A Troll is a creature in Valheim.

Trolls have a base of 600 HP at Level 1 and deal massive damage to anything within striking range. They also deal significant damage to the surrounding terrain and native flora, as well as player-made structures. Trolls have a chance to spawn with a log which inflicts massive AOE damage, or rocks which they will continually throw at the player.

Strategy & Tips

  • Their attacks are relatively slow and easy to dodge by utilizing side-strafing and rolling. You should also be aware that they are capable destroying trees which can fall and harm the player.
  • The Troll has limited mobility due to its massive size, thus it would be wise to run through narrow paths, such as a gap between two trees, when evading a troll in order to gain ground.
  • One of the most effective ways to take down a troll is to use a ranged weapon and kite them from a distance while slowly whittling away at their health. Fire arrows and Poison arrows are very effective with this strategy as you will do constant damage whilst kiting.
  • Trolls may occasionally become stuck in ditches and pits, leaving them relatively helpless. A troll who finds a player in a deep, narrow ditch or pit may become obsessed and repeatedly attempt unsuccessful attacks that leave it very vulnerable to being shot from below.
  • A player using a shield with high parry power (bronze or better) might also consider parrying the troll, although this takes some practice.
  • Fighting a Troll with more than one player yields a significant advantage, allowing players to alternate between kiting and attacking to preserve stamina.
  • Players can also use trolls to harvest resources they are otherwise unable to attain at their current power level. Trolls are capable of knocking down and breaking apart oak and birch trees with their attack. This is especially useful in the early-game for obtaining Fine wood without the Bronze axe. Trolls can also break copper veins, which in theory allows the player to get Bronze before killing the first boss Eikthyr.
  • If you pull the troll to the entrance of a dungeon like Burial Chambers, you can attack the troll while he runs around the entrance. When the troll is about to attack, move backwards to enter the dungeon.
  • The ground slam does two instances of damage. The instance with the damage can't be blocked, even when parrying. The second instance with 0 damage can be parried with any weapon without any stamina cost.


Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Coins.png Coins 20-29
Troll hide.png Troll hide 5
Troll trophy.png Troll trophy 1


  • Trolls are hostile to Draugr and can effectively dispatch them with only one or two strikes.
  • Trolls are hostile to Leeches and will attack them if they encounter them on the shores of the Swamp.
  • Trolls will smash any Workbenches they can reach.
  • Trolls are allied with Greylings and won't hurt them at all, even if they swing at the player.
  • As with many creatures, there are multiple tiers. Trolls of a higher tier are green (1-star) and red (2-star) instead of blue.


  • In Old Norse sources, trolls were assimilated to jötnars, the giants from Norse mythology. Only in later Scandinavian folklore did they appeared as separate beings.


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