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Knockback from attacks pushes the target towards the opposing direction. Blocking with a shield also causes a knockback.

The velocity of the push is fixed at 10 meters per second. This overwrites any existing velocity on the push direction, unless already moving faster.

The duration of the push is calculated from the knockback and the target mass. The duration is capped at 0.4 seconds so a knockback can move the target up to 4 meters away. Against smaller enemies, 40 - 80 knockback is enough to reach the cap.

The push direction is always on a horizontal plane. Any vertical push force is ignored which may reduce the amount of knockback.

Getting pushed while swimming or flying also halves velocity in all directions.

Attack knockback

Skill factor

A randomly generated value that is increased by skill levels. The same value is used for the attack damage. See Damage and Blocking Mechanics for more info.


Weapons or attacks listed knockback value gets multiplied by the skill factor to get the base knockback.

The third hit on weapon attack chains cause 20% more knockback.

Hitting multiple targets reduces the knockback. See Damage and Blocking Mechanics for more info.

Block knockback

Successfully blocking a melee attack knocks back the attacker based on the block force and the used block armor.


Target's mass gives resistance against knockback.

For players, the movement speed penalty from gear and blocking also reduces the duration.


A Troll hits a player with 60 damage and 100 knockback. The player has 10 mass (50% resistance) so the player would get 0.5 seconds of knockback. This is capped at 0.4 seconds so the player will be moved 4 meters.

The player equips gear to get -30% movement penalty (-30% knockback duration) so the next hit would do 0.35 seconds of knockback (3.5 meters).

The player uses a shield with a 30 block armor. With 100% blocking power used, the duration stays the same. With 40 block force, the Troll would get 20 knockback. The Trol has 90% resistance so the duration would be 0.02 seconds (02 meters).

The player parries with the shield (75 block armor) using 17% of the blocking power . This reduces the duration to 0.059 seconds (0.59 meters). With 40 block force, the Troll would get 37 knockback. The Trol has 90% resistance so the duration would be 0.037 seconds (0.37 meters).

The Troll hits the player with an angle of 45 degrees (no gear or blocking). Half of the knockback is applied on a vertical direction and is ignored. So the duration would be 0.2 seconds (2 meters) since the cap is checked before removing the vertical knockback.