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The Elder is a boss in Valheim.


The Elder is the second boss in Valheim. He is a large bipedal creature that takes on the appearance of a large tree.


The Elder's summoning altars can be found in the Black Forest biome. His location can be found when visiting Burial Chambers and in stone structures around the Black Forest, where a Vegvisir will reveal the nearest altar location on the map.


Multiple instances of The Elder can be spawned at the same time.

The Elder can be summoned by obtaining three Ancient seed.png 3 Ancient seed and burning them at the Elder's altar. Like all other bosses, multiple Elders can be summoned so long as the player has sufficient materials.

Attacks & Abilities

  • A close range stomp over a large area (60 Blunt, 1000 Chop and 1000 Pickaxe damage).
  • Ranged vine attack directed at a target player (35 Pierce, 20 Chop and 20 Pickaxe damage per hit).
  • The Elder will raise an arm to the air to summon hostile Roots in a large area around a player, which can attack players in melee range but are otherwise immobile. Roots disappear after some time (or when the boss is defeated) but can also be destroyed.
  • Environment aura that removes darkness and raining.


The Elder has 2500 HP, with neutral resistances to most damage types, but is weak to Fire. As with all boss fights, the player will have the greatest odds of success when equipped with the strongest armor and weapons available (such as bronze equipment) and consuming the best available food.

Dealing with The Elder's attacks

  • Vine Shoot: The four pillars around the altar are indestructible and can be hidden behind for cover. The Elder will not use this attack against a player in melee range.
  • Spawn Roots: Running away from summoned Roots may be preferable to attacking them. They will despawn after a short while.
  • Stomp: Can be blocked, ran away from, or avoided with the brief invincibility of rolling. A solo player with a fully upgraded Bronze Buckler can fully block most stomps without being staggered. Parrying or having a block skill of 18 means the player will never be staggered. This is not the case when playing in a group, as enemies deal 4% more damage per extra player in the area.

Other strategies and notes

  • Ranged attacks with a bow can be a safer and simpler strategy than melee. The best bow typically available at this phase of the game is the Finewood bow and fire arrows are the most effective arrows. For a solo player, 200 fire arrows may be necessary, but the exact amount depends on bow skill.
  • Use of Eikthyr Power can be desirable to reduce stamina drain from running.
  • The entire area under the altar platform can be excavated, with the altar platform forming a sturdy roof to a large underground chamber. There's enough room for a fully equipped base down there, with a workbench, forge, and portal, beyond the reach of the Elder and any other enemy, for that matter.

Group strategies

  • Splitting up so his ranged vine attacks only target one individual will allow other players to focus on attacking him, rather than running from his attacks.
  • The Elder typically targets the player closest to him, so designating one player as the "tank" or even cycling this designated player may help the group manage the fight.
  • Multiple players attacking The Elder with melee weapons can deal high amounts of damage in return for a higher level of danger to the stomp attack.
  • Fire damage from multiple players do not stack separately per player. i.e. enemies can only be affected by a single fire effect at a time.

Cheese strategies

These are unconventional strategies that can be highly effective if performed correctly, but will remove all challenge from the fight.

  • A platform can be built around the top of one of the pillars, accessible by two ladders. Make the sacrifice, climb onto the platform and hide behind the pillar so that The Elder moves closer instead of using his ranged vine attack. When close, he may wander around and occasionally spawn Roots, one of which may occasionally spawn on the platform. Holding shift and placing a horizontal beam at the edge of the platform which will prevent the player from falling forward from melee swings.


Defeating the Elder allows the player to unlock and enter swamp crypts (which are the primary source of scrap iron in the game) with the swamp key.


Item 0 Star
The Elder trophy.png The Elder trophy 1
Swamp key.png Swamp key 1 per player

Forsaken Power

Mounting The Elder’s trophy upon his respective stone will allow you to claim his Forsaken Power. This ability will allow the player and nearby allies to deal 60% more damage to trees with an axe for a five-minute period.


Defeating The Elder affects the following events for that world:

  • Disables: "The forest is moving..."
  • Enables: "A foul smell from the swamp" (if Bonemass hasn't been defeated)
  • Enables: "The ground is shaking" (if a Troll has died in the world)

Creature Spawning

Defeating The Elder unlocks several creatures to spawn at night in unusual biomes. They can only have 0 stars:


  • The altar provides a few hints on what items are used to summon him. First, the altar reads "Burn their young" referring to Ancient seeds. In addition, the top of the columns are topped by statues that look similar to Ancient Seeds in shape.
  • Because of the Elder's location in the Black Forest, additional enemies such as Trolls or Greydwarfs may join the battle and increase the difficulty significantly, especially at night.
  • The Elder's high-damage ranged attack can be effective in quickly gathering resources such as Wood, Core wood, Stone, and Copper ore, without the use of tools.
  • In the game files The Elder is also known as "gd_king" as well as "theelder". Likely to be interpreted as "Greydwarf King".
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