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Portals are a buildable structure found in Valheim. Portals connect to each other based on their defined tag, no matter where or who built it.

Connecting Portals

When two portals are built, they will automatically connect with each other, however, the player can also interact with each portal to give them tags. Once two portals have the same case sensitive tag, they will become connected. If multiple portals have the same tag, the two earliest portals will be connected and the rest will remain inactive.

Once connected, a player simply has to step into one portal to teleport to the position of the second portal.

Portal Tag.jpg

It should also be noted that if there are 4 portals with the same tag they will all connect

Objects denying teleportation

Some objects in the game prevent the player to teleport, such objects are recognizable by a little blue portal crossed in red on their icon. All ores and their smelted counterparts cannot be teleported, often requiring players to use Longships or hauling the ore over long land distances to return to base.


List of objects preventing teleportation:


  • A Portal needs to have a Workbench in range in order to be placed, but does not need one in range to work.
  • The recipe is obtained by collecting 1 each of Fine wood, Surtling core, and Greydwarf eye for the first time and can be found under the "Misc" category of the Hammer.
  • Portals work regardless of if you walk in the 'front' or 'back'. However, when approaching from the back, the player needs to be in much closer proximity to the portal before the audio and visual indicator of a connected portal becomes active.
  • Having a portal set up in your base, and bringing enough materials to build another one is a viable strategy to quickly resupply or offload items at your base during exploration.
  • When placing the portal, the 'front' of the portal is indicated best by looking for the outward facing point on the base of the portal.
  • Teleporting usually takes 8 seconds. Players are invulnerable during the teleportation.
  • Players are physically moved to the target location after 2 seconds of teleportation but can't move before the teleportation is finished.
  • Teleporting can take up to 15 seconds if the destination is blocked. After that a free spot is attempted to be found above the portal.