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The iron sledge is the second two-handed club. It has no secondary attack. The primary attack slams the ground (after a lengthy swing delay), dealing damage, 2x staggering and knocking back everything in a spherical area of effect with a radius of four meters.

It is a two-handed counterpart to the one-handed iron mace, which is cheaper to craft. While both weapons deal the same amount of damage, the iron sledge damages everything in a large area-of-effect, and thus is capable of attacking large numbers of enemies simultaneously.

Upgrade information[]

Quality 1 2 3 4 Total Materials
Blunt 55 61 67 73
Durability 100 150 200 250
Crafting 10 Ancient bark
30 Iron
4 Ymir flesh
1 Draugr Elite trophy
2 Ancient bark
15 Iron
2 Ymir flesh
4 Ancient bark
30 Iron
4 Ymir flesh
6 Ancient bark
45 Iron
6 Ymir flesh
22 Ancient bark
120 Iron
16 Ymir flesh
1 Draugr Elite trophy
Forge level 2 3 4 5