The Swamp is a biome in Valheim.


Swamps are dark, muddy areas, filled with massive trees and hostile creatures. Massive trees cover the sky in the swamp, making the biome always difficult to see in. Fire geysers are a rare find in the biome, always surrounded by 4-5 Surtlings. The swamp is also the place to find Scrap iron, a crafting material. Stone statues are also present in the swamp. Their purpose is unknown.

It is always lightly raining in the swamp, regardless of the weather elsewhere; this means the player will always be Wet when travelling through the swamp, further enhancing the difficulty of the area. Poison is also a common effect in the swamp from Oozers, Blobs, and Leeches, making Poison resistance mead particularly helpful.

The swamp contains Sunken Crypts, which require a Swamp key to unlock. These crypts are a set of rooms that are often separated by Muddy scrap piles, which can be mined for Scrap iron, Leather scraps and Withered bones. In addition, abandoned structures and hostile creature spawners can be found.

In addition to the Sunken Crypts, Scrap iron can be found buried beneath the swamp. These veins can be located using the Wishbone after defeating Bonemass, though it should be noted these tend to be uncommon and are generally not viable for providing any significant quantities of iron.




Amount Item Chance
1-5 Amber.png Amber (11.8%)
1-3 Amber pearl.png Amber pearl (11.8%)
20-30 Ancient bark.png Ancient bark (11.8%)
1 Chain.png Chain (11.8%)
20-60 Coins.png Coins (11.8%)
10-15 Ironhead arrow.png Ironhead arrow (11.8%)
10-15 Poison arrow.png Poison arrow (11.8%)
1-3 Ruby.png Ruby (11.8%)
1 Withered bone.png Withered bone (5.9%)


  • It may be necessary to use a boat to reach the swamp, as the player's starting island is not always connected to a swamp biome.


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