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Poison resistance mead is a craftable mead.

It reduces poison damage by 75% for 10 minutes. This severely reduces the duration and tick damage of new Poison effects.


You typically want to save this for directly before entering combat with a poisonous enemy to get the most time out of the potion. This potion does not last very long so you may want to bring a few per trip.

The poison resistance only works on poison applied while the resistance is active. A player drinking the mead after they were poisoned will not reduce the effect duration or tick damage.


  • Typically recommended to craft before entering Swamp for the first time to counteract the poison effect, as the other sources of poison resistance require root which is only obtainable from killing a couple of abominations..
  • The Root Mask and Poison resistance mead provide the resistance effect, but the mead may be a stronger resist and override the normal resistance from the Root Mask.