Valheim Surtling-1 ver0-79-10

Surtling as seen in Valheimver a0.79.10

The Surtlings are small and dangerous hostile flaming creatures that throws fireballs which sets their targets on fire dealing damage over time. Can be found in Swamp biome around Fire geysers and next to Rune Stones. It is easier to notice them from afar at night time because of their glow. They are hostile to Greydwarfs but does not attack any other creatures. Especially dangerous in groups, but are weak to the Water and recieve damage from it, although rain doesn't seem to bother them. Obviously immune to burning.

Surtlings have 25 HP and deal 4+16🔥 Fire Damage with their fireballs. Fire damage over time seems to ignore armor.Relevant for Valheim ver a0.79.10

They can be easily lured to the Water, which makes them very good source of Coal.Relevant for Valheim ver a0.79.10

A commemoration of a Surtling life before it's death.

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As writen on Rune Stones
Let you who read me know of the Surtlings, that you might not fall prey to their wickness.
Long ago the great demon Surtr was brought down and destroyed by the First men, giant warriors of whom you are but a dwindling echo. They smote long upon the body of this Surtr with swords and hammers so that his fiery substance was shattered into many small pieces.
He who was made of the fire was fire in every part of him. You could not say 'Here is the brain of Surtr' or 'Here is Surtr's liver' because every part was Surtr. So all the fragments of him were Surtr still, only much weaker in power and in thought and in memory, with no way to become whole once again.
Now we call these fragments Surtlings and when they are found they should be stamped out like the last embers of a fire or doused with water to choke off their flames at the root. They will throw fire from afar and joy in causing terror and destruction. Even in his scattered dotage, the demon seeks revenge on the children of the First Men.

Group of Surtlings guarding a Rune Stone.