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The Meadows is a calm biome covered in grass, dotted with beech, birch and oak trees. Ferns, rivers, lakes and rolling hills can also be found within.

It is the starting and therefore least difficult biome. The player can find various points of interest while exploring this biome, such as Viking Graveyards, Draugr Villages, and numerous types of abandoned structures.



Name Primary Spawn HP Damage[1] Notes
Boar Boar Meadows 10 7.5-10
Neck 0star Neck Meadows 5 5~
Greyling 0S Greyling Meadows 20 3-5
Draugr 0S Draugr Swamp


100 40-50 In the Meadows, will only spawn in a Draugr village.

Spawns with a bow / axe / axe + wood shield / axe + banded shield


Name HP
Deer 0S Deer 10
Gull Definitive Gull 1



Amount Item Chance
1 Amber Amber 16.7%
5-15 Coins Coins 16.7%
1-3 Feathers Feathers 16.7%
2-4 Flint Flint 16.7%
10-20 Flinthead arrow Flinthead arrow 16.7%
1-3 Torch Torch 16.7%
  • Buried chests: (2-3 of the following)
Amount Item Chance
1-2 Amber pearl Amber pearl 20%
20-50 Coins Coins 20%
10-15 Fire arrow Fire arrow 20%
1-3 Ruby Ruby 20%
1 Silver necklace Silver necklace 20%



  • The Meadows used to be known as the Green Forest in the Alpha.
  1. at 0 armor