Valheim Tomb-entrance-1 ver0-79-10

Tomb entrance and two Draugrs at the Deep Forest biome as seen in Valheimver a0.79.10

Valheim Tomb-entrance-2 ver0-79-10

Tomb from behind.

Tomb-like structure found in Deep Forest biome. It have enterence to a little dungeon-instance which contains some fancy red banners, clutter, a strange looking cage, some Iron standing torches, two Chests with random loot and an Altar.

Tomb entrance usually surrounded by two or more Draugrs. Inside there are also 2+ guardian Draugrs.

Upon killing guardians inside Altar will grant reward same way as it does at Stonehenges.

Valheim Tomb-inside-1 ver0-79-10

A little dungeon inside the Tomb.