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This page is poorly maintained. Please visit the wiki channel on the official Valheim Discord for more information on currently ongoing editing projects. Thank you!

Every wiki lives and thrives thanks to the edits users make, feedback provided by visitors, and just a pinch of organization thrown in for good measure. This page exists to provide this pinch, tracking projects set up to identify current priorities.

Despite the name, projects are not formal. If you want to participate, there is no need to file paperwork in triplicate with the Valheim Office of Administration, just start editing away - and if you have a project in mind, feel free to add it down below.

Please read the Manual of Style before editing!


Permanent Projects[]

Name Summary Participants Resources
Version History Valheim's Version History. Keep it up-to-date. Stable Branch only! Everyone Steam Announcements or #valheim-patchnotes (Discord)
Future content General information regarding the overall development of Valheim. Should only be updated if significant development news get disclosed to the public. Everyone Steam Announcements or #news (Discord)
Work-In-Progress Pages in the Work-In-Progress category are not complete, (usually) because content is still in development or the page lacks contributions. When new information gets released, please update the respective page(s). The same goes for Stubs and pages marked to be outdated. Everyone Steam or Discord Announcements and Twitter
Page standardization Use a single layout for page types to improve navigation. Everyone Manual of Style
Update markers Set up and propagate templates to identify whether a page is up to date and whether it is not. Everyone Templates

Community Projects[]

Name Summary Participants Resources
  • Go over Item IDs and add missing links (after having added the new pages under World Generation Algorithm)
  • Check that Materials List has new things.
  • Go over locations in Points of Interest (POI) and:
    • Create pages if missing (single page should usually cover multiple locations).
    • Clean up existing pages to include data from the tables (not everything, but important parts at least).
  • Go over Aggressive creature strategies & Passive creature strategies. Extract factual info and add it to the respective creature pages (e.g. under Notes). Add the non-factual info to the progression guide if seems appropriate.
  • Go over weapons page and make sure stats overviews are complete and correct.
  • Correct page titles using improper capitalization. Page titles should use sentence case, see MoS.
Everyone -
Unfinished Pages Everyone -
New Pages
  • World Generation Algorithm (requires decompiled code!)
Everyone -