The Karve is a buildable structure in Valheim. It is a boat and the successor to the Raft. It is faster and more maneuverable than the raft, which allows for better tacking, or sailing into the wind. The Karve also has a cargo hold, which stores up to four stacks of items.


  • 500 HP
  • 10m long x 3m wide x 8m air draft (height from waterline).
  • 2 seats plus pilot (currently any number of people can hold fast)
  • 4 storage slots (from release to v0.145.6, cargo weight doesn't seem to affect handling or speed)
  • Speeds
    • 3>>>
      • 50% intensity - 20 km/h
      • 100% intensity - 24.5 km/h
    • 2>> 13 km/h
    • 1> 11.5 km/h (Paddling) This doesn't require wind to be in your favor
    • R< 8 km/h (Paddling) This doesn't require wind to be in your favor
  • 20 m turning radius at top speed with full sail

How to sail a Karve

Check this Guide.

How to build a Karve

Placing requires being within workbench range. The recipe unlocks after discovering all of the required material types.

  1. Select the Hammer in your inventory
  2. Press [F] to switch to the [Misc] tab
  3. Press [Q/E] to select to Karve
  4. Press [LMB] to place it in the water


  • The Karve cannot be deconstructed with a hammer, but its resources drop when it is destroyed and can be recovered if a player is standing in range to pick them up before they sink.
  • The Karve can outrun a Serpent with the wind directly behind it; eventually, the serpent will give up the chase.
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