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The Plains is a wide open biome with rolling hills and sparse trees. It is home to many different kinds of rock formations, some appearing to be natural (such as enormous destructible stone monoliths), and some constructed by the native fulings. Populated fuling villages can be seen spread across the plains, built from deer hide and bone.

Despite its initially tranquil appearance, the plains biome is difficult and dangerous to navigate. Resources uniquely found in the plains enable the player to make weapons out of black metal and linen thread, and food out of barley flour and lox meat. Finally, the Plains contain tar in and around tar pits, which allows the player to construct high-tier furniture and darkwood buildings or decorations.

Be careful when sailing near the Plains as deathsquitos can spawn on the beach and aggro far into the water.


Amount Item Chance
2-4 Barley Barley 13.9%
2-5 Black metal scrap Black metal scrap 27.8%
10-40 Coins Coins 27.8%
2-5 Needle Needle 27.8%
1 Sharpening stone Sharpening stone 2.8%