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Character Lore Edit

In order to prove your worth you have been sent to the 10th norse world - Valheim. Only by surviving and fighting in a harsh environment with many mythical monsters and beasts will you prove your worth to the gods. For those who don't prove their though, the only place they will find is in Hel - The underworld, where their soul will be tormented for centuries. Or maybe you will be one of the strong warriors who will prove their worth and earn the favor of the gods, then your place will be in Valhalla - a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, and by your side Odin.

Greydwarfs Edit

Let all who read me beware of the Greydwarfs, the skulkers in darkness, the soulless ones.They are born from rot and rainfall, they spring like mushrooms from the smoking soil. There is nothing on their tongues or behind their eyes, those who fear nothing should still fear them.

When the soul of a murderer or a great sinner rots under the ground, it makes a hollow cyst which draws rock and wood and moss to it. It gathers up the peat into flesh, braids reeds into bone and takes rags for skin. It should not walk but when the night comes it walks. Should you who read this see one with a sword to your hand, lance it and let it out. Or put it to the torch, for it fears the flame.

Surtlings Edit

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Although the surtlings appear small on the outside, they are very wicked on the inside. They are many but act as one, they did come from the same evil afterall. The story goes like this: "Once there was a great demon called Surtr who was brought down and destroyed by the First Men, giant warriors of whom you are but a dwindling echo. They smited Surtr with his swords and hammers so hard that his fiery substance was shattered into many small pieces. One wise man once said "He who was made of fire was fire in every part of him". You could not say 'This is the arm of Surtr' or 'This is the head of Surtr' because every part was Surtr. So all the fragments of him were Surtr still, but much weaker in power thought and memory... with no way becoming whole again. Now these fragments are called Surtlings... and when they are found they should be stomped just like the last embers of a fire or doused with water to choke off their flames at the root. They will throw fire afar and joy in causing terror and mass destruction. Even in his scattered dotage, the demon still seeks revenge on the children of the First Men.