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There are several modifiers you can attain either on a timer, or more rarely, as a semi-permanent passive effect.

Effects table
Effect name Typical source Effects Notes
Bows +15 Root Armor set bonus Bows skill +15 points permanent only while entire set is equipped.
Burning Fire damage Damage over 5 seconds.
The timer of the Wet Effect expires 60x faster.
The flames covering the character makes them a nice source of light for a few seconds.
Corpse Run Collecting all items from a grave. Jump stamina usage: -75%
Run stamina usage: -75%
Very resistant vs. Blunt, Slash, Pierce

+10 health per second

+150 carry weight

50 second duration
Freezing Effect When in the Mountain biome.

When fighting against Moder .

During Drake event.

Health regen -100%
Stamina regen -60%
1 damage per second
Resistant vs. Fire
Not applied when having Frost resistance, having shelter or being near a fireplace.
Fire Effect Campfire, working Smelter, working Charcoal Kiln The timer of the Wet Effect expires 10x faster.
Removes Cold and Freezing Effect.
Frost Effect Frost damage Up to -100% movement speed. Speed penalty decays exponentially over the duration of the status effect.
No skill drain Dying. No XP loss 10 minute duration
Poison Poison damage Damage over time. Poisoned characters are surrounded by a green smoky effect, slightly luminous.
Resistance to Poison halves both the damage done by poison and its duration.
Resistance Armor, Meads, positive status effects Possible resistances:
Blunt, Slashing, Piercing, Fire, Poison, Frost, etc.
Rested Effect Resting effect for 20 s, sleeping in a bed. Health regen +50%
Stamina regen +100%
XP gain +50%
Resting Effect Sheltered or sitting near a fireplace. Health regen +200%
Stamina regen +300%
Leads to Rested Effect within 20 s.
Shelter Effect Under roof and having 80% cover. Protects from rain and freezing.

Enables resting.

Smoked Standing inside a cloud of smoke. 2 damage per second Damages without sound cue.
Sneaky Effect All four pieces of the Troll armor set are equipped. +15 Sneak skill Won't exceed the skill cap of 100.
Stagger Physical and lightning damage types. Stunned.

Creatures take double damage.

Tarred Walking into a tar pit.

Being hit by a growth.

-50% movement speed.

Very weak against fire.

Tared characters are surrounded by black tar particules that seem to follow the character's movements.
Wet Effect Caught in the rain.

Immersed in water.

Health regen -25%
Stamina regen -15%
Resistant vs. Fire
Weak vs. Frost
Weak vs. Lightning