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Tools are items used to extend the player's ability to modify features of the surrounding environment (e.g. terraforming) or help them accomplish a particular task (e.g. drinking, mining).


  • Tankard Tankard – Is used as a shortcut for consuming mead.
  • Horn of Celebration Horn of Celebration – Is the same as the Tankard.
  • Dvergr tankard Dvergr tankard – Is also the same as the Tankard.
  • Torch Torch – Is a useful light source that can also deal fire damage, but degrades and cannot be repaired.
  • Dvergr lantern Dvergr lantern – Can provide light and does not degrade, but can't really be used as a weapon.


  • Hammer Hammer – Is used for placing and repairing objects.
  • Hoe Hoe – Can be used to flatten/raise terrain and create paths/roads.


  • Cultivator Cultivator – Is used for planting crops and trees.
  • Butcher knife Butcher knife – Allows you to butcher tamed animals without frightening them.


Logging (Axes)[]

Mining (Pickaxes)[]