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Silver ore can be mined from Silver deposits found in tall Mountains under the snow and rock. The ore can be smelted into Silver by using a Smelter. Drakes generally spawn nearby.


To find silver ore, you need to either be wearing a Wishbone or attempt to hit it through the ground with a two handed hammer like Stagbreaker or the Iron Sledge (If it hits the silver vein, it shall give a "Too Hard" message at the location).

Silver ore seems to tend to spawn below relatively level ground near trees where there's no obsidian ore in close vicinity.


  • Silver ore prevents use of Portals while in your inventory similar to other metals.
  • If drakes and obsidian (100 for both) are spawning nearby, you are close to the height needed (125) for silver to spawn
  • Carts may be difficult to use in the mountains due to the slopes but can be useful to help reduce further trips