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Skeletons are aggressive creatures found in Black Forests and Swamps guarding Burial Chambers and sometimes Ruined towers. They are, as their name suggests, human skeletal remains which have since been resurrected from the dead.


Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Bone fragments.png Bone fragments 1 2 4
Skeleton trophy.png Skeleton trophy 10% 10% 10%


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Possible spawn point at Dolmens in Meadows during the night time - One time Yes
3 spawn points outside Burial Chambers - 1 respawns every hour Yes
Common spawn point in Burial Chambers - One time Yes
Multiple spawn points near Ruined towers and houses in Black Forests and Mountains - One time Yes
From Evil bone piles in Burial Chambers, Swamps or Mountain towers 2 Every 6 seconds Yes
Anywhere in Swamps 4 Common Yes
Anywhere during the night time after defeating Bonemass, despawn at dawn 3 Common No
During "A foul smell from the swamp" event before defeating Bonemass 6 Very common No
During "Skeleton surprise" event after defeating Bonemass 20 Very common No


See: Aggressive Creature Strategies



  • Skeletons cannot swim or drown, and will instead walk on the seafloor.
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