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This page sets out a new player's progression, as determined by bosses killed and resources available. Check the How to play? guide if you are confused as how to play.


Meadows, the first biome.

You start out nearly naked in the middle of the Sacrificial Stones. Acquire some basic resources first.

  • Get Wood by picking up branches or punching small trees.
  • Get Stone by picking small rocks off the ground.
  • Craft a Stone axe from wood and stone. Use it to defend against Greylings and Boars, and to chop down trees to get wood faster. Attention: Falling trees are more dangerous at this stage than anything else in the meadows. Be wary when near the border of other biomes.

Now, explore a bit to find a nice spot for your first camp.

  • It does not have to be particularly defensible at this time, but close to a coast is preferable for access to flint.
  • As you explore, pick as many Raspberries and Mushrooms. You can eat them regularly to get a small bonus to maximum HP and healing over time.

When you find a camping spot, get set up.

  • Craft a Hammer. Use it to craft a Workbench.
  • Build a basic shelter covering and at least partially enclosing the bench, a Bed and a Campfire. The fire needs space above it for the smoke to escape.

Sleep during the night. Then, complete your first set of gear.

  • Pick up Flint on the beach, craft a Flint axe. It will be your main weapon and tool for some time.
  • Hunt boars by running up behind them and hitting them with the axe.
  • With the Leather scraps from the boars, craft a Crude Bow and arrows.
  • Also craft a Chopping block to upgrade your gear to level 2.
  • With the bow, hunt deer. You need to aim quite a bit above them to compensate for arrow drop. Once you aquire the next bow, arrow drop will significantly decreased.
  • With the deer hides, craft leather armor. Also craft a Tanning rack to upgrade your gear further.

Eikthyr, the first boss.

Prepare for the boss fight:

  • Find some abandoned houses with Beehives in them. Destroy these with the bow. If you hit them with a melee weapon, the bees will poison you. Beehives will drop a Queen bee. This lets you build your own beehives, which generate one honey per day, an excellent healing food for the boss fight (heals only 1 hp per tick as of Hearth and Home update.)
  • Build Cooking stations over your camp fire, roast the meat from the deer and boars for more stamina and health. You can fit many cooking racks over one fire. Watch for the blue indicator.
  • Craft Fire arrows if you prefer ranged combat. They need feathers, which you get from shooting birds, and very occasionally when cutting down trees. Otherwise, craft a shield to go with your axe.

Then it's time for the first boss fight. See Eikthyr for tactics.

Black Forest

Black Forest, the second biome.

After collecting antler pieces from Eikthyr, you will have discovered the antler pickaxe. You are now able to collect some metals and stone. But first you will want to set up the processing of these materials.

Note: In the Black Forest biome you will find Thistle. To save time later on, do yourself a favour and make it a habit to collect them as you see them.

The Elder, the second boss.

Once you have set up the Smelter and the Charcoal kiln you should aim to process as much copper and tin as you can find. These are combined at a Forge, using 1 tin and 2 copper to make a single ingot of Bronze. Neither bronze nor tin or copper can be teleported, so keep this in mind. You will have access to a variety of new weapons, a new armor set and several new building items. This is where the progression starts to take longer, so be aware that the time between fighting Eikthyr and The Elder may be much longer than the time between starting and Eikthyr.

  • Prioritise the Bronze pickaxe and Bronze axe in order to speed up material collection.
    • With the Bronze axe you will now be able to cut down birch trees to collect Fine wood.
    • Fine wood with grant you many more crafting recipes, arguably the most important one being portals. This will allow for nearly rapid transport between two distant locations, anywhere across Valheim.
  • The Bronze mace and Bronze sword are comparable and at this stage it is mostly personal preference. To save bronze, using the bronze axe as a weapon is highly recommended and is perfectly viable, especially after the Hearth & Home weapon balances.
  • You have access to the Bronze atgeir which bring a new weapon type to your disposal. Use it to damage hoards of creatures but be aware that it uses a lot of stamina.
  • The Finewood bow is the first bow that shoots straight in the game. It is recommended to get away from the Crude bow as soon as possible.
  • Bronze armor is a massive upgrade from leather armor. It does however add a movement speed decrease so be aware that you will be slower with it. Troll armor, though difficult to get at this point, can be a viable alternative for The Elder fight and for survival in general, as it has good protection - much better than leather - and no movement speed decrease. If you wear all four pieces of troll hide armour, (hood, torso, pants, cape) you get a 25% increase to your sneak. Some choose to use troll hide armour until they unlock iron. Bronze armour has only a marginal gain over Troll armor and a much more time consuming collection period.
  • The cauldron and fermenter become available and require tin and bronze respectively. With these two you will have access to meads and more food items. The Queens jam is an excellent food item and minor stamina and minor healing meads can be useful against more difficult creatures like trolls.
  • It can be tempting to make bronzehead arrows, however with only a marginal gain over flint arrows and a much more time consuming collection period it is generally not advisable to make a lot of them.
  • The Karve boat can help massively with moving the metals, so consider making this a priority if the Black Forest is a long distance from your base.

Once you feel comfortable with your setup and have taken the time to upgrade some of your tools and potentially the armor, you will be ready to fight the Elder. See The Elder for tactics.


Swamp, the third biome.

You will now have the swamp key after defeating The Elder, which grants you access to sunken crypts in the swamp biome. These crypts have muddy scrap piles that contain scrap iron. Ancient trees are also in the swamp, and the ancient bark is needed for high tier items. The first objective after the Elder is to locate the nearest Swamp biome, to make transport and collection of scrap iron faster.

  • Some swamp biomes will contain very few sunken crypts, others will contain many. Some crypts will contain a lot of muddy scrap piles, others will not. Your mileage may vary so be aware that you will most likely have to move from swamp to swamp to collect enough iron if you are playing with a team.

Bonemass, the third boss.

The Swamp introduces new enemies that do enough damage to kill well armored players. When moving through the biome it is important to have good quality food to give you enough stamina and health to deal with the enemies. You may also want to invest time into making poison resistance meads at this stage to help with blobs, oozers and leeches.

  • Just like with copper and tin, your first step should be to collect enough iron for a pickaxe in order to speed up collection. With the access to iron you will also be able to make the Longship, which can be very useful for moving large quantities of iron. You will need much more iron than you needed bronze, so keep that in mind.

Once you feel comfortable with your setup and have taken the time to upgrade some of your tools and potentially the armor, you will be ready to fight Bonemass. See Bonemass for tactics.


Mountains, the fourth biome.

You will now have the wishbone after defeating Bonemass, which allows you to find silver veins hidden in the mountain biomes. These veins have roughly 30 or so silver ore. Wolves drop wolf fur which will unlock additional recipes. Beware, the Mountain gives you a freezing status effect that will kill you quickly unless you quaff a Frost Resistance potion or have equipped a wolf fur cape or wolf chest. The first objective after defeating Bonemass is to locate the nearest large Mountian biome (small biomes tend to be devoid of silver entirely) to begin finding silver (use the wishbone) and mining silver.

Moder, the fourth boss.

The Mountain introduces new enemies that will do even more damage (wolf and Stone Golem), more than enough to kill otherwise well armed players. Frost Drakes will be very difficult to kill without a bow, so bring plenty of arrows. When moving through the biome it is important to have good quality food to give you enough stamina and health to deal with these enemies.

  • Just like with iron, your first step should be to collect enough silver and wolf pelts to make a wolf fur cape or chest in order to avoid the need to make many more frost resistance potions.

Once you feel comfortable with your setup and have taken the time to upgrade some of your tools and armor, you will be ready to fight Moder. See Moder for tactics.

  • The mountains also contain Frost Caves. While they are much, much larger, they are similar to the Troll Caves in the Black Forest because they are purely optional and you can progress through the game without finding or entering one. You will find three new enemy types: Cultists, Ulv, and Bats there. Frost Caves also contain treasure, and can serve as a source for materials that do not otherwise occur in the mountains. They are also the sole source for building and crafting materials that can be used to create some optional types of gear and building pieces. A player new to the mountains biome may want to craft gear from materials in the mountains, like poison arrows, wolf armor, and a silver weapon before heading into a Frost Cave for the first time. Frost Caves can be very large, so bring some extra food and possibly material to build a campfire to keep up health, stamina, and your Rested bonus.