Iron Ore/ Iron Vein Edit


Smelted Iron

It can be smelted by using the Smelter to turn it into Iron (used to forge the Iron longsword, Iron Pickaxe and the Iron axe in a Forge) Edit



  • Iron Vein

    Iron Vein in the Mountains

    Mountains (Don't recommend gathering it if you haven't got the Troll Armor or You can get it if you have at least 4 stacks of Cooked Meat or more in order to survive the Freeze damage)
  • Swamp (You can also pick up some Bog Iron which can be smelted in the Smelter later on)

    Meteorite in a Crater becareful because it's guarded by the Surtlings (you dont want to get by those, trust me)

  • Meteorite in Heath Land (It's a small crater that is guarded by Surtlings)

Tip: You don't have to fight the Surtlings in order to get the Meteorite, just run through them and quickly press E to get it