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The Elder is a boss in Valheim.


The Elder is the second boss in Valheim. It is a large bipedal creature that takes on the appearance of a large tree.


The Elder's summoning spot is found in the Black Forest. His location can be found when visiting Burial Chambers and in stone structures around the Black Forest, where a Rune Stone will reveal its exact summoning location on the map.


Multiple instances of The Elder can be spawned at the same time.

The Elder can be summoned by obtaining three Ancient seed.png 3 Ancient seed and burning them at sacrificial altar in the Black Forest. The altar is the quadratic stone monument with the fire bowl in the middle, it has a rune stone also, that reads: "Burn their young".

Players may spawn multiple instances of The Elder at the same time, at a single altar. Please note that this does not result in an easy fight, and they do not damage each other.

Attacks & Abilities

The Elder has three attacks:

  • A close range stomp over a large area (60 Blunt and 2000 Terrain damage).
  • Ranged vine attack directed at a target player (35 Pierce and 40 Terrain damage per hit).
  • You can use the pillars of The Elder altar as effective protection against the vines.
  • The Elder will raise an arm to the air to summon Roots in a large area. These Roots will persist for some time and deal 55 Blunt and 40 Terrain damage if the player gets close. Roots can be attacked and destroyed.
  • Environment aura that removes darkness and raining.


The Elder has 2500 HP. A large quantity of Fire arrows is, by far, the most surefire way to take it down.

The Elder's attacks are all built to prey on stationary targets. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Eikthyr Power when fighting it, in order to conserve stamina while running away. His two main attacks are relatively easy to dodge by simply running out of the area of affect.

Group strategies

Fighting The Elder as a group is one of the safest and most efficient ways to defeat it. Note that it targets the player closest to it.

  • Splitting up so his vine attacks only target one individual will allow non-targeted players to focus on attacking him, rather than running from his attacks.
  • Multiple players attacking The Elder with melee damage at the same time can deal high amounts of damage; however, The Elder is equipped to deal damage back in turn. Finishing off the last bits of The Elder's health with melee damage provides a good compromise between being time-efficient and safe.
  • If one player is in melee range of the elder, it will always favor using the stomp attack on that player. Having a high-tier bronze armor and shield allows you to block most of the stomp damage, especially if you parry. By doing this, the rest of your group can shoot fire arrows freely, since they will not be targeted by his long range attack. This 'tank' player should avoid attacking repeatedly, to save stamina and also to not risk receiving an unshielded stomp attack, and let his group do the damage.
  • Because The Elder spawns in the Black Forest biome, players should consider setting up a Portal or Bed nearby in order to get back into the fight more quickly if they die. Note that both options are at risk to damage from The Elder, so consider placing them in an area not likely to be hit by its attacks.

Solo strategies

Because The Elder features a high-damage, large area-of-effect "stomp" attack, melee attacks are not recommended for solo players. Instead, players may consider utilizing tools that allow them to deal damage from a distance:

  • Fire arrows to capitalize on its weakness to fire damage as well as dealing lasting fire damage in between shots. A single player with either a Crude bow or Finewood bow will most likely need multiple stacks of arrows.
  • Campfires placed around his spawning area to deal fire damage when it walks over them. Be aware that large quantities of campfires may cause hardware lag.
  • The use of the Hoe to construct cover from its vine attacks, similar to the columns that naturally spawn at its altar.

Because The Elder spawns in the Black Forest biome, his high-damage ranged attack can be extremely effective in quickly gathering resources such as Wood, Core wood, Stone, and Copper ore, without the use of tools.



Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
The Elder trophy.png The Elder trophy 1
Swamp key.png Swamp key 1 per player

Forsaken Power

Upon killing The Elder, you can return to the spawn. Mounting The Elder’s trophy upon his respective stone will allow you to claim his Forsaken Power. Activated with F, this ability will allow you to chop down trees faster.


Defeating The Elder also stops its story-based event where Greydwarfs raid the players' base(s). This may also unlock the raid event of the 3rd boss.

If the player has already killed a Troll, defeating The Elder will also unlock troll enemy-based events.


  • The Elder is the second boss of the game.
  • The altar provides a few hints on what items are used to summon him. First, the altar reads "Burn their young" referring to Ancient seeds. In addition, the top of the columns are topped by statues that look similar to Ancient Seeds in shape.
  • It is recommended to bring a stack of Minor healing mead to battle. It is recommended that you have at least 100 HP before you fight the Elder.
  • Because of the Elder's location in the Black Forest, additional enemies such as Trolls or Greydwarfs may join the battle and increase the difficulty significantly.
  • The Elder does not despawn if players run away or all die, and will continue to chase players across considerable distances.
  • When mounted on an item mount, The Elder will sometimes say "Little thing of blood and bone, I should have snapped you like a twig! Now I wither and die, let the great tree have me..."
  • In the game files The Elder is also known as "gd_king" as well as "theelder". Likely to be interpreted as "Greydwarf King".
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