building Pieces: 26 Grausten Pieces (Grausten Steep Stairs, Grausten Stairs, Grausten Floor 1x1, Grausten Floor 2x2, Grausten Floor 4x4, Grausten Small Pillar, Grausten Medium Pillar, Grausten Tapered Pillar, Grausten Tapered Pillar Inverted, Grausten Small Beam, Grausten Medium Beam, Grausten Small Arch, Grausten Medium Arch, Grausten Wall Arch, Grausten Wall Arch Inverted, Grausten Wall 1x2, Grausten Wall 2x2, Grausten Wall 4x2, Grausten Window 2x2, Grausten Window 4x2, Grausten Roof, Grausten Roof Corner, Grausten Arched Roof (2), Grausten Arched Roof, Grausten Arched Roof Corner (2))
  • Building Piece: Flametal Gate
  • Building Piece: Flametal Pillar
  • Building Piece: Flametal Beam
  • Defence: Ashwood Stakewall
  • Stack: Ashwood Stack
  • Stack: Grausten Pile
  • Stack: Pile of Skulls
  • Stack: Bone Stack
  • Furniture: Ashwood Bed
  • Furniture: Bone Throne
  • Furniture: Lava Lantern
  • Furniture: Asksvin Rug
  • Furniture: Straw
  • Furniture: Small Green Pot
  • Furniture: Medium Green Pot
  • Furniture: Large Green Pot
  • Furniture: Ashwood Bench
  • Furniture: Asksvin Skeleton
  • Siege Machine: Catapult
  • Siege Machine: Battering Ram
  • Ship: Drakkar
  • Misc: Shield Generator
  • Misc: Portal – Stone

Food & Potions:

  • Food: Cooked Volture Meat
  • Food: Cooked Bonemaw Meat
  • Food: Cooked Asksvin Tail
  • Food: Fiddlehead
  • Food: Fiery Svinstew
  • Food: Marinated Greens
  • Food: Mashed Meat
  • Food: Piquant Pie (cooked/uncooked)
  • Food: Roasted Crust Pie (cooked/uncooked)
  • Food: Scorching Medley
  • Food: Sizzling Berry Broth
  • Food: Smoke Puff
  • Food: Sparkling Shroomshake
  • Food: Spicy Marmalade
  • Food: Vineberry Cluster
  • Mead: Lingering Healing Mead
  • Mead: Lingering Eitr Mead


  • Location: Ruins (multiple)
  • Location: Redbeard Dvergr Outposts
  • Location: Putrid Hole
  • Location: Charred Fortress
  • Event: “The undead army marches”
  • Event: “The dead have been summoned”
  • Lore: New stones
  • Lore: New dreams
  • Lore: New Munin dialogue
  • New music
  • New forsaken power
  • Terrain changes for Ashlands (Ashlands is now cut off from other biomes, only accessible by sea)

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed Major Healing Mead material
  • Fixed Minor Eitr Mead Material
  • Standardised texts throughout the game
  • Updated names for old Flametal items
  • The popup for unlocking new things is displayed longer
  • Disabled ESRAM usage on Xbox One to work around a Unity bug that caused some particle systems to have corrupt shadowmaps
  • Added console command ‘findtp’ to go to nearest found item
  • Added console command ‘setfuel’ to fill all nearby lights to specified fuel
  • Map is now closed after using debugmode teleport
  • There is now a toggle in Gamplay Settings for “Attack towards look direction”, if this is toggled off, attacks will instead be made in the direction the camera is facing
  • Modding: IMonoUpdater no longer requires to be inherited from and error messages removed


Release date: 10 April 2024

Fixes & improvements:

  • Upgraded Unity engine to 2022.3.17f
  • Changes to how locations/dungeons/rooms are loaded and unloaded. For more information regarding this change, please see the FAQ
  • Fixed issue where Seasonal groups that extended over a year change wouldn't work in the new year
  • Fixed terrain modifications around locations not getting applied properly
  • Fixed bug where old pre-Mistlands terrain modification did not blend with newer modifications [Note! you have to run the “optterrain” command to update the terrain]
  • Fixed issue with the point emote not orienting the player properly
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the blocklist
  • Fixed a bug where menu navigation via keyboard arrows keys stopped working after the setting menu was exited via ESC or back button
  • Fixed some UI elements to no longer flicker when the game is running at low FPS
  • Naturally spawned beds can now be removed using the hammer
  • Fixed a bug where Geirrhafa and Brenna would respawn after game restart
  • Turnip inventory stacking fixed to match other vegetables
  • Fixed missing text for Fermenter without a roof
  • Fixed hardcoded text for Kiln
  • Fixed a bug where weight for many items is not displayed for Turkish language
  • Fixed text in some languages not being centered vertically in the manage saves menu
  • Fixed items in merchants' stores not being centered
  • Fixed Sun shafts and Soft particles graphic settings not toggling properly
  • Low disk space warning improvements
  • Fixed a memory leak when highlighting building objects
  • Improve time to validate IP addresses which speeds up loading
  • Players can now find friends on Xbox/MS Store via friends tab in server browser
  • Fixed missing text when trying to use an item on a cartography table and windmill
  • Fixed an issue with Linux dedicated servers
  • Fixed window resizing when exiting settings
  • Elder no longer spawns on his altar
  • Optimised minimap to reduce FPS drops when having a lot of map markers
  • Fixed an issue with cloud saves on Microsoft Store
  • Weight text in UI Tooltips now show both individual weight and total weight for stacked items
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2 days to be skipped instead of 1 when only Xbox clients were connected to a dedicated server
  • Tweaked how camera rotation on gamepads behave [Now a lot more similar to how it behaves on Mouse/Keyboard]
  • Fixed inconsistent support calculations for “Cage floor” 1x1 piece
  • Fixed gap when placing banners
  • Fix items to no longer move in the inventory UI when upgrading them
  • Fixed creature position not updating properly when transferring ownership
  • Fixed an issue where blocklist would allocate 2GB of RAM, now it only allocates what is necessary
  • Fixed issues with boat ownership when a client gets disconnected
  • Boats no longer suddenly stop when ownership is transferred or a player is accessing the boat storage
  • Sails are now blowing in the correct direction compared to winds
  • Dealing knockback to an enemy in a slope no longer affects the player dealing the knockback
  • Gamepad and mouse now both behave in the same way
  • Added caching for minimap creation to make startup time faster
  • Portals are no longer connected after the connected portal is destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with loading threading to decrease load times
  • Show a warning if dependencies are not installed

Xbox and Microsoft Store only:

  • Fixed an issue where friends tab on server browser did not display friend's servers at all


Release date: 14 December 2023

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed blurry item counters in inventory
  • Fixed issue where player profile link in Player List would open multiple times
  • Fixed problem where text "None" was hard coded in the build HUD to instead use localized string
  • Enabled auto-size on BuildHUD amount text objects as they need to be sized down for some translations to fit
  • Alleviated issue with music stuttering when playing with low FPS
  • Added automatic toggling of seasonal items
  • Fixed issue where the skill value UI text wouldn't update properly for bonus levels
  • Added proper support for IME-input
  • Added NumPad support for the Hotbar
  • Fixed bug where key hints wouldn't display correctly on non-QWERTY keyboard layouts
  • Implemented a system to detect low local disk space when saving
  • Fixed an issue where admins couldn’t kick players via the player list UI on dedicated servers
  • Tweaked boss-spawning to prevent bosses from getting stuck
  • Fixed an issue where signs would be flashing with anti-aliasing on
  • Fixed a bug that could cause boats to take damage due to low FPS
  • Fixed bug where D-pad input was unresponsive in menus on Steam Deck
  • Localization updated

Settings menu revamped:

  • Split "Controls" tab into two: "Controller" and "Keyboard & Mouse"
  • New tabs "Gameplay" and "Accessibility" for PC and Linux version with according settings
  • Some settings can be found on multiple tabs so they can be found more easily
  • Reordered some settings into other tabs
  • Tool-tips for some settings to clarify their functionality
  • Predefined graphic modes for PC and Linux: "Performance", "Quality", "Balanced" and "Very low"
  • Added a "Keyboard & Mouse" tab for Xbox
  • More graphic customization for Xbox versions
  • Separate settings to invert the camera for controller and mouse
  • Fixed overlapping of controller button labels


  • Added Keyboard/Mouse support for Xbox


Release date: 20 November 2023


  • Fixed a loading order issue for ObjectTypes, so now items/creatures won’t load before terrain is finished
  • 'Use item' hints on objects for the hotbar are now visible again when playing with a controller


Release date: 13 November 2023


  • Fixed an issue where text would not load correctly if computer name uses non-english characters
  • Fixed and issue where the character orientation does not update when interacting with objects
  • Fixed an issue where the touchpad on PS controllers sometimes opens pause and map menu at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with custom keybinds for build menu can’t close the build menu
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam Deck D-pad/left trackpad does not not always registering input in GUI
  • Fixed an issue when exiting pause menu, characters may jump depending on controller layout
  • Fixed an issue where merchant shield stops functioning after re-logging


Release date: 8 November 2023


  • Fixed an issue where text would not load correctly if computer name uses non-english characters
  • Fixed an issue with the player list having no background graphic
  • Fixed an issue with click sounds in the build menu
  • Fixed an issue with sleeping Ulvs would fill the player log with warnings


Release date: 7 November 2023

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Jack-o-turnip enabled. Spooky season!
  • New seasonal item: Pointy hat
  • Added a new “Render scale” graphics setting that enables the main camera to be rendered at a lower resolution than the viewport and UI
  • Improved automatic input switching so that connected gamepads with stick drift no longer take over control when playing with keyboard and mouse
  • Optimized code that determines which objects in the world to instantiate, lowering the baseline CPU time by up to 5%
  • Optimized structural integrity calculations, massively decreasing CPU time in areas with large builds
  • Optimized enemy AI
  • Optimized underwater logic
  • Re-enabled objects to have more than 255 KVPs of arbitrary data of the same value type (important for some mods)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause traps to trigger multiple times in multiplayer depending on how many players were near it
  • Engine upgraded to Unity 2022
  • Upgraded Steamworks.NET and PlayFab Party libraries to newer versions
  • Engine-side optimizations for dedicated servers
  • Tweaked boss spawning to prevent them from occasionally getting stuck when spawning
  • Fixed bug that caused clicking sounds when selecting building pieces via controller
  • Localization updated


Release date: 17 October 2023

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue with double dungeon compendium entry, could cause corrupted character save file
  • Controller fix: Player has to press the "B" button twice in order to cancel pin naming
  • Zooming on the map is now blocked while entering pin name
  • Fixed click sounds that kept being played while navigating certain menus


Release date: 6 October 2023


  • Fixed an issue that caused languages to not be displaye dproperly while changing language in-game
  • Fixed character limit in chat window


Release date: 5 October 2023

Fixes & Improvements:

  • New build piece: blue standing brazier
  • Midsummer pole & Midsummer crown recipes have been disabled (it’s officially autumn!)
  • World modifiers and presets can now be set to dedicated servers using parameters in the startup batfile (see manual) or using the console as an admin
  • Updated dedicated server manual to include information on setting world modifiers
  • Fixed modifier summary being displayed incorrectly after choosing the casual preset
  • Added player list to pause menu
  • Several more console commands are now available for admins: setworldpreset, resetworldkeys, setworldmodifier, players, setkey, removekey, resetkeys, listkeys (displays list on dedicated server), sleep, skiptime, restartparty and genloc (takes time - may cause disconnects).
  • Added -resetmodifiers startup parameter to dedicated servers
  • Added -resetknownitems non-cheat command for resetting items, recipes, and stations
  • Updated Haldor music to a new extended track
  • Resource scaling fixes for dragon egg, fishing pole and skeleton chest
  • Disabled a hugin hint spreading disinformation about Hildir
  • Haldor and Hildir dialogue lines will be displayed a bit longer to make them easier to read
  • You will no longer switch between snapping points while having the console or chat open
  • Building mode won’t be visible while dying when playing with the modifier that keeps equipped items
  • Fixed snap points naming for hot tub, oven and removed one excess snap point for barberstation
  • Changing alternative snapping mode, zooming in or pressing some gamepad buttons will cancel build piece removal to prevent unintentional behaviour
  • Darkwood beam snap point naming matched with other beams
  • Changed some snap points on wood gate and darkwood gate
  • Black marble bench and table no longer take rain damage
  • Fix crafting station only updating its extensions for the first time after the update interval has passed
  • Fix off-by-one error that caused build range to be +4m larger than intended and made the build range preview inaccurate.
  • You can now activate the guardian power again when using the hammer, hoe & cultivator
  • Starred fenring cultist can no longer drop multiple trophies
  • Fenring cultist in events can no longer spawn multiple trophies
  • Increased crafting station radius should now block spawn area and stop items from despawning correctly
  • Stopped some pickables from scaling above max stack with resource rate modifiers
  • Fixed an issue where spear is thrown in the wrong direction
  • Mobs spawned by bosses will now aggro the player even when playing with the passive mobs modifier since the boss already was aggroed
  • Reduced HP on mini-bosses spawned during Hildir events by 50%
  • Brenna is now more resistant against knockbacks
  • Ballista updated to accept trophies from the Hildir’s Request bosses
  • Fixed rare crash while respawning in an area at the same time as monster dies in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue with the Elder and Moder triggering incorrectly when using player based events
  • World modifier player-based raid fix: Fixed issue with boss event conditions not updating until re-logging
  • Item tooltip will be displayed when hovering while dragging another item
  • Fixed a bug where the item tooltip overlay could show up over compendium menu
  • Replaced all texts fields to be clearer and more optimised
  • Replaced all text input fields with new component to work on all platforms
  • World modifier tooltip has background now
  • Fixes to vegetation shader
  • Added click sounds for ingame UI
  • Fixed keyhint for adding a server
  • Added some missing keyhints
  • Player position is saved on manual save
  • Clicking outside map pin input closes input field now
  • Zooming on the map now closes the pin input window


  • Added auto-run toggle to accessibility settings on Xbox
  • Opening cheat console no longer hides UI
  • Changing snapping doesn’t make you fly down anymore
  • Chat no longer opens when opening info panel
  • Opening settings for the first time no longer freezes the game
  • Camera is now locked when placing a map pin
  • Using a vegvisir with a controller no longer pings
  • Fixed occasional Xbox crash when another player died close to the host

0.217.14 - Hildir's Request[]

Release date: 19 August 2023

New Content:

  • New NPC: Hildir the merchant
  • New location: Hildir’s camp
  • New location: Smouldering tomb (classic dungeon)
  • New location: Howling cavern (classic dungeon)
  • New location: Sealed tower (open dungeon)
  • 3 new mini bosses
  • World modifiers button added to start game screen with many customization/difficulty options (select a preset or design your own)
  • 8 different Fireworks added (Including Thunderstone and Black Core thrown in the fire)
  • New item: Sparkler
  • New clothing: 10 hats & headscarves
  • New clothing: 14 dresses and tunics
  • Black forge extension: Vice (Upgrades to level 3 possible)
  • Magetable extension: Unfading Candle (Upgrades to level 3 possible)
  • New material: Barber kit
  • New furniture: Barber station
  • New material: Iron pit
  • New furniture: Firepit
  • 8 new hairstyles
  • 5 new beard styles
  • 4 new music tracks

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Hair and beards are now visible when equipping helmets
  • Haldor animations updated
  • All fire effects have been overhauled
  • Smoke balls created by fires now have random rotation and no longer pop in when spawned
  • Added Hugin hints informing the player that traders can be found in the game
  • Spawn command can now specify fields
  • Fixed a bug which caused level up algorithm to be a bit off depending on when you die
  • Reduced lag spike when selecting worlds in the Select World menu by reusing existing world list elements, rather than destroying all and instancing all new ones
  • Widened the Manage Saves Menu and show the time of the timestamp
  • Retrieve timestamp from file name rather than file metadata if present in the file name. This means moving a file to/from cloud no longer affects the sorting order of files with timestamps in their names
  • Fixed oversight that saved unnecessary characters (such as spaces) in an IP address to the server list if the IP address could be parsed successfully
  • Chat doesn’t open on Ping anymore
  • Resolved chat blocking input for other UI (such as map)
  • Fixed issue where minimap pin input field for PC version was getting invisible
  • Join code is now hidden when HUD’s visibility is toggled off
  • Fixed an issue where boats could fall through the ocean
  • Fixed a bug that had water in caves be affected by wind
  • New optimised low vegetation quality setting will have a small amount of grass rather than none
  • Fixed LOD terrain mesh becoming visibly distorted when standing near modified terrain in some cases
  • Fixed a vegetation shader issue
  • Fixed a threading issue, the game quits a bit faster as a result
  • Fixed a bug where the music could get stuck in the morning and evening when in dungeons
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the server list to stop working
  • Opening console now blocks hotbar navigation
  • Offline players can now send map pings on Xbox and MS store version
  • Fixed missing special characters on signs
  • Fixed glowing signs
  • You now have better control over growing plants as they will now grow into approximately their sapling’s rotation, but they start with a random rotation when planting
  • Fixed flickering colours when placing beech sapling
  • You can now zoom the camera while using the hammer, hoe & cultivator if no rotation is possible while using the mouse, and always on gamepad
  • Removing a piece is now done when you release the button rather then pressing it (to allow for button combinations and so you can change your mind and hover away)
  • Prevent character from jumping when in piece selection
  • Reset "auto run" after dodge
  • Fixed a crash related to the old portal
  • Fixed sometimes missing tooltip for inventory items
  • Fixed some broken item names
  • Menu usage is now blocked when HUD is hidden
  • Enemy spawn block and item despawn now matches workbench build radius
  • Fixed AI updates behaving wrong (mobs should feel more responsive again)
  • Fix for Riding skill not improving

Quality of Life:

  • Quick stack button to quickly place all items already in a container from your inventory. Can also be done by simply holding the use key when interacting with a container
  • You can now manually choose snapping point with Q & E for precision building
  • Intro sequence can now be skipped from the pause menu and the game can be paused while in the intro
  • Workbench and Forge now get slightly increased build range when upgraded
  • Crafting benches’ build range is now cylindrical instead of spherical
  • Precision placement of buildpieces changed to show when holding ctrl
  • Added ability to copy build piece while in build mode


  • Fixed a bug on Xbox where ticks wouldn’t attach correctly
  • Fixed Xbox bug which could cause the player to jump while selecting a building piece
  • Added another controller scheme, and the ability to hide HUD when using a controller and on Xbox
  • Fixed vegetation and reflection shader for Xbox
  • Alt functionality key changed to LB for Console 2 mapping
  • Added quick selection commands for console (Store: X+DPad, Load: Y+DPad)
  • Fixed tooltip position for store items when using gamepad
  • Own chat messages are not filtered anymore
  • Own sign texts are shown when playing offline
  • Cloud storage check after save and before world start to prevent potential data loss
  • No more privilege pop-ups when playing offline


  • Various crash fixes related to generation and projectiles
  • Fixed a bug that could cause more backups than intended to be created for world saves when migrated from an older version
  • Fixed a bug where creating a new world with the same name as a just deleted world would give that world the same seed as the just deleted world
  • Fixed an issue that could make worlds with certain very large dungeon seeds to not be loadable
  • Fixed an issue where saving of world on server and character on client could be out of sync, all saving methods should now work the same way
  • Fixed an issue where a world is saved twice when using manual save, doubling the amount of save time
  • Fix memory leak when opening and closing the skill dialog
  • Added check for available cloud storage after save and before world start (which should prevent world wipes after all)


  • God mode will now allow damage down to 1 health rather than taking no damage
  • New console command "tombstone" which create tombstones
  • Tombstones can now be deleted with ’forcedelete’ command
  • New itemset ‘base’ and command can specify a number to override all items with that level (i.e. “itemset meadows 4” will give level 4 meadows items)
  • New console commands: (tombstone - creates tombstones; resetworldkeys - Resets all world modifiers to default; setworldpreset - Sets world modifiers to a named preset; setworldmodifier - Sets a world modifier value; itemset hildir)
  • Itemset command also limits items to level 4
  • Fixed the saving of some stats
  • Localisation updated
  • Fixed Asian fonts readability in bold style
  • Fixed rune-stone texts to only show rune symbols in all languages
  • Made sure all text fields have the correct fonts set
  • Minor text optimizations
  • Fixed some missing localization updates when language is changed
  • Saving icon is now displayed on low FPS as well
  • Fixed some incorrect key hints
  • Removed several control characters that were rendered as a box in item descriptions
  • Fixed world list not being updated when the last world is removed
  • Fixed selecting world with mouse not working in some cases
  • Fix for refreshing favourite dedicated servers
  • Added merch store button to main menu


Release date: 12 June 2023

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Midsummer items enabled (Maypole & Midsummer crown)
  • Many performance, memory and networking improvements for both new/unexplored and old/explored worlds
  • World save file size greatly reduced
  • Fixed endless loading of save manager when switching tabs too fast
  • World save files that are corrupt, have load errors or have missing meta files can now be restored from the most recent backup directly from within the Select World menu by pressing the "Start" button.
  • Save file stability & issues fixed
  • Decreased load times in the Manage Saves menu.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the GUI to not update when deleting the bottommost backup in the Manage Saves menu.
  • An automatic backup is made when starting a world in a new version, and a permanent backup is created when loading into a new world version
  • Fixed a world load issue between versions. (You can no longer load into a world from a game version that is newer than your current game version)
  • Fixed hitbox issue for close combat and spear throwing issue
  • Added "UI scaling" to settings on Xbox
  • Minimap pin input fixed on steam deck & big picture mode
  • Minimap text input fix for certain Asian languages


Release date: 12 April 2023

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Backups are no longer deleted after being restored, so the same backup can now be restored multiple times.
  • World saves with missing .fwl files now show up in the Manage Saves menu so that they can be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where backups couldn't be restored if the main save file was missing its .fwl file.
  • Fixed a bug that made world saves in cloud storage create a blank .old file when saving, instead of no .old file.
  • Player & ship markers are now shown correctly above map pins on the minimap
  • Lighting effects reduced when using “reduce flashing lights” setting for Eikthyr antlers, all boss spawning, guardian power and boss stone activation
  • Network compatibility version is now displayed separately in the console and log file and each non-pc platform has a platform prefix in the version text


  • Improved stability and performance of world saving to decrease chance of saves being corrupted on microsoft store and xbox
  • Save files that were corrupted as a result of incomplete file operations in cloud storage are detected and can no longer be started as empty worlds
  • Fixed a bug where the time stamps of cloud saves were retrieved as UTC instead of local time.


Release date: 28 March 2023

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Manual save no longer causes you to respawn where you saved and can be called to a dedicated server if you are on the admin list
  • Left handed mouse should now work correctly again
  • Added “Swap Triggers” to control options, to be able to fix a potential issue for PlayStation controllers
  • Fixed performance issues in main menu
  • Fixed some special characters appearing as squares and symbols should look more like they did before
  • Hovertext and text input on signs should now be displayed correctly and can use \t and \n symbols
  • Text on signs should now be lit correctly and no lower glow
  • Various UI & text fixes that were being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the scrolling was slow and inverted on linux
  • Engine updated to unity version 2020.03.45
  • Settings for keybindings should now be saved correctly
  • Minor UI performance fixes
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when rebinding keys


  • Added graphic setting “Balanced Mode” with 40 FPS and 1440p on Series X and 900p on Series S (this will only display as an option of you have a screen which supports 40 FPS)
  • Right stick now only controls the character rotation in character screen
  • Right analog stick no longer has double functionality in the character creation menu
  • Heightmap differences between Xbox and PC have now been almost entirely eliminated (this means some areas in Xbox worlds will have a significant terrain change, and if you have built in these areas the buildings may unfortunately collapse)
  • Worlds on Xbox will no longer reset to Day 1 once they reach a certain size


Release date: 13 March 2023

Gameplay & Balance:

  • Mistlands giant helmet and sword will now properly drop both iron and copper scrap as intended
  • Seeker soldier and ticks should now respawn correctly in dungeons, and ticks starred ticks chance increased from 10% to 20% as intended.

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Added Munin to Ribcage locations in Mistlands
  • Added saving icon to HUD and delayed the "bad connection icon" when saving
  • All game texts have been optimised for better clarity and performance
  • Reworked button prompts to a new visual style, added some missing buttons, etc.
  • Key hints are now displayed in a horizontal line rather than vertical list and visible in all needed contexts
  • Kicked players get a proper message
  • Menu selection markers should now be displayed correctly in all languages
  • Fixed several focus loss scenarios when using a gamepad
  • Haldor’s lines are now translated correctly
  • Build menu has been widened to avoid overlapping other interface items
  • D-Pad should now be usable in all menus
  • Controller and keyboard usage of menus improved
  • Skills menu should now work correctly with gamepad and show tooltips correctly
  • Mistlands boss should no longer escape her room during rare occasions (changes have been made to how ownership of objects work when transferred to another player; specifically checking the positions)
  • Fixed a bug that caused projectiles to sometimes miss even though it obviously should have connected
  • Durability bar on item in the inventory and action bar is now only visible if the item has been damaged
  • Fixed a visual bug that showed servers that were being pinged as offline
  • Thatch roof i-corner 45o can now support itself and will protect underlying beams from rain properly
  • Thatch & darkwood roof top 26o middle beam point fixed

Quality of Life:

  • Added alternative controller layout and changed layout to be more readable. Build snapping is a toggle in the alternative layout, and has an icon when active
  • Added manual save button to the pause menu that displays last save time
  • Crafting menus and quick use bar now have cycling navigation when using gamepad
  • You can now use the sticks to move to and from a container inventory from the player inventory directly rather than changing menu focus
  • Crafting station is now focused when opening a crafting station
  • Language can now be changed without restarting the game
  • If a server is unjoinable for version mismatch or other restriction this will shown when attempting to join a game from the server list immediately rather than having to wait for the game to load


  • Performance of distant mountain shadows greatly increased, and added a setting to turn off distant shadows completely. (This may increase performance significantly for players with older graphic cards)
  • Performance increased while in dungeons
  • Performance improved when using many map pins
  • Performance improved while using the inventory with many items
  • Network stability and performance improvements for crossplay
  • Improved cloud save performance on Microsoft Store version.
  • Memory optimizations for textures and fonts


Release date: 7 February 2023

New Content:

  • New build piece: Hexagonal gate
  • New item: Fishing hat (needs a super secret recipe)

Balance & Tweaks:

  • Players can now “use” a trophy on ballistas to limit what it will shoot at
  • Seeker circling tweaks (They should now feel a bit more aggressive again)
  • Gjall spit attack tweaks (They now shoot 2 projectiles again, but the burst interval is increased. Should now be more visible and somewhat easier to avoid instead. More fire damage, less blunt damage)
  • Added post-Queen nightspawns of Seekers, Broods and Ticks in Meadows, Black Forest, Mountain and Plains biomes
  • Mistlands boss now tries to flee if unable to reach the player
  • Mobs inside Mistlands Dungeons can now respawn
  • Royal jelly piles inside Mistlands Dungeons are now respawning (Added hanging Royal Jelly piles as an indicator in big dungeon rooms)
  • Wolves can now eat Chicken meat (Yum!)
  • Mist torches are no longer a primary target for enemies
  • Tweaked portal size to Mistlands boss room (The entrance “box” was a bit too big. Players should no longer be able to mine the top of the entrance and be able to press “E” to enter through the wall/stones)
  • Tweaked portal size on Mistlands dungeon exits (The exit “box” was a bit too big. Players should no longer be able to exit the dungeon while being on the floor right above the entrance)
  • Eitr regen is no longer affected by swimming or when encumbered
  • Ymir Flesh is now purchasable from Haldor after Elder is dead, instead of after Bonemass
  • Health and resistance tweaks on some Dvergr pieces
  • Ballista ammo capacity increased from 20 to 40

Bug Fixes:

  • Obliterator now converts Mistlands trophies/wood/arrows/bolts properly
  • Mistlands biome music no longer stops playing if players use the dev command “env Clear” while being in Mistlands
  • Carapace bolt collider fixed (The offset was a bit off previously when you tried to pick ‘em up)
  • Depth of Field fix (Stars in the sky no longer blurry)
  • Using the console command ‘save’ will now also save your local character file when playing on a multiplayer server
  • Cleaned up unused locations and dungeon rooms to lower RAM usage
  • Fixed a bug where players could craft an infinite amount of Raw fish
  • Hens now lay eggs closer to their bodies
  • Hens should no longer change colour
  • Skeleton spawners can now spawn skeletons again even if there are summoned friendly skeletons nearby
  • Troll trap and Dvergr stake wall no longer take rain damage
  • Periodic lag spike fix (Resource unloading will now run while sleeping or pausing afk for 5 seconds if it hasn't been run for a 20 minutes, or when calling "cr" from console, or if none of those things, every 60 minutes)
  • Seeker flying sound no longer plays if it dies mid air
  • Marble column build pieces: Tweaked snap points (They were previously not 100% aligned with other build pieces)
  • Additional damage for Bolt descriptions are now based on Crossbow skill instead of Bow skill
  • JotunPuffs, Magecap and a number of other pickables no longer leave invisible dead objects in the world when they are picked, and old dead objects are cleared when loaded in to increase performance and decrease save-file size.
  • Pickable DvergrStein no longer fall through objects

Fishing Tweaks & Fixes:

  • New item: Fishing hat
  • Fish no longer despawn when far away
  • Fish found in Ice Caves now respawn correctly
  • Higher tier fish now give slightly more Raw fish and there’s now a small chance for fish to give players some extra materials when they are successfully reeled in
  • Fishing bait is now returned if pulled in without fish or when recasting
  • Fishing bait recipes now take basic fishing bait instead of previous biome fish
  • Fishing bait recipes, and the fishing bait sold from Haldor is now 20 instead of 40 (This change was made due to the fishing bait return change mentioned above)
  • Fish will now try to escape when hooked. (Fish will wobble and splash in the water when they try to escape, which increases the stamina usage when pulling in. When they’re not trying to escape, the stamina usage for pulling in is reduced)
  • Tetra can now spawn at higher levels correctly
  • Tuna now only spawn in the Ocean biome
  • Higher-level fish only jump in the Ocean biome
  • Slightly increased skill gain when fishing

Networking Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where players received the “Fail to connect” message instead of “Server full” when trying to join a full PlayFab server
  • Fixed a bug where PlayFab accidentally signed in twice
  • Major improvements in how the game handles multiplayer sessions when going offline/disconnect. (It now tries more often to succeed with creating lobbies/relog compared to previously)
  • Added a pop-up message when players are trying to start a server when they’re not signed in correctly (i.e. being offline in some way)
  • Added support for non-crossplay PlayFab servers, and Xbox network users without the “Crossplay privilege” can only host and join non-crossplay supported servers
  • Added new server parameter that server owners can use if they want to run multiple dedicated servers using the same MAC-address in order to get unique PlayFab IDs for every server
  • Improved error handling of privilege manager
  • New “DNS Lookup failed” message when a server with an URL can’t be added to the server list due to DNS lookup failure
  • Improved performance and behaviour of local server lists
  • Fixed 2 soft lock cases that could happen when using PlayFab
  • Fixed a bug that paused matchmaking-timers when the game was paused


  • Reduce lighting flashes accessibility option added, reduces flashes for thunder, monster & player elemental effects, Galdr table, Obliterator and Portal
  • Raven hints can be toggled in settings (and console command removed)
  • New console commands added: catch (simulates catching a fish), printnetobj (lists number of network objects by name surrounding player) & cr (runs the periodic unloads unused assets routine manually and resets the timer)
  • Improvements made for the “Manage Saves” menu, should now be a lot less laggy to use
  • Localization updated
  • Yule items have now been disabled
  • Turnips can now be put on item stands


Release date: 20 December 2022

Balancing & Tweaks:

  • Mistlands armour and shield recipes rebalanced and durability increased
  • Staffs have rebalanced recipes and stats
  • Ballista tweaks (Increased fire rate, sound effects added when shooting and losing sight of targets, tweaked targeting behaviour)
  • Ballista ammo recipes made cheaper
  • Mistlands Seeker event tweaked (It will no longer trigger in Meadows, Swamps, Mountains or Ocean. It will no longer spawn Seeker Soldiers and the amount of Seekers & Broods has been rebalanced)
  • Seeker AI tweaks (They should now circulate a bit and not be on the player constantly to give them some time to catch their breath)
  • Seeker Soldier and Gjall spawn rate tweaked (Was spawning quite frequently earlier. It’s now much similar to Troll spawns in Black Forest)
  • Comfort from different carpets no longer stacks
  • Gjall will now only shoot 1 projectile at a time instead of 2
  • Hare running speed slightly decreased
  • Tetra bait uses Fenring trophy instead of Ulv trophy
  • Fish in mountain caves will respawn correctly, and small additional lake added
  • Tuna also always takes ocean bait since it is in ocean as well

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Stutter fix when walking left with hoe or hammer equipped
  • Fixed animation issues on dual knives idle and block idle
  • Fixed a lighting issue with fog in black forest
  • Fixed an error while viewing a character in the main menu that has a fish in its inventory
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Mistlands boss to escape (Sorry, Your Grace)
  • Spawned skeletons will unsummon correctly after rejoining a network game
  • Find console command shows absolute position rather than offset
  • Mating hens no longer sound like boars
  • Correct effects will now be shown when placing marble bench and table
  • Music will fade out correctly for dungeons and locations when continuous music is turned off
  • Some locations that had looping music will now only be played once
  • Various networking changes to solve connectivity issues when using crossplay
  • Sounds, music, animations and textures have been optimised to save around 485 Mb of RAM and to decrease the download size of Valheim by approximately 420 Mb

0.212.7 - Mistlands[]

Release date: 6 December 2022

New mechanics:

  • Wisplight (Move the mist out of your way using stationary wisplights or one that follows you wherever you go)
  • Magic! (Eat foods with Eitr in order to use magic staves, and develop the new skills Elemental Magic and Blood Magic)
  • Mushroom farming (The new Mistlands mushrooms can be grown from the comfort of your own home)
  • Poultry (Get eggs, hatch and raise chickens, take care of your hens and get more eggs!)
  • Friendly/unfriendly NPCs (They’re on your side as long as you don’t upset them!)

New creatures:

  • Enemy: Seeker
  • Enemy: Seeker Brood
  • Enemy: Seeker Brute
  • Enemy: Gjall
  • Enemy: Tick
  • Creature: Hare
  • Creature: Hen (and Chick)
  • NPC/Enemy: Dvergr (Rogue and Mage)
  • NPC: Munin – raven of lore
  • Boss: The Queen


  • Material: Black marble
  • Material: Yggdrasil wood
  • Material: Blood clot
  • Material: Soft tissue
  • Material: Refined eitr
  • Material: Sap
  • Material: Royal jelly
  • Material: Magecap
  • Material: Jotun puffs
  • Material: Egg (can be purchased from Haldor, or lain by hens)
  • Material: Raw chicken meat
  • Material: Raw seeker meat
  • Material: Raw hare meat
  • Material: Scale hide
  • Material: Carapace
  • Material: Mandible
  • Material: Bilebag
  • Material: Mechanical spring
  • Material: Black core
  • Material: Dvergr extractor
  • Material: Wisp
  • Material: Sealbreaker fragment
  • Workstation: Black forge
  • Black forge extension: Black forge cooler
  • Workstation: Galdr table
  • Galdr table extension: Rune table
  • Cauldron extension: Mortar and pestle
  • Crafting construction: Eitr refinery
  • Misc: Wisp fountain
  • Misc: Sap extractor
  • Resource location: Giant Remains
  • Resource location: Ancient roots
  • Tree type: Yggdrasil shoot

New food items and potions:

  • Food: Cooked egg
  • Food: Cooked chicken meat
  • Food: Cooked seeker meat
  • Food: Cooked hare meat
  • Food: Magecap
  • Food: Jotun puffs
  • Food: Misthare supreme
  • Food: Meat platter
  • Food: Mushroom omelette
  • Food: Yggdrasil porridge
  • Food: Seeker aspic
  • Food: Salad
  • Food: Fish n’ bread
  • Food: Honey glazed chicken
  • Food: Stuffed mushroom
  • Potion: Major health mead
  • Potion: Lingering stamina mead
  • Potion: Minor eitr mead

New craftable items:

  • Tool: Wisplight
  • Tool: Black metal pickaxe
  • Tool: Dvergr lantern
  • Key: Sealbreaker
  • Weapon: Mistwalker (sword)
  • Weapon: Jotun bane (axe)
  • Weapon: Demolisher (sledge)
  • Weapon: Carapace spear
  • Weapon: Himmin afl (atgeir)
  • Weapon: Spine snap (bow)
  • Arrows: Carapace arrow
  • Weapon: Krom (two-handed sword)
  • Weapon: Skoll and Hati (dual-wielded knives)
  • Weapon: Arbalest (crossbow – new skill!)
  • Bolts: Iron Bolt, Bone Bolt, Black Metal Bolt, Carapace Bolt
  • Weapon: Staff of frost (elemental magic – new skill!)
  • Weapon: Staff of protection (blood magic – new skill!)
  • Weapon: Dead raiser (blood magic – new skill!)
  • Weapon: Staff of embers (elemental magic – new skill!)
  • Bomb: Bile bomb
  • Ballista ammunition: Black metal missile, Wooden missile
  • Shield: Carapace shield
  • Shield: Carapace buckler
  • Armour set: Carapace breastplate, Carapace greaves, Carapace helmet
  • Armour set: Eitr-weave robe, Eitr-weave trousers, Eitr-weave hood
  • Cape: Feather cape (New status effect: Feather fall)

New building and furniture pieces:

  • Building pieces: 14 Black marble pieces (1m square block, 2m square block, 2m rectangle, arch, plinth, plinth corner, wide column, small column, floor, triangle floor, cornice, cornice corner, stairs & quarter spire)
  • Building pieces: 2 Angled Darkwood beams (26o & 45o)
  • Building pieces: 2 Angled Iron beams (26o & 45o)
  • Building piece: 2 Spiral stairs (left & right)
  • Building piece: Dvergr metal wall
  • Furniture: Hare rug
  • Furniture: Black marble bench
  • Furniture: Black marble throne
  • Furniture: Black marble table
  • Furniture: Wisp torch
  • Furniture: Blue jute drapes
  • Furniture: Blue jute curtain
  • Furniture: Blue jute carpet
  • Furniture: Dvergr wall lantern
  • Furniture: Dvergr lantern pole
  • Stack: Yggdrasil wood
  • Stack: Black marble
  • Defence: Dvergr stake wall
  • Defence: Dvergr sharp stakes
  • Defence: Ballista
  • Defence: Trap


  • New music (Mistlands, Mistlands boss, Mistlands locations, other locations & Haldor)
  • New dreams
  • New lore stones
  • New locations (Various Dvergr outposts, Dvergr ruins and more)
  • New dungeons (Infested mines)
  • New hair styles (Curls 1, Curls 2, Gathered braids, Neat braids, Pulled back curls, Royal braids, Short curls, Single bun & Twin buns) and beard styles (Braided 4, Braided 5, Royal 1, Royal 2, Short 4, Stonedweller & Thick 2)
  • New emotes (Blow kiss, Bow, Cower, Cry, Dance, Despair, Flex, Come here, Headbang, Kneel, Roar & Shrug)
  • New events (“What’s up gjall?” & “They sought you out”)
  • yagluth_thing is now Torn Spirit
  • New Forsaken power
  • Haldor’s stock will update depending on boss progression
  • Terrain generation change, to increase the amount of Mistlands on the map
  • Enabled Yule seasonal items (Yule tree, Yule klapp, Yule wreath, Yule garland and Mistletoe)


  • New fish types (Trollfish, Giant herring, Tetra, Grouper, Anglerfish, Pufferfish, Magmafish, Northern salmon & Coral cod) and craftable baits for each biome (Mossy, Sticky, Cold, Stingy, Misty, Hot, Frosty & Heavy)
  • Fishing is now a skill that improves stamina use and pull speed
  • Fish can now be picked up and mounted on item stands, or can be made into raw fish at the cooking station instead
  • Fish can now be different sizes that give more raw fish
  • Fish now follow the waves’ movement
  • Fish can now jump over the water, and flop around on land
  • Fish now appear in ice caves
  • Correct key hints will be shown when fishing

Console command improvements:

  • There will now be a proper error message if commands aren’t entered correctly
  • ‘nocost’, ‘god’ and ‘ghost’ can optionally be specified to on or off
  • ‘location’ can now optionally specify ‘save’ to not disable world save
  • ‘spawn’ can now specify ‘i’ to only spawn an object if it’s not already in your inventory
  • ‘recall’ (makes a server wide recall of all or named players, to your position)
  • ‘aggravate’ (aggravates all nearby neutrals)
  • ‘restartparty’ (resets PlayFab network when on crossplay, can be used by both host and client)
  • ‘killall’ replaced with ‘killenemies’ and ‘killtamed’


  • Multiple animations have been updated and improved
  • Multiple VFX have been updated and improved
  • Stamina level is now saved on logout
  • Removed stamina usage multiplier when running uphill
  • Reorganised building GUI
  • Rugs no longer flicker when placed on top of each other
  • Reworked knockback mechanics
  • Map icons can no longer be deleted or crossed when hidden
  • Holstering while dodging will no longer lock the weapon holstered
  • The durability should now always be shown correctly
  • Biome music will now be played correctly when continuous music is disabled
  • Deadspeak fixed for Bonemass, Moder and Yagluth
  • Disabled Jack-o-turnip seasonal item
  • Minor performance tweaks
  • Axe now has a special attack
  • Some enemies now have weak spots


Release date: 28 October 2022

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Autobackup system added that will keep one 2-hour and one 12-hour backup by default and can be customised in misc settings. Default setting on dedicated servers is 4, which can be customised with new parameters (-backups -backupshort -backuplong).
  • The game will now save after you sleep, or at 30 minute intervals, and the timer is reset when using the manual save console command. The save interval can be customised on dedicated servers using the new parameter (-saveinterval).
  • Using the console save command now also saves the character file
  • The dedicated server manual PDF has been updated with the new parameters.
  • World save gets disabled if it’s a corrupted world file or if it’s an incompatible world version and the game will return to the main menu. Dedicated servers will shut down if the world is corrupt.
  • A change to Steam Cloud saves to avoid a particular crash during saves that could corrupt the world save.
  • The game returns to a pause state if a multiplayer host is alone in a multiplayer session if all players leave (like it was previously).
  • Players can no longer create a world with the same name when Steam Cloud saves are enabled.
  • Characters with duplicate filenames will now be hidden.
  • Characters with different names from the filename will be displayed to differentiate between renamed files
  • Local and legacy characters will now be deleted properly if Steam Cloud is enabled
  • Beehive VFX on-hit fix
  • Removed the ability to craft/build the Midsummer items


Release date: 11 October 2022

This patch features multiple changes from the PlayFab backend. The majority of these changes include stabilising connection issues, as well as fixing send/receive limitations in multiplayer.


Release date: 4 October 2022

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Removed maypole & midsummer crown (sorry)
  • Multiple server instances on the same computer is now allowed
  • The game launches with vulkan by default on Linux
  • Profanity filter fixes
  • Server DOCKER launch script added (see server manual pdf for details)


Release date: 29 September 2022

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Crossplay support added
  • ‘Manage saves’ GUI added so that it’s easier for players to restore/remove saves & backups
  • Minor network optimization for in-game hosting (Less demanding for the host when other players are in the game at the same time)
  • ‘Join Game’ tab has been updated. Players can now add favourite servers, and see if a server is running, and if they support crossplay or not.
  • Players can now use the parameter ‘-crossplay’ while running Dedicated servers to support crossplay. When using this parameter, the backend will be running Playfab instead of Steamworks. (A ‘Join code’ will appear when you join a Dedicated server supporting crossplay. Players can use this code to join the server. This Join code is regenerated whenever the server is restarted.)
  • A new branch, "default_old", has been added, where you can play on the previous Steam version of the game in case your server hasn't been updated yet (Steam might need a restart for the branch to show up)
  • A question mark indicates that a server status is uncertain, while a red X indicates that the server is down. If there is a “shuffle” icon next to the server status, that means the server supports crossplay.


Release date: 30 August 2022

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Autobackup system added that will keep one 2-hour and one 12-hour backup by default and can be customised in misc settings. Default setting on dedicated servers is 4, which can be customised with new parameters (-backups -backupshort -backuplong).
  • The game will now save after you sleep, or at 30 minute intervals, and the timer is reset when using the manual save console command. The save interval can be customised on dedicated servers using the new parameter (-saveinterval).
  • Using the console save command now also saves the character file
  • The dedicated server manual PDF has been updated with the new parameters.
  • World save gets disabled if it’s a corrupted world file or if it’s an incompatible world version and the game will return to the main menu. Dedicated servers will shut down if the world is corrupt.
  • A change to Steam Cloud saves to avoid a particular crash during saves that could corrupt the world save.
  • The game returns to a pause state if a multiplayer host is alone in a multiplayer session if all players leave (like it was previously).
  • Players can no longer create a world with the same name when Steam Cloud saves are enabled.
  • Characters with duplicate filenames will now be hidden.
  • Characters with different names from the filename will be displayed to differentiate between renamed files
  • Local and legacy characters will now be deleted properly if Steam Cloud is enabled
  • Beehive VFX on-hit fix
  • Removed the ability to craft/build the Midsummer items


Release date: 21 June 2022


  • Fixed issue with world creation caused by the Steam cloud-save overhaul.


Release date: 20 June 2022


  • Dedicated-server world loading fix.
  • This patch fixes the world load issue introduced in 0.209.8, causing dedicated servers to fail to load worlds saved in the now legacy “worlds/” directory (and instead creating a new empty world)


Release date: 20 June 2022

New Content:

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Unity updated to version 2020.3.33 (should reduce crashes!)
  • Tamed animals now follow the player into Haldor’s forcefield
  • Tweaks to Yagluth’s hair so it no longer flies around in the air
  • Console command exclusivefullscreen is now toggleable
  • Mods can now set an isModded flag to let players and our support know the game is modded
  • Inventory keyboard UI hint fixed
  • Console server command 'recall’ added (teleports other players to your position)

Steam Cloud:

  • Cloud save files will now be stored in Steam/[YourIDNumber]/892970 instead of AppData
  • Local files will now be stored in “worlds_local” and “characters_local” under AppData and no longer be synced to cloud to avoid sync conflicts and dataloss when using multiple accounts on the same machine, and when using dedicated servers.
  • Files still in the old file structure will be moved to the Steam Cloud or new local folder when used and a backup will be kept
  • Worlds’ save files can now be renamed and will load correctly
  • Large worlds (300mb or bigger) should now sync correctly
  • Maximum Cloud storage for Valheim has increased greatly, thanks Valve!


Release date: 11 April 2022

Fixes, Improvements and QoL:

  • Fixed a bug where trolls would not get staggered correctly sometimes
  • Map key legend fixes and remove map icon gamepad mapping set to LB
  • Various small fixes to Frost Cave rooms
  • Fixed a bug related to pausing after being in debugmode and changing server
  • Upgrade function will now remember the selected object when upgrading
  • Fixed a bug where the split stack number sometimes would not be visible on high resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes smelters would not always use the correct amount of coal
  • Fixed some items not being covered in snow
  • Hotbar selection marker now more visible on light backgrounds when using gamepad
  • The ‘resetsharedmap’ console command added and various devcommands improvements
  • Buying items from the trader on gamepad no longer buys twice, plus some interface tweaks
  • Keyboard & gamepad hints for inventory screen
  • Picking up your tombstone will now try to stack items
  • Fixed an issue where tombstones sometimes would be unreachable in Swamp trees


Release date: 1 March 2022

New Content:

Fixes & Improvements:

  • FPS limiter setting and option to reduce GPU usage when minimised, menu FPS capped to 60
  • Various console command improvements and additions, see console ‘help’
  • Fixed some dungeon parts not being fully deterministic (ends)
  • Nomap mode improvements (vegvisr alternative, nomap is server setting, max distance for shouting, random build/spawn rotation, ‘noportals’ command)
  • Resolution now only shows refresh rate when forcing exclusive fullscreen
  • Various UI fixes
  • Changed name of Unarmed skill to Fists
  • Helmets covering the player character’s face should now hide beard
  • “Reduce background performance” is available as a setting
  • Recipes for Jack-o-turnip + Yule stuff disabled

Quality of Life:

  • Building marker is more subtle and indicates piece rotation
  • Corpse run gives carry weight bonus to compensate for unequipped belt
  • Crafting stackable items while having full inventory now possible if there are are available stack slots
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes stackable items won’t be taken when having full inventory and pressing ‘Take All’ in a chest
  • Chat can now be closed using esc, mouse or gamepad B

Gamepad support:

  • Full controller support!
  • Controller legend visible in pause menu and settings
  • Controller text input when running in Steam big picture mode. Chat, characters, signs, pets etc can now be named using the controller.
  • Controller mapping of all game features
  • Context menus will now always show controller buttons when using controller
  • Alternative controller glyph style option
  • Skills window scrollable with gamepad
  • Crafting can be cancelled if pressing the button again (like with mouse)
  • Fixed some missing/misplaced gamepad tooltips

Steam Deck:

  • Steam Deck controller layout shows when playing on Steam Deck
  • Loads default settings catered to the Steam Deck


  • Improvements for several community translated languages


Release date: 14 December 2021


  • Location music tweaks
  • Abomination drop & spawn tweaks
  • Localization updates
  • Enabled clipping check when placing thrones


  • Troll animations overhauled
  • Tamed animals are no longer afraid of fire
  • Peace and quiet (Tamed wolves no longer howl)
  • Serverlist profanity filter


  • Building item: Armor stand (Display your gear)
  • Merry Yule


  • Abominations now drop also 3-4 Guck.
  • Abomination spawn chance from 25% to 35% but creature cap from 2 to 1.
  • Abomination stagger duration from 5.5 seconds to 3.0 seconds.
  • Enabled Yule tree, Yuleklapp (small), Yuleklapp (medium) and Yuleklapp (large).
  • Bonemass trophy, Moder trophy and Yagluth trophy now randomly speak like other boss trophies (might have also been enabled by a previous update).
    • However their speak object is located over 50 meters from the item position which makes the speech difficult to trigger.
  • New console commands: find, printcreatures, printlocations, removebirds, removefish,
  • Ctrl + middleclick on the map teleports the player (if debug mode is enabled).
  • Console search no longer show words with "fx" unless searched on purpose (search term contains "fx").
  • Fixed console error when console search term was not initialized.
  • goto command teleports player to the water level when not flying.
    • When flying, the altitude is capped at 400.
  • spawn command with "" no longer spawns entities which include "fx" in their name.


Release date: 25 November 2021


  • Fixed network issue when picking up items that just auto-stacked
  • Location music transition fixes
  • Swamps music volume tweak
  • Some player animation transition fixes
  • Monsters wakes up if hit by a ranged attack
  • Jump animation issue fixed





Release date: 8 November 2021


  • Jack-o-turnip cover offset fixed
  • Spirit damage no longer affected by wet
  • HP regen on mobs & bosses fix (They were previously regenerating HP faster than intended)
  • Tar pits spawn fix (In some edge cases they spawned on the edge between two biomes)


  • Unity engine updated (Fixes some random crashes related to pathfinding)
  • Comfort calculation performance optimized
  • Mead bases show status effect on tooltip
  • Localization updated, build menu overlapping fixes & added missing localization strings


  • Some locations in Black Forest now have discovery music (still needs some work though)
  • Removed clutter from spawning in Mistlands (It's now...very empty)


Release date: 4 October 2021

  • Fixed issue with resolution setting in settings gui


Release date: 4 October 2021

  • Oven & cooking station drop food items when destroyed
  • Gamepad sensitivity save fix
  • Acorn & Birch seed drop rate increased
  • Onion seed icon tweak
  • Player number difficulty scale tweaks
  • Removed comfort from Crystal wall
  • Atgeir, Blackmetal axe, Bronze spear tweaks
  • Lower melee weapon stamina drain
  • Knives have more durability
  • Tweaked some food stats based on effort to craft (blood pudding, boar jerky, bread, deer stew, mincemeat sauce, wolf jerky)
  • Night-spawning monsters despawn faster in the morning
  • Parry ranged attacks staggers caster again (illogical but fun)
  • Fuling AI tweaks (Spreads out & circles more)
  • Longer Lox attack cooldowns
  • Frost damage slowdown fix
  • Shield tutorial trigger fix for wood shields
  • Wood log 26° & 45° stability fix
  • Jack-o-turnip enabled
  • Torch + weapon jog animation fix


  • Acorn & Birch seed drop rate increased
    • For birch, the first value for Meadows variant 1 and second value is for Meadows variant 2 and Plains
    • Birch seeds: Average drop from 0.15/0.1 to 0.5/0.38
    • Birch resin: Average drop from 0.3/0.2 to 0.25/0.19
    • Birch feathers: Average drop from 0 to 0.25/0.19
    • Oak acorn: Average drop from 0.1 to 1.0
    • Oak resin: Average drop from 0 to 1.25
    • Oak feathers: Average drop from 0 to 0.5
  • Stamina usage reduced for iron, silver and black metal tiers (except knives and spears)
    • Axe, Mace, Sword: From 12, 16, 20 to 10, 12, 14
    • Atgeir: From 16, 24 to 14, 18
    • Battleaxe: From 20, 24 to 16, 18
    • Sledge. From 22 to 20
    • Pickaxe: From 12 to 10
  • Secondary stamina usage changed for all weapons
    • Knives: From 40 to 3x of primary usage
    • Spears: +2 of primary usage
    • Battleaxe: From 15 to 0.5x of primary usage
    • Mace, sword: From 30 to 2x of primary usage
    • Atgeir: From 35 to 2x of primary usage
  • Blackmetal atgeir speed penalty from -10% to -5% (like with other polearms)
  • Blackmetal axe has now block force (like other axes)
  • Bronze spear stamina cost from 6 to 8 (flint spear uses 6)
  • Knife durability from 100 to 200
  • Tweaked some food stats based on effort to craft
    • Boar jerky: Health and stamina from 20 to 23
    • Deer stew: Health from 40 to 45, stamina from 13 to 15, duration from 20 min to 25 min, regen from 2 to 3
    • Minced meat: Health from 45 to 40, stamina from 15 to 13
    • Wolf jerky: Health and stamina from 30 to 33, regen from 1 to 3
    • Blood pudding: Health from 23 to 25, stamina from 70 to 75
    • Bread: Health from 25 to 23, stamina from 75 to 70, duration from 30 min to 25 min
  • Player number difficulty tweaks
    • Effective health scaling from 40% per player to 30% per player
    • Scaling range from 200 meters to 100 meters.
    • Scaling now caps at 5 players
  • Reverted H&H change to night-spawning monsters despawning. They now try to flee and despawn when not seeing any targets.
    • Event creatures still only despawn after completely dropping the aggro.
  • Lox bite cooldown from 2 to 4 seconds and stomp cooldown from 10 to 12 seconds
  • Resolution change from settings was broken (fixed in the next patch)


Release date: 17 September 2021

  • Rebalanced hp/stamina on most foods ( more stamina on hp foods and more hp on stamina foods etc )
  • Fixed tar-pit not spawning on dedicated-server worlds
  • Slightly lower hp on Fulings & Fuling shamans
  • Slightly easier to stagger Fulings
  • Fixed issue with pressing I in server list while trying to filter servers
  • Lower bow stamina use
  • Cage wall 1x1 physics fix ( Already placed pieces will probably need to be repositioned )
  • Boars now also eat blueberries, raspberries & mushrooms
  • Chinese translation fix

0.202.14 - Hearth & Home[]

Release date: 16 September 2021

General improvements

  • Weapons rebalanced (All weapons have been rebalanced to be more viable as main weapon and also have more unique playstyles)
  • Blocking system overhauled (Current maximum hp now greatly affects your ability to block attacks, stagger bar gui added)
  • Naming tamed creatures
  • Gamepad sensitivity settings
  • Auto-pickup toggle button added
  • Graphics settings (Active point lights & Active point light shadows)
  • Tamed creatures affected by friendly fire setting (i.e you can’t hurt a tamed creature unless you enable friendly fire or use the new Butcher knife item)
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes


  • Food rebalance (Most food items now give mainly stamina or mainly health to make food choices more interesting)
  • Food GUI overhauled to work better with the rebalanced food
  • Over 10 new things to eat (Actually 12)


  • Tamed Lox now have a purpose
  • Slimy locations & creatures added to plains
  • New plantable seeds: Birch, Oak & Onions




  • Pickaxes can hit multiple parts of ore deposits
  • Attacking only gives experience to weapon skills when hitting creatures (trees and rocks can't be used to level up)
  • Creatures stop moving when reaching their random idle movement target (previously would keep moving)
  • Tamed creatures are hostile to their original faction (but still friendly with the same creature)
  • Passive health regeneration doubled for creatures (2x interval, 4x amount)
  • Tamed creatures only regenerate passively when not hungry
  • Tamed creatures show healing ticks for the passive regeneration
  • Tamed creatures no longer get health for eating food
  • Sleeping has a cooldown (can't sleep over and over to skip days)
  • Multiplayer creature health scaling internally changed to a hidden damage reduction that scales dynamically (previously could get stuck on unscaled amount)
  • Received damage now triggers camera shake if more than 10% of the player health (previously more than 2 triggered)
  • New formula for speed reduction in liquids that affects both walking and running
  • Lots of tweaks related to liquid interactions
  • Gear speed penalty reduces knockback push with 1x multiplier (previously 1.5x multiplier, so for example 10% speed reduction knockback reduction from 15% to 10%)
  • New code for sliding
  • Moving, dodging and jumping is not possible while the stagger animation is ending. Creatures stay stunned slightly longer (previously stagger duration and stun duration were different)
  • Staggering gradually decreases (20% of max per second), instead of reseting when staggering or after 3 seconds of not taking physical damage
  • Riding skill increases creature speed by up to 20% and reduces stamin usage by up to 50%
  • Received damage less than 0.1 are ignored (previously only exactly 0 was ignored)
  • Fire and spirit damage fully stack (duration resets and tick damage is recalculated based on remaining damage and new damage)
  • Less than 1 fire damage and less than 1.2 spirit damage is ignored, unless already burning (for example 26 armor allows standing on campfires without taking any damage, however durability is still lost)
  • Poison damage gets reduced by armor (but still won't reduce armor durability)
  • Poison damage slightly increased for all creature attacks
  • Lightning damage also causes staggering (previously only blunt, pierce and slash caused)
  • Some tweaks to animations (at least sitting was affected)
  • Chat window also uses commands now like console, however it can only trigger non-cheat commands like animations
  • Improved console and chat windows. Tab allows autocompleting commands and parameters. Up and down arrows can be used to cycle previously issues commands.
  • Commands can be bound to keys. Also some new cheat commands
  • Fireplaces support holding the interaction key
  • Controller tweaks (for example JoyDPadUp and JoyDPadDown can be used to zoom the camera)
  • Resistance can't replace immunity (Serpents won't become suspectible to fire when wet)
  • Weakness can't replace resistance (Frost resistance always works even when wet)
  • Serpent scale shield provides pierce resistance when blocking (basically 4x block armor against pierce)
  • Block power changed to block armor (some damage gets through like with worn armor formula), all block armor values rebalanced
  • Damage that gets through the block causes extra staggering and will negate the whole block if the player staggers from it
  • For players, the stagger limit is 40% of the max health
  • Parrying only staggers melee attackers
  • Block stamina usage reduced from 30 to 10 (still scales down based on used block armor)
  • Parrying always uses the full 10 stamina, staggering the attacker uses additional 10 stamina
  • Parry force changed to block force (all blocking pushes melee attackers back, scales down based on use block armor)
  • Bow skill reduces hold duration by up to 80% (previously up to 100%)
  • Corrupted items can't be picked up (for example enemy weapons spawned with console which lack a proper icon) to prevent inventory getting messed up
  • Items stuck in tar can't be picked and won't automatically despawn
  • Item stands are protected by wards
  • Light code was tweaked / optimized
  • Creatures check targeting more often (from 3 / 10 to 2 / 6 depending if a player is nearby or not), this indirectly increases aggro range by giving noise less time to disappear
  • Event creatures lose the hunt mode after the event ends (so they can calm down)
  • Event creatures and night time creatures only flee after fully calming down
  • Event creatures and night time creatures walk instead of run when fleeing
  • Tables are in a separate comfort group
  • Holding down the attack button continuously attacks instead of doing a single attack
  • Holding bow at full charge consumes stamina only at half of the normal rate
  • New food decay formula that cause less stat decay over time (for example at half decay you get 81% of the stats instead of 50% and at 99% decay you still get 25% of stats)
  • New setting for controller sensitivity
  • Slow from frost damage and tar is based on the base speed (so they stack additively effectively reducing the movement speed to zero
  • Slow from frost damage got bugged. The slow starts as 0% and gradually increases towards 100% slow (fixed at a later patch)
  • New status effect Puke that removes food (from Bukeperries)
  • Smelters and kilns can get blocked by the generated smoke
  • Creatures from general spawning system have 10% chance per level up (previously 15%)
  • Text input of signs can be cancelled
  • Gravity has 100 tool tier (able to collapse silver deposits)
  • Yagluth attacks can be blocked but most of the physical damage was changed to lightning damage
  • Boars no longer eat blueberries, raspberries & mushrooms (reverted at the next patch)
  • Lox have a lower stagger limit (from 100% to 30%)
  • Lox cause 20 blunt and 40 chop as an area damage every 4 seconds when moving more than 5 meters per second
  • Lox run speed increased from 6 m/s to 7 m/s
  • Lox attack cooldowns reduced (reverted at a later patch)
  • Greydwarf shamans drop pukeberries
  • Unarmed troll ground slam does now extra 50 blunt damage when hitting diggable terrain (previously this did 0 damage)
  • Fish have actual names
  • Blob and Oozer vision range reduced from 40 meters to 30 meters
  • Boar meat drop chance increased from 50% to 100%
  • Wolf mean drop chance increased from 40% to 100%
  • Onion seed may spawn in all mountain treasure chests
  • Tar pits spawn in Plains
  • Birchs have a 15% chance to drop a seed in Meadows and 10% in Plains (increased at a later patch)
  • Oaks have a 10% chance to drop a seed (increased at a later patch)
  • 20% more blueberry bushes (max patches from 2 to 1 but bush size from 2-8 to 1-8, radiums from 5 to 8)
  • More wraiths (can now spawn in edges of Swamps instead of only in the middle)
  • One skeleton spawn point was changed from one time to respawn every hour outside Burial chambers (affects existing worlds too)
  • All weapon primary stamina costs were rebalanced so that early game weapons use less stamina while end game weapons use more
  • Secondary stamina costs were not changed, expect for spears (fixed at a later patch)
  • Early game weapons now deal more damage per used stamina than later weapons (fixed at a later patch)
  • Sword stamina cost increased to match mace stamina cost
  • Axe damage slightly increased and attack speed slightly faster (about same DPS as swords)
  • Knife damage greatly increased and attack speed much faster (slightly lower DPS as swords)
  • Battleaxe damage slightly decreased and attack speed slightly faster (both primary and secondary)
  • Battleaxe primary attacks have 1.5x staggering
  • Atgeir secondary attack slightly faster
  • Two handed clubs attack slightly faster
  • Fang spear damage slightly increased
  • Spear range increased by 5.5%
  • Knife cone decreased by 25%
  • Bronze and Iron atgeir move speed penalty from -10% to -5% (Blackmetal still -10%, fixed at a later patch)
  • New dreams and runestone texts
  • Hearths are slightly bigger and snap better
  • Forsaken powers activate faster
  • Smoke spawning for structures were rebalanced (slightly different intervals but barely any real change)
  • Event area radius increased from 64 meters to 96 meters


Release date: 1 July 2021

  • AI tweaks (Monsters should always target creatures [including players] first if they have a clear path to them & monsters should only attack low priority structures [walls etc.] if they are trying to get to a player)


Release date: 23 June 2021

  • Random save bug-fix (Solves a very unusual case of world corruption caused when shutting down)
  • Monster AI tweaks (More aggressively attacking structures when unable to attack the player among other things)
  • Open container fix (Fixes issue where you had to click a container multiple times to open it in multiplayer)
  • Taught Greydwarfs to throw better
  • Event trigger tweaks (Wolf event only triggers after Bonemass has been killed, Moder army can trigger in mountains etc.)
  • Long forgotten Blob event enabled
  • SFX volume setting fix (Used wrong DB conversion)
  • Maypole enabled (Happy midsummer!)
  • AI flee behaviour tweaks (Bosses don’t run from you anymore)
  • Undocumented: Bosses and event creatures are now always alerted so they can't be backstabbed (except very briefly after spawning).


Release date: 9 June 2021

  • Fixed issue where capes sometimes formed strange bumps on the back after jumping
  • Close build gui with ESC selection fix
  • Fuling army event trigger fixed
  • Wolf hunt event trigger fixed
  • Troll ground slam can now be blocked
  • Longship repair & build sound fixes
  • Wolfcape durability fix
  • Respawning resources timer fix (Berries and flint should now correctly respawn)
  • Serpents no longer flee when low on health
  • Fixed issue with ship containers not closing properly in some situations
  • Raise terrain is more smooth & less pointy
  • Fixed water particles & water-surface clipping issues inside boats
  • Better fermenter feedback when it’s exposed
  • Tweaked some sound assets to use less RAM
  • Covered rocks should no longer look wet during rain


Release date: 12 May 2021

  • Fixed smelter issue when a very long time has passed since visiting (10000 days)
  • 30s Pre world save warning added
  • Stone stair physics fix
  • Inventory screen gamepad focus fix
  • Large-creature visual overhaul (troll, boss-2 & boss-3)
  • Troll ragdoll material fix
  • Harpoon mechanics overhauled
  • Engine updated (some stability improvements)
  • Draugr archer visual fixes (1 & 2 star draugrs sometimes got the wrong material)
  • Fixed issues when crafting station is destroyed while in use
  • Creature group spawning adjusted to avoid spawning over total limit (in some cases)
  • Credits updated
  • Localization updates


Release date: 19 April 2021

  • Swamp draugr spawner location fix to prevent draugrs from spawning inside stones
  • Lox pet-sfx fix
  • Torches in locations should no longer support constructions
  • Dolmen location stone size fix
  • New terrain modification system
  • Terrain-modification priority changed (Terrain modifications in an area should load before buildings, only applies to the new terrain modification system)
  • World loading tweaks (to fix issues with ships and buildings getting damaged while loading)
  • Stop server list download when leaving the start menu (to decrease network bandwidth usage)
  • Lowered the amount of stone required to Raise ground using the hoe


Release date: 29 March 2021

  • Localization updates
  • Added separate walk-sneak snow footstep sfx
  • Music update ( fixed some sound glitches )
  • Credits updated ( Changed the look of the credits screen & added missing names )
  • Hammer,Hoe & Cultivator timing & input tweaks ( Slightly lower use delay & queued button presses for a smoother experience...just for you )


Release date: 23 March 2021

  • Campfire,Bonfire & hearth take damage when dealing damage
  • Reinforced chest inventory space increased to 6x4
  • All boss drops can now float on water
  • Sunken crypt entrance tweaked (to stop tombstones from getting stuck)
  • Fixed rotation of Wood tower shield on item stands
  • Deathsquito & Drake trophy drop rate increased
  • 1 & 2 Star creature HP fix
  • Night-spawning wolves should be easier to tame now (should stop trying to run away & despawn after starting to tame)
  • Harpoon does not work on bosses anymore
  • Ingame console disabled by default (add launch argument "-console" to enable)
  • The console command for enabling developer/debug commands has been changed to “devcommands” from “imacheater” and a warning message has been added.
  • Improved enemy projectile reaction system
  • Battle axe tweaks (hits multiple enemies easier)
  • Player knockback force is affected by equipment speed modifiers (IE heavy gear will reduce the knockback from enemies)
  • Blackforest stone tower tweaks
  • Ward system fixes (You can no longer place a new ward where an enemy ward overlaps)
  • Comfort calculation fixed
  • "Failed to connect" error message fixed
  • Serpent trophy stack fix
  • Missing Moder spawn location in some worlds fixed (NOTE: For existing worlds "genloc" command needs to be run manually in a local game with dev commands enabled to generate new locations, this is only needed if your specific world has this issue, this is not very common)
  • Megingjord item-collider fix
  • Added a slight use-delay on Hammer, Hoe & Cultivator
  • Hammer remove auto-repeat added
  • Better network bandwidth handling (should work better on low bandwidth connections & also use higher data rate if possible)
  • Dolmen location fixes (Stop top stone from falling for no reason)
  • Fixed removing item from item-stand not always syncing item stats
  • Server list refresh button can be pressed before the entire list has been downloaded
  • Better bad connection detection
  • Fixed issue causing server to send more data the longer a client was connected
  • Localization updates


Release date: 2 March 2021

  • Localization updates
  • Made Haldor head-turn smoother
  • Object network interpolation is skipped if object was far away, solved issue with network players flying through the air when entering dungeons & exiting portals etc
  • Added -public 1/0 flag to dedicated server again, Allows players to host local lan only servers
  • Join IP-button updated to allow for lan-connections (dedicated servers only) & added DNS support
  • Dedicated servers use directIP connection instead of SDR, solves issues with slow steam relays in some areas of the world
  • Bonemass puke-effect network fix
  • Updated Dedicated-server PDF manual
  • Prevent pickup items when entering portals
  • Lowered wolf procreation slightly
  • Lowered chance of boss trophy talking


Release date: 26 February 2021

  • Fixed connected player counter (Correctly ending auth sessions)
  • Fixes instant disconnection issue that some players have experienced.


Release date: 25 February 2021

  • Crafting item-dupe bug fix
  • Harpooned player & ship bug fix
  • Fixed player ragdoll
  • Bonemass,Moder,Yagluth difficulty tweaks
  • Moder music updated
  • Tombstone bugfix (probably wont fix disappearing tombstones though)
  • Fixed world corruption caused by pressing ALT+F4 while logging out.
  • Deathsquitos have slightly longer audio range
  • Tweaked audio on blast-furnace & spinning wheel
  • Shared map position setting is saved per world
  • Updated network stats (F2)
  • Building destruction drop-fix
  • Vulkan support in windows builds
  • Network disconnection bugfix
  • Updated socket-backend


Release date: 17 February 2021

  • Disable google analytics
  • Updated Unity engine
  • Forest crypt fixes
  • Credits updated
  • Save system returned to old-new
  • Pickables sync fix (stones,carrots etc)
  • Dedicated server CPU usage fix (Framerate limiter)
  • Hearth smoke building fix
  • Save system tweaks
  • Console "save" function can be used remotely if player is added to admin list
  • Autosave every 20min (instead of 30min)
  • Manual join IP function (dedicated servers only)
  • Extra tombstone checks ( to prevent them from disappearing )
  • Network optimizations
  • Better broken world handling ( crash/exit instead of loading an empty world )
  • Localization fixes
  • World list fix
  • Client quit network sync fix
  • Save IO-disk flush tweaks
  • Ip parse checks


  • More serverlist improvements (removed initial serverlist request to lower network trafic)
  • Carts detach when teleporting


Release date: 9 February 2021

  • Lower dmg on deathsquitos
  • Fixed text-msg icon
  • Updated server manual PDF



  • Localization fixes
  • Added enemy awareness indicator to enemy huds
  • Sneak tweaks
  • Added save directory override to dedicated servers (-savedir)
  • AI fixes


Release date: 7 February 2021

  • World & character save improvements
  • Teleport ore chest hack fix
  • Remove structure resource dupe bug fix
  • Server map set to server name to make it filterable in steam server-browser


Release date: 6 February 2021

  • Ragdoll destruction network fix
  • Dedicated server ugly file-flag shutdown system removed (Use CTRL-C or SIGINT instead)
  • Updated reference server start scripts (Please update local copies)


Release date: 4 February 2021

  • Fixed world selection gui broken due to corrupt world file


Release date: 4 February 2021

  • Serverlist fixes
  • Lowered enemy per-player damage scaling
  • Localization fixes
  • Server filter fix


Release date: 4 February 2021

  • Fixed freeze at Valheim logo screen
  • Fixed Block-sfx
  • Fixed Spaming dodge consumed extra stamina
  • Serverlist tweaks (multi-line names, server count)
  • Continous music enabled by default + Drowning effects added
  • Compendium icon updated
  • Made Hugin dialog guis slightly larger
  • More surtling cores in burial chambers