An iron longsword. It takes 1 hit to kill Greydwarf or a Surtling using the iron long sword. A Draugr or Greydwarf Brute takes at least 4 hits.

A single leftclick delivers a swing blow, all enemies and structures in its range get the full damage. Thus you can slay 3 Greydwarf with a single blow. A double click delivers a combination of a swing from left to right, back right to left and a swing up down. Enemies that can survive the first hit will be pushed back so the second part of the combination may miss the target, walk towards you adversary while using the combination to avoid that effect.

Weapon Stats Edit

Slash: 30

Chop: 5

Block: 75% / Max 20 dmg

Crafting Edit

It can be unlocked when you acquire iron can be crafted in Forge.

Recipe: Edit

  • Wood x 2
  • Iron x 25