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Trolls are strong creatures found in Black Forests. They have very high health and damage, especially against ore deposits, rocks, structures and trees.

Trolls can spawn with a log as their main weapon - or they can be unarmed.


Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Coins.png Coins 20-29 40-58 80-116
Troll hide.png Troll hide 5 10 20
Troll trophy.png Troll trophy 50% 50% 50%


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Black Forest 1 Very rare After 2000 meters from the world center
Possible spawn point outside Troll Caves in Black Forest - One time Yes
Possible spawn point inside Troll Caves in Black Forest - One time Yes
During "The ground is shaking" event after defeating The Elder 2 Very common No

Strategy & Tips

  • Troll attacks are relatively slow and easy to dodge by utilizing side-strafing and rolling. You should also be aware that they are capable destroying trees which can fall and harm the player.
  • The Troll has limited mobility due to its large size, and cannot pass through narrow gaps.
  • Trolls are weak to pierce damage and a bow & arrow is a particularly effective way to deal damage.
  • A player using a shield with high parry power (bronze or better) might also consider parrying the troll, although this takes some practice. Players with end-game armor take minimal damage from troll attacks.
  • If you pull the troll to the entrance of a dungeon like Burial Chambers, you can attack the troll while he runs around the entrance. When the troll is about to attack, move backwards to enter the dungeon.
  • The unarmed Troll's ground slam attack is bugged and does two instances of damage when hitting diggable terrain. The first is the main attack, doing up to 70 damage unmitigated, the second deals 50 damage. This can easily kill unaware players.


  • A one-star troll is red and a two-star troll is brown.
  • They are tall 7 meters & can move on 2 Meter as large corridors
  • Players can also use trolls to harvest resources they are otherwise unable to attain at their current power level. Trolls are capable of knocking down and breaking apart oak and birch trees with their attack. This is especially useful in the early-game for obtaining Fine wood without the Bronze axe. Trolls can also break copper veins and tin deposits, which can allow the player to get Bronze before killing the first boss Eikthyr.
  • In Old Norse sources, trolls were assimilated to jötnar, the giants from Norse mythology. Only in later Scandinavian folklore did they appear as separate beings.
  • Trolls originally had green skin in the alpha build.[1]
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