The Serpent scale shield is the third tower shield available to players.

It has more block power compared to Silver shield but reduces movement speed by 10%. It requires less Iron to craft compared to Iron tower shield while also having more block power and less movement speed reduction.

As a tower shield, it can't be used to parry enemy attacks.

Upgrade information

Quality 1 2 3
Block power 90 95 100
Durability 250 300 350

• 10 Fine wood
• 4 Iron
• 8 Serpent scale

• 10 Fine wood
• 2 Iron
• 4 Serpent scale

• 20 Fine wood
• 4 Iron
• 8 Serpent scale

Forge level 3 4 5


  • Block power is equivalent to a Silver tier weapon, while only requiring Iron to craft.
  • Tower shields are generally weaker than round shields because of parrying. However the Serpent scale shield provides a more reliable way to block high amounts of damage if crafted when Iron becomes available.
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