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The Ocean is a biome which is currently a large, empty body of water. It is only realistically accessible by boats, as swimming in it quickly depletes stamina causing drowning.

Players venturing into this biome may be occasionally attacked by a Serpent.


Certain Weather effects will increase the size and frequency of waves within the ocean.

Effect Frequency Avg Height Max Height
Clear 2.5 per min 0.5m 1.5m
Rain 2.5 per min 2m 3m
ThunderStorm 5 per min 3m 5m


  • Creatures and boats destroyed in the water cause some of the loot or materials to drop or sink depending on weight. Examples of floating material include wood and trophies; while nails, pelts, coins, etc. sink to the bottom and can become unreachable. Player deaths in the Ocean biome generate a floating headstone, and boat inventory is stored in a floating crate.
  • There is a simulation of low and high tide within the game on all coast and shore lines.