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The Iron atgeir the second polearm available to players.

Its primary attack is a 3 hit attack combo with double damage on the last hit. Its secondary attack does 1x damage and 6x staggering around the player.

Upgrade information

Quality 1 2 3 4
Pierce 65 71 77 83
Durability 175 225 275 325

10 Wood
30 Iron
2 Leather scraps

15 Iron
1 Leather scraps

30 Iron
2 Leather scraps

45 Iron
3 Leather scraps

Forge level 2 3 4 5


  • The secondary attack is enough to stagger most creatures.


  • Historically, no archeological find has been made to establish the existence of this weapon. The atgeir is only mentioned in one of the Icelandic sagas, composed at the end the 13th century. This could mean that the weapon was, in fact, based upon 13th century polearms (thus the weapon's category name used in Valheim), before being retroactively attributed to the Viking period.
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