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Long ago, the allfather Odin united the worlds. He threw down his foes and cast them into the tenth world, then split the boughs that held their prison to the world-tree, and left it to drift unanchored, a place of exile...

For centuries, this world slumbered uneasily. But it did not die... As glacial ages passed, kingdoms rose and fell out of sight of the gods.

When Odin heard his enemies were growing once again in strength, he looked to Midgard and sent his Valkyries to scour the battlefields for the greatest of their warriors. Dead to the world, they would be born again...

...In Valheim!

Character Lore[]

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In order to prove your worth you have been sent to the 10th Norse world - Valheim. Only by surviving and fighting in a harsh environment with many mythical monsters and beasts will you prove your worth to the gods. For those who don't prove their worth though, the only place they will find is Hel - The underworld, where their soul will be tormented for centuries. Or maybe you will be one of the strong warriors who will prove their worth and earn the favor of the gods, then your place will be in Valhalla - a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, and by your side Odin.


Runestones are large rocks with red runes written on them, containing lore and useful tips regarding certain creatures.


Hugin is a large, talking raven who provides guidance to vikings that have newly arrived in the world of Valheim.


Munin is a large, talking raven who provides guidance to slain Vikings that have newly arrived in the Mistlands, along with Hugin.


Dvergrs are passive humanoid creatures found in Mistlands and Ashlands. They talk to nearby players, each Dvergr class has its own quotes.


  • The old intro: To prove you are worthy of entering Valhalla you have been sent to Valheim, the tenth Norse world. Only by defeating the mighty beasts of these lands will you win the favor of the Gods.