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The Queen is the sixth boss. She is a monstrous Seeker Matriarch, and her appearance differs substantially from other seekers. Her body is larva-like (similar to Seeker Broods), her four "arms" are all located nearer to the head, and she has a distinctive mouth lined with small, sharp teeth. Some features she shares with other seekers are a set of large mandibles like the Seeker soldier, antennae like regular seekers, and thin, wispy hair like both seeker types.


Infested Citadel

The entrance to The Queen's Lair, the Infested Citadel

The Queen's Forsaken altar rests in the Mistlands. Unlike all previous bosses, she must be fought in a dungeon, the Infested Citadel, and her first fight requires no sacrifice. The nearest Infested Citadel can be located by Vegvisirs found in Infested Mines, but entry requires a Sealbreaker, which can be constructed from fragments also found in the mines.

The Queen will spawn on the lower floor of the citadel and will wander around until aggroed. After her initial defeat, 3 Seeker soldier trophies may be offered on the hive seat at the top of the citadel to summon her again.

Attacks and abilities[]

For strategies for defeating the Queen, see Boss strategies § The Queen.


While close-up, she can perform three attacks:

  • Slashes from her left or right arms;
  • Extending her head forward and biting, which also inflicts poison;
  • Stabbing the ground nearby with all four arms.

All of these attacks inflict significant amounts of knockback, even when parried.


The Queen will occasionally burrow herself into the ground and emerge elsewhere after a short while.


The Queen shoots multiple projectiles that deal physical and poison damage. When these projectiles make contact with the player or terrain, they explode, spawning a Seeker Brood each. This attack will additionally inflict the Slimed Effect for a short duration.


The Queen will stop and roar, which spawns two Seekers from nearby holes in the walls and pillars.


The Queen rushes in a straight line, and slashing her arms in a wide arc.



Item 0 Star
Majestic carapace Majestic carapace 5
The Queen trophy The Queen trophy 1

Forsaken power[]

Mounting The Queen’s trophy upon her respective stone will allow you to claim her Forsaken Power. This ability will allow the player and nearby allies to deal 60% more damage with pickaxes and increase Eitr regeneration by 100% for five minutes.

Creature spawning[]

Defeating The Queen unlocks Tick, Seeker and Seeker Brood to spawn at night in the Meadows, Black Forest, Mountain and Plains. Only Tick can spawn with multiple stars.


Defeating The Queen affects the following events for that world:

  • Disables: "They sought you out."
  • Disables: "What's up, Gjall?!"
  • Enables: "The undead army marches"
  • Enables: "The dead have been summoned"


  • The entrance to the arena is completely safe from The Queen's attacks, enabling players to duck inside and heal. Note that the spawned Seekers and Broods will follow the player in, but no more will spawn until the player leaves and re-aggros The Queen. On occasion, The Queen's backend may stick through the wall into the entrance, enabling free hits. Upon leaving the entrance after some time, The Queen will always do a roar animation, allowing for a quick hit or two.
  • The Queen's health does not reset when players exit the citadel either voluntarily or through death, or when exiting the game. Instead, her health slowly replenishes over time, identical to other bosses or creatures.
  • The Slimed status effect is exclusive to The Queen's spit attack.



  • The on-screen message that appears when The Queen spawns "The Queen wants it all" is a reference to the 1989 song "I Want It All" by British rock band Queen.
  • The Queen's unique drop was called "Queen drop" and was a placeholder before the Ashlands update. It is now properly implemented as Majestic carapace.