The Mountain is a biome in Valheim.


Mountains in Valheim feature frozen snow covered peaks framed with fir trees. This frozen and unforgiving region is home to Wolves and others sons of Fenrir. Drakes, the offspring of Moder, can be found in the skies making their nests at its peaks where they lay their Dragon eggs. Beware shifting piles of stone, they might be more alive than you think, stirring the resting Stone Golem.

Going into the mountain biome will give you the active effect Freezing. You can negate this effect by drinking Frost resistance mead, wearing a Lox cape, wearing a Wolf fur cape, or wearing the Wolf armor chest. The Wolf armor legs do not offer frost resistance. This effect is also negated by nearby campfires.

Be wary that if it begins to rain, the only way to negate the freezing effect is with a fire and shelter, or by stacking freeze resist armor with freeze resist mead.


Amount Item Chance
1-6 Amber.png Amber (14.3%)
2-5 Amber pearl.png Amber pearl (14.3%)
16-41 Coins.png Coins (14.3%)
30-55 Coins.png Coins (14.3%)
5-10 Frost arrow.png Frost arrow (14.3%)
1-2 Ruby.png Ruby (14.3%)
5-10 Obsidian.png Obsidian (14.3%)




  • Cairns can be found on the peaks of the mountains.
  • The Deep North is a biome found far north of the map containing primarily mountains, though enemies or resources cannot be found there.
  • If it is raining in another biome, traveling into the Mountains will result in a lingering rain effect for a short period of time. Precipitation in the mountains usually takes the form of snow of varying intensity. These weather effects have no effect on gameplay.
  • High intensity blizzards may cause frame drops.


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