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This is a list of item IDs, which can be used to spawn entities using the console.


The full command is as follows:

spawn [ItemName] [Amount] [Level]
  • ItemName - the name of the item or NPC you want to spawn (case insensitive)
  • Amount - the number of items or NPCs you want to spawn
  • Level - (only numbers between 1-4) the level of the mob or item you want to spawn. All mobs start at level 1, so using "1" for the level is unnecessary. This is only needed if you want a mob to spawn that is level 2 or 3 (one or two stars beneath the health bar, respectively).


spawn AxeFlint
  • The above will spawn 1 flint axe.
spawn AxeFlint 3
  • The above will spawn 3 flint axes.
spawn Wood 50
  • The above will spawn 50 individual pieces of wood (not a stack).
spawn Deer 1
  • The above will spawn a single Deer.
spawn Deer 1 3
  • The above will spawn a single level 3 Deer (a Deer with two stars beneath its health bar).

WARNING: Spawning Haldor in your map is currently bugged - he will spawn floating in the air and he cannot be despawned!

Spawners note: Most mob spawners are single time use thus once the mob they spawn is killed once the spawner is done forever. Spawner that will continuously spawn new mobs/items are labeled as Respawners in the category column.

List of IDs[]


With DebugMode turned on, pressing K will kill all nearby creatures. Commands removebirds and removefish can be used to remove birds and fishes.

Item Command
Abomination Abomination
Blob Blob
Oozer BlobElite
Growth BlobTar
Boar Boar
Boar piggy Boar_piggy
Crow Crow
Deathsquito Deathsquito
Deer Deer
Drake Hatchling
Draugr Draugr
Draugr elite Draugr_Elite
Draugr Archer Draugr_Ranged
Perch Fish1
Pike Fish2
Tuna Fish3
Cave tuna Fish4_cave
Trollfish Fish5
Giant herring Fish6
Grouper Fish7
Coral cod Fish8
Anglerfish Fish9
Northern salmon Fish10
Magmafish Fish11
Fenring Fenring
Ghost Ghost
Fuling Goblin
Spear Fuling GoblinArcher
Fuling berserker GoblinBrute
Fuling shaman GoblinShaman
Gjall Gjall
Greydwarf Greydwarf
Greydwarf brute Greydwarf_Elite
Greydwarf shaman Greydwarf_Shaman
Greyling Greyling
Leech Leech
Leech (cave variant) Leech_cave
Leviathan Leviathan
Lox Lox
Lox calf Lox_Calf
Neck Neck
Odin odin
Gull Seagal
Seeker Seeker
Seeker soldier Seeker Soldier
Serpent Serpent
Skeleton Skeleton
Melee Skeleton Skeleton_NoArcher
Rancid remains Skeleton_Poison
Stone golem StoneGolem
Surtling Surtling
Root TentaRoot
Training dummy TrainingDummy
Troll Troll
Wisp Wisp
Wolf Wolf
Wolf cub Wolf_cub
Wraith Wraith


With DebugMode turned on, pressing B allows crafting and upgrading armor without any requirements.

Item Command
Bronze plate cuirass ArmorBronzeChest
Bronze plate leggings ArmorBronzeLegs
Fenris coat ArmorFenringChest
Fenris leggings ArmorFenringLegs
Iron scale mail ArmorIronChest
Iron greaves ArmorIronLegs
Leather tunic ArmorLeatherChest
Leather pants ArmorLeatherLegs
Padded cuirass ArmorPaddedCuirass
Padded greaves ArmorPaddedGreaves
Rag tunic ArmorRagsChest
Rag pants ArmorRagsLegs
Root harnesk ArmorRootChest
Root leggings ArmorRootLegs
Troll leather tunic ArmorTrollLeatherChest
Troll leather pants ArmorTrollLeatherLegs
Wolf armor chest ArmorWolfChest
Wolf armor legs ArmorWolfLegs
Megingjord BeltStrength
Deer hide cape CapeDeerHide
Linen cape CapeLinen
Lox cape CapeLox
Cape of Odin CapeOdin
Troll hide cape CapeTrollHide
Wolf fur cape CapeWolf
Bronze helmet HelmetBronze
Drake helmet HelmetDrake
Fenris hood HelmetFenring
Iron helmet HelmetIron
Leather helmet HelmetLeather
Hood of Odin HelmetOdin
Padded helmet HelmetPadded
Root mask HelmetRoot
Troll leather helmet HelmetTrollLeather
Yule hat HelmetYule
Dverger circlet HelmetDverger
Wishbone Wishbone


With DebugMode turned on, pressing B allows crafting and upgrading equipment without any requirements.

Item Category Command
Blackmetal axe Weapons / Tools AxeBlackMetal
Bronze axe Weapons / Tools AxeBronze
Flint axe Weapons / Tools AxeFlint
Iron axe Weapons / Tools AxeIron
Stone axe Weapons / Tools AxeStone
Cultivator Tools Cultivator
Fishing rod Tools FishingRod
Hammer Tools Hammer
Hoe Tools Hoe
Antler pickaxe Tools PickaxeAntler
Bronze pickaxe Tools PickaxeBronze
Iron pickaxe Tools PickaxeIron
Stone pickaxe Tools PickaxeStone
Abyssal harpoon Tools SpearChitin
Blackmetal atgeir Weapons AtgeirBlackmetal
Bronze atgeir Weapons AtgeirBronze
Iron atgeir Weapons AtgeirIron
Battleaxe Weapons Battleaxe
Crystal battleaxe Weapons BattleaxeCrystal
Crude bow Weapons Bow
Draugr fang Weapons BowDraugrFang
Finewood bow Weapons BowFineWood
Huntsman bow Weapons BowHuntsman
Club Weapons Club
Flesh rippers Weapons FistFenrirClaw
Blackmetal knife Weapons KnifeBlackMetal
Abyssal razor/knife Weapons KnifeChitin
Copper knife Weapons KnifeCopper
Flint knife Weapons KnifeFlint
Silver knife Weapons KnifeSilver
Bronze mace Weapons MaceBronze
Iron mace Weapons MaceIron
Porcupine Weapons MaceNeedle
Frostner Weapons MaceSilver
Banded shield Weapons ShieldBanded
Black metal shield Weapons ShieldBlackmetal
Black metal tower shield Weapons ShieldBlackmetalTower
Bone tower shield Weapons ShieldBoneTower
Bronze buckler Weapons ShieldBronzeBuckler
Iron buckler Weapons ShieldIronBuckler
Iron shield Weapons ShieldIronSquare
Iron tower shield Weapons ShieldIronTower
Knight shield Weapons ShieldKnight
Serpent scale shield Weapons ShieldSerpentscale
Silver shield Weapons ShieldSilver
Wood shield Weapons ShieldWood
Wood tower shield Weapons ShieldWoodTower
Iron sledge Weapons SledgeIron
Stagbreaker Weapons SledgeStagbreaker
Bronze spear Weapons SpearBronze
Ancient bark spear Weapons SpearElderbark
Flint spear Weapons SpearFlint
Fang spear Weapons SpearWolfFang
Blackmetal sword Weapons SwordBlackmetal
Bronze sword Weapons SwordBronze
Cheat Sword Weapons SwordCheat
Iron sword Weapons SwordIron
Dyrnwyn Weapons SwordIronFire
Silver sword Weapons SwordSilver
Tankard Weapons Tankard
Mead horn of Odin Weapons TankardOdin
Torch Weapons Torch
Bronzehead arrow Arrow ArrowBronze
Fire arrow Arrow ArrowFire
Flinthead arrow Arrow ArrowFlint
Frost arrow Arrow ArrowFrost
Ironhead arrow Arrow ArrowIron
Needle arrow Arrow ArrowNeedle
Obsidian arrow Arrow ArrowObsidian
Poison arrow Arrow ArrowPoison
Silver arrow Arrow ArrowSilver
Wood arrow Arrow ArrowWood


Item Command
Abomination trophy TrophyAbomination
Blob trophy TrophyBlob
Boar trophy TrophyBoar
Bonemass trophy TrophyBonemass
Deathsquito trophy TrophyDeathsquito
Deer trophy TrophyDeer
Moder trophy TrophyDragonQueen
Draugr trophy TrophyDraugr or TrophyDraugrFem
Draugr Elite trophy TrophyDraugrElite
Eikthyr trophy TrophyEikthyr
Fenring trophy TrophyFenring
Troll trophy TrophyForestTroll or TrophyFrostTroll
Fuling trophy TrophyGoblin
Fuling berserker trophy TrophyGoblinBrute
Yagluth trophy TrophyGoblinKing
Fuling shaman trophy TrophyGoblinShaman
Greydwarf trophy TrophyGreydwarf
Greydwarf Brute trophy TrophyGreydwarfBrute
Greydwarf Shaman trophy TrophyGreydwarfShaman
Growth trophy TrophyGrowth
Drake trophy TrophyHatchling
Leech trophy TrophyLeech
Lox trophy TrophyLox
Neck trophy TrophyNeck
Stone Golem trophy TrophySGolem
Serpent trophy TrophySerpent
Skeleton trophy TrophySkeleton
Rancid Remains trophy TrophySkeletonPoison
Surtling trophy TrophySurtling
The Elder trophy TrophyTheElder
Wolf trophy TrophyWolf
Wraith trophy TrophyWraith


Item Command
Fire resistance barley wine BarleyWine
Barley wine base: Fire resistance BarleyWineBase
Mead base: Frost resistance MeadBaseFrostResist
Mead base: Medium healing MeadBaseHealthMedium
Mead base: Minor healing MeadBaseHealthMinor
Mead base: Poison resistance MeadBasePoisonResist
Mead base: Medium stamina MeadBaseStaminaMedium
Mead base: Minor stamina MeadBaseStaminaMinor
Mead base: Tasty MeadBaseTasty
Frost resistance mead MeadFrostResist
Medium healing mead MeadHealthMedium
Minor healing mead MeadHealthMinor
Poison resistance mead MeadPoisonResist
Medium stamina mead MeadStaminaMedium
Minor stamina mead MeadStaminaMinor
Tasty mead MeadTasty

Item drops[]

Item Category Command
Acorns Seeds Acorn
Amber Valuables Amber
Amber Pearl Valuables AmberPearl
Ancient Seed Forsaken offering AncientSeed
Ashwood Materials blackwood
Barley Materials / Seeds Barley
Barley flour Materials BarleyFlour
Beech seeds Seeds BeechSeeds
Bilebag Materials Bilebag
Birch seeds Seeds BirchSeeds
Black core Materials blackcore
Black marble Materials Blackmarble
Black metal Metals / Materials BlackMetal
Black metal scrap Ores BlackMetalScrap
Bloodbag Materials Bloodbag
Blood pudding Food BloodPudding
Bloodstone Gems gemstonered
Blueberries Food / Materials Blueberries
Boar jerky Food BoarJerky
Bone fragments Materials BoneFragments
Bread Food Bread
Bread dough Materials BreadDough
Bronze Metals / Materials Bronze
Bronze nails Materials BronzeNails
Carapace Materials carapace
Carrot Food / Seeds / Materials Carrot
Carrot soup Food CarrotSoup
Cloudberries Food / Materials Cloudberry
Cooked deer meat Food CookedDeerMeat
Cooked lox meat Food / Materials CookedLoxMeat
Cooked boar meat Food CookedMeat
Cooked wolf meat Food CookedWolfMeat
Carrot seeds Seeds CarrotSeeds
Chitin Materials Chitin
Coal Materials Coal
Coins Valuables Coins
Copper Metals / Materials Copper
Copper ore Ores CopperOre
Swamp key Misc CryptKey
Crystal Materials Crystal
Dandelion Materials Dandelion
Deer hide Materials DeerHide
Deer meat Materials DeerMeat
Deer stew Food DeerStew
Dragon egg Forsaken offering DragonEgg
Dragon tear Materials DragonTear
Sealbreaker fragment DvergrKeyFragment
Eitr Materials eitr
Ancient bark Materials ElderBark
Entrails Materials Entrails
Eyescream Food Eyescream
Feathers Materials Feathers
Fine wood Materials FineWood
Fir cone Seeds FirCone
Cooked fish Food / Materials FishCooked
Raw fish Materials FishRaw
Fish wraps Food FishWraps
Fishing bait Misc FishingBait
Flametal Metals / Materials Flametalnew
Flametal ore Ores FlametalOreNew
Flax Materials / Seeds Flax
Flint Materials Flint
Freeze gland Materials FreezeGland
Blood clot Materials GiantBloodSack
Greydwarf eye Materials GreydwarfEye
Guck Materials Guck
Hard antler Materials HardAntler
Honey Food / Materials Honey
Iolite Gems gemstoneblue
Iron Metals / Materials Iron
Iron nails Materials IronNails
Iron ore Ores IronOre
Scrap iron Ores IronScrap
Jade Gems gemstonegreen
Leather scraps Materials LeatherScraps
Linen thread Materials LinenThread
Lox meat Materials LoxMeat
Lox pelt Materials LoxPelt
Lox meat pie Food LoxPie
Mandible Materials Mandible
Minced meat sauce Food MinceMeatSauce
Mushroom Food / Materials Mushroom
Blue mushroom Food / Materials MushroomBlue
Yellow mushroom Food / Materials MushroomYellow
Neck tail Materials NeckTail
Grilled neck tail Food NeckTailGrilled
Needle Materials Needle
Obsidian Materials Obsidian
Onion Materials Onion
Onion seeds Seeds OnionSeeds
Onion soup Food OnionSoup
Ooze Materials Ooze
Pine cone Seeds PineCone
Bukeperries Food Pukeberries
Queen bee Materials QueenBee
Queen's jam Food QueensJam
Raspberry Food / Materials Raspberry
Boar meat Materials RawMeat
Resin Materials Resin
Core wood Materials RoundLog
Root Materials Root
Ruby Valuables Ruby
Lox saddle Tools SaddleLox
Sap Materials sap
Sausages Food Sausages
Scale hide Materials ScaleHide
Serpent scale Materials SerpentScale
Serpent meat Materials SerpentMeat
Cooked serpent meat Food / Materials SerpentMeatCooked
Serpent stew Food SerpentStew
Muckshake Food ShocklateSmoothie
Sharpening stone Materials SharpeningStone
Silver Metals / Materials Silver
Silver necklace Valuables SilverNecklace
Silver ore Ores SilverOre
Soft tissue Materials Softtissue
Stone Materials Stone
Surtling core Materials SurtlingCore
Tar Materials Tar
Thistle Materials Thistle
Thunder stone Materials Thunderstone
Tin Metals / Materials Tin
Tin ore Ores TinOre
Troll hide Materials TrollHide
Turnip Food / Seeds / Materials Turnip
Turnip seeds Seeds TurnipSeeds
Turnip stew Food TurnipStew
Wisp Materials wisp
Withered bone Forsaken offering WitheredBone
Fenris claw Materials WolfClaw
Wolf fang Materials WolfFang
Wolf jerky Food WolfJerky
Wolf meat Materials WolfMeat
Wolf skewer Food WolfMeatSkewer
Wolf pelt Materials WolfPelt
Wood Materials Wood
Torn spirit Materials YagluthDrop
Yggdrasil wood Materials YggdrasilWood
Ymir flesh Materials YmirRemains


Item Category Command
Armor stand Furniture ArmorStand
Female variant of the armor stand Furniture (hidden) ArmorStand_Female
Male variant of the armor stand Furniture (hidden) ArmorStand_Male
Greydwarf nest roots Flora Greydwarf_Root
Fuling Club Enemy equipment GoblinClub
Fuling Helmet Enemy equipment GoblinHelmet
Fuling Legband Enemy equipment GoblinLegband
Fuling Loin Enemy equipment GoblinLoin
Fuling Shoulders Enemy equipment GoblinShoulders
Fuling Spear Enemy equipment GoblinSpear
Fuling Sword Enemy equipment GoblinSword
Fuling Torch Enemy equipment GoblinTorch
Fuling totem Forsaken offering GoblinTotem
Valkyrie vfx Valkyrie
Evil bone pile Respawners BonePileSpawner
Blob spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Blob
Oozer spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_BlobElite
Growth spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_BlobTar
Growth spawnpoint (1 hour timer) Respawners Spawner_BlobTar_respawn_30
Boar spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Boar
Draugr spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Draugr
Body pile Respawners Spawner_DraugrPile
Draugr elite spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Draugr_Elite
Draugr spawnpoint (noise triggered) One time Spawners Spawner_Draugr_Noise
Draugr archer spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Draugr_Ranged
Draugr archer spawnpoint (noise triggered) One time Spawners Spawner_Draugr_Ranged_Noise
Draugr spawnpoint (30 minute timer) Respawners Spawner_Draugr_respawn_30
Fenring spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Fenring
Fish(tuna) spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Fish4
Ghost spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Ghost
Random fuling spawnpoint (club, sword, torch) One time Spawners Spawner_Goblin
Fuling spearman spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_GoblinArcher
Fuling Berserker spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_GoblinBrute
Fuling shaman spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_GoblinShaman
Greydwarf spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Greydwarf
Greydwarf nest Respawners Spawner_GreydwarfNest
Greydwarf brute spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Greydwarf_Elite
Greydwarf Shaman spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Greydwarf_Shaman
Drake spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Hatchling
Leech(cave variant) spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Leech_cave
Greydwarf brute spawnpoint Respawners Spawner_Location_Elite
Greydwarf spawnpoint Respawners Spawner_Location_Greydwarf
Greydwarf shaman spawnpoint Respawners Spawner_Location_Shaman
Skeleton spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Skeleton
Skeleton spawnpoint (melee and night only) One time Spawners Spawner_Skeleton_night_noarcher
Rancid remains spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Skeleton_poison
Skeleton spawnpoint (1 hour timer) Respawners Spawner_Skeleton_respawn_30
Stone golem spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_StoneGolem
Troll spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Troll
Wraith spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_Wraith
Surtling spawnpoint One time Spawners Spawner_imp
Surtling spawnpoint (5 minute timer) Respawners Spawner_imp_respawn
Eikthyr Bosses Eikthyr
The Elder Bosses gd_king
Bonemass Bosses Bonemass
Moder Bosses Dragon
Yagluth Bosses GoblinKing
Cart Vehicles/Carts Cart
Raft Vehicles/Carts Raft
Karve Vehicles/Carts Karve
Longship Vehicles/Carts VikingShip
Trailership Vehicles/Carts Trailership
??? non-functional _TerrainCompiler
Beech tree Resource nodes Beech1
Beech sapling Flora Beech_Sapling
Beech stump Resource nodes Beech_Stub
Small beech tree type 1 Resource nodes Beech_small1
Small beech tree type 2 Resource nodes Beech_small2
Beehive Crafting structures Beehive
Birch tree type 1 Resource nodes Birch1 or Birch1_aut
Birch tree type 2 Resource nodes Birch2 or Birch2_aut
Birch stump Resource nodes BirchStub
Downed birch tree Resource nodes Birch_log
Half of a downed birch tree Resource nodes Birch_log_half
BlueberryBush Resource nodes BlueberryBush
Ooze bomb Weapons BombOoze
Sacrificial Stone(Bonemass) Misc BossStone_Bonemass
Sacrificial Stone(Moder) Misc BossStone_DragonQueen
Sacrificial Stone(Eikthyr) Misc BossStone_Eikthyr
Sacrificial Stone(The Elder) Misc BossStone_TheElder
Sacrificial Stone(Yagluth) Misc BossStone_Yagluth
Bush 1 color 1 Resource nodes Bush01
Bush 1 color 2 Resource nodes Bush01_heath
Bush 2 Resource nodes Bush02_en
??? non-functional CargoCrate
1x1 wooden cube Non-craftable object CastleKit_braided_box01
Standing iron torch(no loot) Non-craftable object CastleKit_groundtorch
Standing green-burning iron torch(no loot) Non-craftable object CastleKit_groundtorch_green
Standing wood torch(no loot) Non-craftable object CastleKit_groundtorch_unlit
small pot(no collision, falls forever) Non-craftable object CastleKit_pot03
Chain Materials Chain
Chest Furniture Chest
CloudberryBush Resource nodes /


??? non-functional DG_Cave
??? non-functional DG_ForestCrypt
??? non-functional DG_GoblinCamp
??? non-functional DG_MeadowsFarm
??? non-functional DG_MeadowsVillage
??? non-functional DG_SunkenCrypt
??? non-functional Deathsquito_sting
Explosion inflicts burning, freezing, poison fx DeerGodExplosion
Draugr elite corpse Corpse Draugr_elite_ragdoll
Draugr corpse Corpse Draugr_ragdoll
Draugr archer corpse Corpse Draugr_ranged_ragdoll
Greydwarf nest type 2 Respawners EvilHeart_Forest
non-functional spawner object Non-craftable object EvilHeart_Swamp
Fenring corpse Corpse Fenring_ragdoll
Fir tree Resource nodes FirTree
Fir tree sapling Flora FirTree_Sapling
Fir tree stump Resource nodes FirTree_Stub
Downed fir tree Resource nodes FirTree_log
Half of a downed fir tree Resource nodes FirTree_log_half
Moss covered log Resource nodes FirTree_oldLog
Small fir tree Resource nodes FirTree_small
Small fir tree type 2 Resource nodes FirTree_small_dead
Blue fire fly visual effect vfx FireFlies
fishing bobber vfx FishingRodFloat
vfx+sfx of fishing line cast fx FishingRodFloatProjectile
Tiny white partical cloud vfx Flies
Forest troll corpse Corpse ForestTroll_ragdoll
Glowing mushroom(unremovable) Non-craftable object GlowingMushroom
FulingArmband Enemy equipment GoblinArmband
FulingBrute_ArmGuard Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_ArmGuard
Brute sword(non-functional) Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_Attack
FulingBrute_Backbones Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_Backbones
FulingBrute_ExecutionerCap Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_ExecutionerCap
FulingBrute_HipCloth Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_HipCloth
FulingBrute_LegBones Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_LegBones
Brute sword(non-functional) Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_RageAttack
FulingBrute_ShoulderGuard Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_ShoulderGuard
Brute sword(non-functional) Enemy equipment GoblinBrute_Taunt
Fuling Berserker corpse Corpse GoblinBrute_ragdoll
Yagluth corpse Corpse GoblinKing_ragdoll
Fuling shaman headdress antlers Enemy equipment GoblinShaman_Headdress_antlers
Fuling shaman headdress feathers Enemy equipment GoblinShaman_Headdress_feathers
Fuling shaman staff bones Enemy equipment GoblinShaman_Staff_Bones
Fuling shaman staff feathers Enemy equipment GoblinShaman_Staff_Feathers
Fuling shaman attack poke fx GoblinShaman_attack_poke
Fuling shaman projectile fireball fx GoblinShaman_projectile_fireball
Fuling shaman protect aoe fx GoblinShaman_protect_aoe
Fuling shaman corpse Corpse GoblinShaman_ragdoll
Fuling spear projectile fx GoblinSpear_projectile
Fuling corpse Corpse Goblin_Dragdoll
Greydwarf shaman corpse Corpse Greydwarf_Shaman_ragdoll
Greydwarf brute corpse Corpse Greydwarf_elite_ragdoll
Greydwarf corpse Corpse Greydwarf_ragdoll
Greydwarf throw projectile fx Greydwarf_throw_projectile
Greyling corpse Corpse Greyling_ragdoll
Gucksack Resource nodes GuckSack
Small Gucksack Resource nodes GuckSack_small
Drake corpse Corpse Hatchling_ragdoll
Bonemass Heart unused content HealthUpgrade_Bonemass
Elder Heart unused content HealthUpgrade_GDKing
Large stone pillar Resource nodes HeathRockPillar or


Large swamp root Non-craftable object HugeRoot1
Moder's thrown ice chunks Non-craftable object IceBlocker
Surtling fireball projectile vfx Imp_fireball_projectile
??? non-functional LocationProxy
??? non-functional LootSpawner_pineforest
Copper vein type 2 Resource nodes MineRock_Copper
Iron vein Resource nodes MineRock_Iron
Flametal vein Resource nodes MineRock_Meteorite
Obsidian deposit Resource nodes MineRock_Obsidian
Minable rock pile Resource nodes MineRock_Stone
Tin deposit Resource nodes MineRock_Tin
Headstone shaped rock Resource nodes MountainGraveStone01
Neck corpse Corpse Neck_Ragdoll
Old thatch roof 26° Building structures OLD_wood_roof
Old thatch roof 26° icorner Building structures OLD_wood_roof_icorner
Old thatch roof 26° ocorner Building structures OLD_wood_roof_ocorner
Old thatch roof 26° ridge Building structures OLD_wood_roof_top
Old wood wall 26° Building structures OLD_wood_wall_roof
Oak1 Resource nodes Oak1
Oak stump Resource nodes OakStub
Oak_log Resource nodes Oak_log
Oak_log_half Resource nodes Oak_log_half
Pickable barley Resource nodes Pickable_Barley
Pickable barley Resource nodes Pickable_Barley_Wild
Pickable bog iron Resource nodes Pickable_BogIronOre
Pickable branch spawner Resource nodes /


Pickable Carrot Resource nodes Pickable_Carrot
Pickable dandelion spawner Resource nodes /


Random pickable Valuables Resource nodes Pickable_DolmenTreasure
Pickable Dragon egg spawner Resource nodes /


Pickable flax Resource nodes Pickable_Flax
Pickable flax Resource nodes Pickable_Flax_Wild
Pickable Flint spawner Resource nodes /


Random pickable Valuables Resource nodes Pickable_ForestCryptRandom
Skeletal remains type 1 Resource nodes Pickable_ForestCryptRemains01
Skeletal remains type 2 Resource nodes Pickable_ForestCryptRemains02
Skeletal remains type 3 Resource nodes Pickable_ForestCryptRemains03
Skeletal remains type 4 Resource nodes Pickable_ForestCryptRemains04
??? Non-functional Pickable_Item
Pickable iron meteorite Resource nodes Pickable_Meteorite
Skeletal remains type 5 Resource nodes Pickable_MountainRemains01_buried
Mushroom spawnpoint Resource nodes /


Blue mushroom spawnpoint Resource nodes /


Yellow mushroom spawnpoint Resource nodes /


Pickable Obsidian Resource nodes Pickable_Obsidian
Pickable Onion Resource nodes Pickable_Onion
Pickable random food Resource nodes Pickable_RandomFood
Pickable Carrot seeds Resource nodes Pickable_SeedCarrot
Pickable Onion seeds Resource nodes Pickable_SeedOnion
Pickable Turnip seeds Resource nodes Pickable_SeedTurnip
Pickable Stone Resource nodes Pickable_Stone
Random pickable Valuables Resource nodes Pickable_SunkenCryptRandom
Pickable Surtling core stand Resource nodes /

Non-craftable object

Pickable Tar= Resource nodes Pickable_Tar
Pickable Tar Resource nodes Pickable_TarBig
Pickable Thistle Resource nodes Pickable_Thistle
Pickable Tin Resource nodes Pickable_Tin
Pickable Turnip Resource nodes Pickable_Turnip
Old Pine tree Resource nodes PineTree
Pine tree sapling Flora PineTree_Sapling
Downed pine tree Resource nodes PineTree_log
Old downed pine tree Resource nodes PineTree_logOLD
Half of a downed pine tree Resource nodes PineTree_log_half
Half of an old downed pine tree Resource nodes PineTree_log_halfOLD
Pine tree Resource nodes Pinetree_01
Pine tree stump Resource nodes Pinetree_01_Stub
Player Non-functional Player
Unarmed Weapons PlayerUnarmed
Player corpse Corpse Player_ragdoll
??? Non-functional Player_ragdoll_old
Tombstone Misc Player_tombstone
RaspberryBush Resource nodes /


Giant stone finger from Yagulth's alter Resource nodes RockFinger
Broken stone finger from Yagulth's alter Resource nodes RockFingerBroken
Broken stone finger from Yagulth's alter Resource nodes RockFingerBroken_frac
Giant stone finger from Yagulth's alter Resource nodes RockFinger_frac
Giant stone thumb from Yagulth's alter Resource nodes RockThumb
Giant stone thumb from Yagulth's alter Resource nodes RockThumb_frac
Rock 3 Resource nodes Rock_3
Rock 3 damaged Resource nodes Rock_3_frac
Rock 4 Resource nodes Rock_4
Rock 4 plains Resource nodes Rock_4_plains
Rock 7 Resource nodes Rock_7
Destructible rock Non-craftable object Rock_destructible
Minable rock pile Resource nodes Rock_destructible_test
Small human skull Non-craftable object Skull1
Giant human skull Non-craftable object Skull2
Stamina Greydwarf unused content StaminaUpgrade_Greydwarf
Stamina Troll unused content StaminaUpgrade_Troll
Stamina Wraith unused content StaminaUpgrade_Wraith
Corgi statue Non-craftable object StatueCorgi
Deer statue Non-craftable object StatueDeer
Swamp statue Non-craftable object StatueEvil
Rabbit statue Non-craftable object StatueHare
Ancient seed statue Non-craftable object StatueSeed
Stone golem clubs Enemy equipment StoneGolem_clubs
Stone golem hat Enemy equipment StoneGolem_hat
Stone golem spikes Enemy equipment StoneGolem_spikes
Stone golem corpse Corpse Stonegolem_ragdoll
Ancient tree Resource nodes SwampTree1
Ancient tree stump Resource nodes SwampTree1_Stub
Downed ancient tree Resource nodes SwampTree1_log
Ancient tree(unbreakable) Non-craftable object SwampTree2
Mistlands ancient tree(unbreakable) Non-craftable object SwampTree2_darkland
Downed ancient tree(unbreakable) Non-craftable object SwampTree2_log
Liquid Non-craftable object TarLiquid
Chest(Black forest loot) Furniture TreasureChest_blackforest
Stone forest crypt chest Non-craftable object TreasureChest_fCrypt
Stone forest crypt chest Non-craftable object TreasureChest_forestcrypt
Chest(Plains loot) Furniture TreasureChest_heath
Chest(Meadows loot) Furniture TreasureChest_meadows
Chest(Buried treasure loot) Furniture TreasureChest_meadows_buried
Chest(Mountains loot) Furniture TreasureChest_mountains
Stone Plains chest Non-craftable object TreasureChest_plains_stone
Stone sunken crypt chest Non-craftable object TreasureChest_sunkencrypt
Chest(Swamp loot) Furniture TreasureChest_swamp
Stone troll cave chest Non-craftable object TreasureChest_trollcave
Troll corpse Corpse Troll_ragdoll
Yagluth thing Materials VegvisirShard_Bonemass
Wolf corpse Corpse Wolf_Ragdoll
Ancient bark spear projectile fx ancientbarkspear_projectile
Yagluth's cloud fx aoe_nova
Barrell Non-craftable object barrell
Bed Furniture bed
Bee swarm effect fx bee_aoe
Downed beech tree Resource nodes beech_log
Half of a downed beech tree Resource nodes beech_log_half
Blast furnace Crafting structures blastfurnace
Blob's AoE attack effect fx blob_aoe
Growth's projectile fx blobtar_projectile_tarball
boar corpse Corpse boar_ragdoll
Bonemass' AoE attack effect fx bonemass_aoe
Bonemass projectile(spawns 4 mobs) fx / One time Spawners bonemass_throw_projectile
Bonfire Misc structures bonfire
Fired wooden arrow fx bow_projectile
Fired fire arrow fx bow_projectile_fire
Fired frost arrow fx bow_projectile_frost
Fired needle arrow fx bow_projectile_needle
Fired poison arrow fx bow_projectile_poison
Bronze spear projectile fx bronzespear_projectile
bucket Non-craftable object bucket
Spice Rack Crafting extensions cauldron_ext1_spice
Butcher's table Crafting extensions cauldron_ext3_butchertable
Pots and pans Crafting extensions cauldron_ext4_pots
Charcoal kiln Crafting structures charcoal_kiln
Coal pile Misc structures coal_pile
Cultivated soil Terrain modifications cultivate
Crystal wall Building structures crystal_wall_1x1
Darkwood arch Building structures darkwood_arch
Darkwood beam 2m Building structures darkwood_beam
Darkwood beam 4m Building structures darkwood_beam4x4
Carved darkwood divider Building structures darkwood_decowall
Darkwood gate Building structures darkwood_gate
Darkwood pole 2m Building structures darkwood_pole
Darkwood pole 4m Building structures darkwood_pole4
Raven Adornment Building structures darkwood_raven
Shingle roof 26° Building structures darkwood_roof
Shingle roof 45° Building structures darkwood_roof_45
Shingle roof i-corner 26° Building structures darkwood_roof_icorner
Shingle roof i-corner 45° Building structures darkwood_roof_icorner_45
Shingle roof i-corner 26° Building structures darkwood_roof_ocorner
Shingle roof o-corner 45° Building structures darkwood_roof_ocorner_45
Shingle roof ridge 26° Building structures darkwood_roof_top
Shingle roof ridge 45° Building structures darkwood_roof_top_45
Wolf Adornment Building structures darkwood_wolf
Old deer corpse Corpse dead_deer
Deer corpse Corpse deer_ragdoll
digg Terrain modification digg
digg_v2 Terrain modification digg_v2
Modor ice projectile fx dragon_ice_projectile
Modor's alter offering cup Non-craftable object dragoneggcup
draugr_arrow Enemy equipment draugr_arrow
draugr_axe Enemy equipment draugr_axe
draugr_bow Enemy equipment draugr_bow
draugr_bow_projectile Enemy equipment draugr_bow_projectile
draugr_sword Enemy equipment draugr_sword
Forest crypt door Non-craftable object dungeon_forestcrypt_door
Sunken crypt irongate Non-craftable object dungeon_sunkencrypt_irongate
Eikthyr corpse Corpse eikthyr_ragdoll
? fx _eventzone_boss_base
Bonemass boss fight environment effects fx _eventzone_bonemass
Eikthyr boss fight environment effects fx eventzone_eikthyr
The Elder boss fight environment effects fx eventzone_gdking
Yagluth boss fight environment effects fx eventzone_goblinking
Moder boss fight environment effects fx eventzone_moder
Fermenter Crafting structures fermenter
Campfire Misc structures fire_pit
Flint spear projectile fx flintspear_projectile
Forge Crafting structures forge
Forge bellows Crafting extensions forge_ext1
Anvils Crafting extensions forge_ext2
Grinding wheel Crafting extensions forge_ext3
Smith's anvil Crafting extensions forge_ext4
Forge cooler Crafting extensions forge_ext5
Forge toolrack Crafting extensions forge_ext6
The Elder corpse Corpse gdking_Ragdoll
The Elder root projectile fx gdking_root_projectile
Fuling_banner Non-craftable object goblin_banner
Fuling_bed Non-craftable object goblin_bed
Fuling_fence Non-craftable object goblin_fence
Fuling_pole Non-craftable object goblin_pole
Fuling_pole_small Non-craftable object goblin_pole_small
Fuling_roof_45d Non-craftable object goblin_roof_45d
Fuling_roof_45d_corner Non-craftable object goblin_roof_45d_corner
Fuling_roof_cap Non-craftable object goblin_roof_cap
Fuling_stairs Non-craftable object goblin_stairs
Fuling_stepladder Non-craftable object goblin_stepladder
Fuling_totempole Non-craftable object goblin_totempole
Fuling_woodwall_1m Non-craftable object goblin_woodwall_1m
Fuling_woodwall_2m Non-craftable object goblin_woodwall_2m
Fuling_woodwall_2m_ribs Non-craftable object goblin_woodwall_2m_ribs
Fulingking_totemholder Non-craftable object goblinking_totemholder
Ward Misc structures guard_stone
Ward variant Non-craftable object

WARNING: spawning it crashes the game

Drake projectile fx hatchling_cold_projectile
Hearth Misc structures hearth
Tall rock Resource nodes highstone
Tall rock damaged Resource nodes highstone_frac
Mistlands horizontal web Non-craftable object horizontal_web
Breakable floating ice sheet Non-craftable object ice1
Breakable ice boulder Non-craftable object ice_rock1
Breakable ice boulder damaged Non-craftable object ice_rock1_frac
Obliterator Crafting structures incinerator
Cage Floor 1x1 Building structures iron_floor_1x1
Cage Floor 2x2 Building structures iron_floor_2x2
Iron gate Furniture iron_grate
Cage Wall 1x1 Building structures iron_wall_1x1
Cage Wall 2x2 Building structures iron_wall_2x2
Item stand (vertical) Furniture itemstand
Item stand (horizontal) Furniture itemstandh
Obliterator lightning damage fx lightningAOE
Stone chest Non-craftable object loot_chest_stone
Chest Furniture loot_chest_wood
Lox corpse Corpse lox_ragdoll
Tar pit bones Non-craftable object lox_ribs
Lox stomp attack old fx lox_stomp_aoe_OLD
Lox calf corpse Corpse loxcalf_ragdoll
Rock stack 1 Resource nodes marker01
Rock stack 2 Resource nodes marker02
??? Non-functional mud_road
Muddy scrap pile(small) Resource nodes mudpile
Muddy scrap pile(large) Resource nodes mudpile2
Muddy scrap pile damaged(large) Resource nodes mudpile2_frac
Muddy scrap pile wishbone enabled Resource nodes mudpile_beacon
Muddy scrap pile damaged(small) Resource nodes mudpile_frac
Old Muddy scrap pile(small) Resource nodes mudpile_old
Oozebomb explosion effect fx oozebomb_explosion
Ooze bomb projectile fx oozebomb_projectile
Pathen Terrain modification path
Paved road Terrain modification paved_road
Artisan table Crafting structures piece_artisanstation
Black banner Furniture piece_banner01
Blue banner Furniture piece_banner02
White & red banner Furniture piece_banner03
Red banner Furniture piece_banner04
Green banner Furniture piece_banner05
??? Furniture piece_banner06
??? Furniture piece_banner07
Hot tub Furniture piece_bathtub
Dragon bed Furniture piece_bed02
Beehive Crafting structures piece_beehive
Bench Furniture piece_bench01
Hanging brazier Furniture piece_brazierceiling01
Cartography table Furniture piece_cartographytable
Cauldron Crafting structures piece_cauldron
Stool Furniture piece_chair
Chair Furniture piece_chair02
Darkwood chair Furniture piece_chair03
Reinforced chest Furniture piece_chest
Black metal chest Furniture piece_chest_blackmetal
Personal chest Furniture piece_chest_private
Treasure Chest Furniture piece_chest_treasure
Chest Furniture piece_chest_wood
Cooking station Crafting structures piece_cookingstation
Iron cooking station Crafting structures piece_cookingstation_iron
Yuleklapp (small) Furniture piece_gift1
Yuleklapp (medium) Furniture piece_gift2
Yuleklapp (large) Furniture piece_gift3
Standing iron torch Furniture piece_groundtorch
Standing blue-burning iron torch Furniture piece_groundtorch_blue
Standing green-burning iron torch Furniture piece_groundtorch_green
Standing wood torch Furniture piece_groundtorch_wood
Jack-o-turnip Non-craftable object piece_jackoturnip
Sitting log Furniture piece_logbench01
Maypole Non-craftable object piece_maypole
Stone Oven Crafting structures piece_oven
Sharp stakes Building structures piece_sharpstakes
Spinning wheel Crafting structures piece_spinningwheel
Stonecutter Crafting structures piece_stonecutter
Table Furniture piece_table
Round table Furniture piece_table_oak
Raven throne Furniture piece_throne01
Stone throne Furniture piece_throne02
Sconce Furniture piece_walltorch
Workbench Crafting structures piece_workbench
Chopping block Crafting extensions piece_workbench_ext1
Tanning rack Crafting extensions piece_workbench_ext2
Adze Crafting extensions piece_workbench_ext3
Tool shelf Crafting extensions piece_workbench_ext4
Yule tree Non-craftable object piece_xmastree
Portal made of stone Non-craftable object portal
Portal Misc structures portal_wood
Projectile beam fx projectile_beam
Abyssal harpoon projectile fx projectile_chitinharpoon
projectile_meteor fx projectile_meteor
Fang spear projectile fx projectile_wolffang
Raise ground Terrain modification raise
Grass Terrain modification replant
Mountain boulder 1 Resource nodes rock1_mountain
Mountain boulder 1 damaged Resource nodes rock1_mountain_frac
Plain boulder 1 Resource nodes rock2_heath
Plain boulder 1 damaged Resource nodes rock2_heath_frac
Mountain boulder 2 Resource nodes rock2_mountain
Mountain boulder 2 damaged Resource nodes rock2_mountain_frac
Mountain boulder 3 Resource nodes rock3_mountain
Mountain boulder 3 damaged Resource nodes rock3_mountain_frac
Silver deposit boulder Resource nodes rock3_silver
Silver deposit boulder damaged Resource nodes rock3_silver_frac
Coastal boulder Resource nodes rock4_coast
Coastal boulder damaged Resource nodes rock4_coast_frac
Copper deposit boulder Resource nodes rock4_copper
Copper deposit boulder damaged Resource nodes rock4_copper_frac
Forest boulder Resource nodes rock4_forest
Forest boulder damaged Resource nodes rock4_forest_frac
Plain boulder Resource nodes rock4_heath
Plain boulder damaged Resource nodes rock4_heath_frac
Tall rock formation Misc/Unsorted rockformation1
Small root 1 Misc/Unsorted root07
Medium root 1 Misc/Unsorted root08
Small root 2 Misc/Unsorted root11
Medium root 2 Misc/Unsorted root12
Deer rug Furniture rug_deer
Lox rug Furniture rug_fur
Wolf rug Furniture rug_wolf
Barley seedling Flora sapling_barley
Carrot seedling Flora sapling_carrot
Flax seedling Flora sapling_flax
Onion seedling Flora sapling_onion
Seed-carrot seedling Flora sapling_seedcarrot
Seed-onion seedling Flora sapling_seedonion
Seed-turnip seedling Flora sapling_seedturnip
Turnip seedling Flora sapling_turnip
shaman_attack_aoe fx shaman_attack_aoe
shaman_heal_aoe fx shaman_heal_aoe
Longship spawner One time Spawners ship_construction
shipwreck_karve_bottomboards Non-craftable object shipwreck_karve_bottomboards
shipwreck_karve_bow Non-craftable object shipwreck_karve_bow
shipwreck_karve_chest Non-craftable object shipwreck_karve_chest
shipwreck_karve_dragonhead Non-craftable object shipwreck_karve_dragonhead
shipwreck_karve_stern Non-craftable object shipwreck_karve_stern
shipwreck_karve_sternpost Non-craftable object shipwreck_karve_sternpost
Shrub 2 Flora shrub_2
Plains shrub 2 Flora shrub_2_heath
Sign Furniture sign
Sign non usable Non-craftable object sign_notext
Silver vein Resource nodes silvervein
Silver vein damaged Resource nodes silvervein_frac
skeleton_bow Enemy equipment skeleton_bow
skeleton_mace Enemy equipment skeleton_mace
skeleton_sword Enemy equipment skeleton_sword
sledge_aoe fx sledge_aoe
Smelter Crafting structures smelter
Stakewall Building structures stake_wall
Stone arch Building structures stone_arch
Stone Floor Patterned Non-craftable object stone_floor
Stone floor 2x2 Building structures stone_floor_2x2
Stone pile Misc structures stone_pile
Stone pillar Building structures stone_pillar
Stone stair Building structures stone_stair
Stone wall 1x1 Building structures stone_wall_1x1
Stone wall 2x1 Building structures stone_wall_2x1
Stone wall 4x2 Building structures stone_wall_4x2
Stone floor green Non-craftable object stoneblock_fracture
stonechest Non-craftable object stonechest
stonegolem_attack1_spike fx stonegolem_attack1_spike
Stump Resource nodes stubbe
Stump with spawner effect Non-craftable object stubbe_spawner
Crypt gate Non-craftable object sunken_crypt_gate
??? Non-craftable object tarlump1
??? Non-craftable object tarlump1_frac
tentaroot_attack fx tentaroot_attack
Tolroko Flyer Misc tolroko_flyer
Coin pile Furniture treasure_pile
Coin stack Furniture treasure_stack
troll_groundslam_aoe fx troll_groundslam_aoe
troll_log_swing_h fx troll_log_swing_h
troll_log_swing_v fx troll_log_swing_v
troll_throw_projectile fx troll_throw_projectile
tunnel_web Non-craftable object tunnel_web
turf_roof Non-craftable object turf_roof
turf_roof_top Non-craftable object turf_roof_top
turf_roof_wall Non-craftable object turf_roof_wall
vertical_web Non-craftable object vertical_web
vines Non-craftable object vines
Wide stone Resource nodes widestone
Wide stone damaged Resource nodes widestone_frac
Windmill Crafting structures windmill
Wood beam 2m Building structures wood_beam
Wood beam 1m Building structures wood_beam_1
Wood beam 26° Building structures wood_beam_26
Wood beam 45° Building structures wood_beam_45
Core wood stack Misc structures wood_core_stack
Wood door Building structures wood_door
Wood dragon adornment Building structures wood_dragon1
Roundpole fence Building structures wood_fence
Fine wood stack Misc structures wood_fine_stack
Wood floor 2x2 Building structures wood_floor
Wood floor 1x1 Building structures wood_floor_1x1
Wood gate Building structures wood_gate
Wood ledge Non-craftable object wood_ledge
Log beam 26° Building structures wood_log_26
Log beam 45° Building structures wood_log_45
Wood pole 1m Building structures wood_pole
Wood pole 2m Building structures wood_pole2
Log pole 2m Building structures wood_pole_log
Log pole 4m Building structures wood_pole_log_4
Thatch roof 26° Building structures wood_roof
Thatch roof 45° Building structures wood_roof_45
Thatch roof i-corner 26° Building structures wood_roof_icorner
Thatch roof i-corner 45° Building structures wood_roof_icorner_45
Thatch roof o-corner 26° Building structures wood_roof_ocorner
Thatch roof o-corner 45° Building structures wood_roof_ocorner_45
Thatch roof ridge 26° Building structures wood_roof_top
Thatch roof ridge 45° Building structures wood_roof_top_45
Wood stack Misc structures wood_stack
Wood stair Building structures wood_stair
Wood ladder Building structures wood_stepladder
Wood wall half Building structures wood_wall_half
Log beam 2m Building structures wood_wall_log
Log beam 4m Building structures wood_wall_log_4x0.5
Wood wall 26° Building structures wood_wall_roof
Wood wall 26° (inverted) Building structures wood_wall_roof_upsidedown
Wood wall 45° Building structures wood_wall_roof_45
Wood wall 45° (inverted) Building structures wood_wall_roof_45_upsidedown
Wood roof cross 26° Building structures wood_wall_roof_top
Wood roof cross 45° Building structures wood_wall_roof_top_45
Wood Shutter Building structures wood_window
Wood iron beam Building structures woodiron_beam
Wood iron pole Building structures woodiron_pole
Wood wall Building structures woodwall
Wraith melee fx wraith_melee