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The smelter is used to process certain raw materials into Metal using Coal as fuel.

Materials that can currently be smelted are:

Ingots produced are dropped out in FRONT of the smelter, indicated by the angled chute. The smelter also requires free space on the LEFT to be filled with ore and on the RIGHT to be filled with Coal.

The Smelter uses approximately 1 Coal every 15 seconds as fuel. It takes 31 seconds to produce one bar of Metal.

It can hold a total of 20 coal and 10 ores.

Smelting Rates
Ore Type Time (sec.) Ores Coal
Tin 30 1 2
Copper 30 1 2
Iron 30 1 3


It will be unlocked when the player acquires a Surtling core. It must be constructed near a Workbench.

Smelters can be placed directly onto terrain and stone structures. Currently, they cannot be placed on wood structures but it is possible to bypass this to an extent by terraforming terrain with a Hoe to be in line with wooden floors.


  • Like other structures that process materials, Smelters are sped up with the passage of time that happens when the player is sleeping.
  • When destroyed with a Hammer or other means, it drops all materials used. It is therefore possible to alternate between using a Smelter and the Charcoal kiln, reconstructing them as needed.
  • Smelters require adequate venting for the smoke above them, otherwise the Smelter will stop smelting.