The Plains is a biome in Valheim.


The Plains is a wide open biome with rolling hills and sparse trees. It is home to many different kinds of rock formations, some natural, some constructed by the native Fulings. Populated Fuling Villages can be seen spread across the plains, built from Deer hide and Bone.

In the game's natural progression, the plains biome is currently meant to be the last one the player visits. This also makes the plains biome the hardest and most dangerous to navigate, despite its appearance.

Be careful when sailing near the Plains as Deathsquitos can spawn on the beach and aggro far into the water.


Amount Item Chance
2-4 Barley.png Barley (13.9%)
2-5 Black metal scrap.png Black metal scrap (27.8%)
10-40 Coins.png Coins (27.8%)
2-5 Needle.png Needle (27.8%)
1 Sharpening stone.png Sharpening stone (2.8%)



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