Valheim Forest-Troll-1 ver0-79-10

Forest Troll at night in Deep Forest as seen in Valhemver a0.79.10

Trolls are giant creatures possesing threat for all vikings and structures they see.

Trolls have have 600 HP and deal 40 Damage at area in front of them. They deal way more damage to structures than creatures. Their attacks are very slow, so it is not hard to get out of it's range if you strafe to the side.

There are currently two types of Trolls: Forest Troll and Mountain Troll.

Drop: Edit

Forest Troll Edit

The Forest Troll has a green skin and can only be found in Deep Forests mostly around Camp ruins. They wouldn't chase their prey too far from their spot.

Valheim Mountain-Troll-1 ver0-79-10

Mountain Troll descending from snowy Mountains as seen in Valheimver a0.79.10

Mountain Troll Edit

The Mountain Troll has a specific blue skin and can only be found on Mountains and highly elevated areas. They will chase their prey very far, so running from them to your home might not be the best choice.