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The Mistlands is a jagged, mountainous biome covered in a perpetual mist that hangs over its entirety and makes it difficult to see inside. It is full of valleys, dales, ravines, and even plateaus punctuated by gargantuan black crags that often peek over the mist. Yggdrasil shoots grow on these rocks. Larger, glowing Yggdrasil roots can be found lining the ground, often visible through the mist. Its coastline is equally treacherous, greeting the longship with sheer cliffs, steep wharfs, and rocky sandbars. Wisplights and placeable Wisp torches can be used to clear out the permeating mist, but both require Yagluth to be defeated.

This biome is oppressive, being quite difficult to navigate, often to the point of disorientation. The enemies are tough and will most often see the player before the player sees them. Seekers and Seeker Soldiers are the most common enemies, able to chase the player nearly constantly. Standard Seekers even have the ability to fly if they need to access higher areas of the slopes. Also residing here is a player-neutral race of Dvergr, who will actively fight enemies to defend their keeps. Should the player attack them as well, they will prove to be formidable foes.

The Mistlands, alongside its content update, introduces a new combat mechanic called Eitr. It is acquired by eating specific foods made from the biome's crops and creatures, such as Magecaps. Eitr grants the player the ability to use a variety of Magic abilities to fight the harsh environment.




(attacks when angered, such as by attacking one of their kind or by damaging their structures)



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  • Most enemies found in the Mistlands deal primarily Pierce along with some Blunt damage, with only the Dvergr mage and the Gjall having Fire, and Frost damage types.
  • The Mist does not appear when low to the ground (for example, while swimming there is a small section between the water & mist where you can see under the mist).
  • The majority of Mistland items can be obtained prior to defeating Yagluth with the only exceptions being the Mistwalker sword, Wisplight and the building Wisp Torch.


  • Mistlands had a unique placeholder design before the Hearth & Home update, featuring a terrain full of tall ancient trees and roots, giant cobwebs, and large mysterious skulls on the ground. The roots highlighted and showed a name as if they were a harvestable resource, but could not be gathered with any known tools. The only resources that could be harvested in the Mistlands were small fir trees and stones mined from rocks.
  • After Hearth & Home and before its update, Mistlands biomes appeared barren.
  • Loading a world where Mistlands have been generated before the Mistlands update only partially updated these biomes: terrain converted to the new heightmap, but no mist nor structures would appear. Creatures, such as Hares and Seekers, are able to spawn. This makes these areas excellent for farming Hares, since they cannot get lost in the mist.