Iron armor is the fifth tier of Armor in Valheim. This set is the tier above Bronze armor and is replaced by Wolf Armor.

The set of armor has three pieces which have repair level and initial crafting level of 2, durability of 1000 and are crafted and upgraded at the Forge:

Armor Piece Icon Base Armor Weight Movement Speed Additional Effects Crafting materials
Iron helmet Iron Helmet.png 14 3 - - Iron x20

Deer hide x2

Iron scale mail Iron scale mail.png 14 15 -5% - Iron x20

Deer hide x2

Iron greaves Iron greaves.png 14 15 -5% - Iron x20

Deer hide x2

To craft the full set of iron armor, the player will need 60 Iron and 6 Deer hide. Wearing the full set provides 42 armor and reduces the player's movement speed by 10%.

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