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Hugin is a character found in Valheim. He is a large, talking raven who provides guidance to vikings that have newly arrived in the world of Valheim.


Nothing is known about Hugin beyond the fact that he is a large, male raven with the ability to speak and spontaneously appear and disappear wherever he pleases.

In Norse mythology, Hugin is one of the two named ravens along with Munin that were used to bring information to the god Odin. It is unclear, however, if Hugin serves the same purpose within Valheim.


As new milestones are achieved, Hugin will appear and offer useful information. He will continue to reappear next to the player until the player interacts with him to read his message.

Welcome to the tenth world, warrior

I am Hugin, sent here to guide you in your travels.

The megaliths surrounding you are the Sacrificial Stones. They represent the Forsaken, which you must slay in order to ascend to Valhalla.

This stone is a Vegvisir

These magical stones were scattered throughout the lands by Odin as signposts pointing toward the ritual grounds of the Forsaken.

If inspected closer, this one will reveal the summoning place of Eikthyr, your first prey. He is a mighty beast, so you need to properly arm yourself before even attempting to defeat him.

Eikthyr defeated
Odin is pleased

You have been granted the power of Eikthyr. Use it in times of need.

Your next target dwells in the black forest. Go there, explore the lands, and uncover their lost treasures and resources.

The Elder awaits!

You suffered a mortal blow!

Each time you are struck down, you will forget a small part of your abilities and drop your belongings at the site of the accident.

If you wish you were home by now I'd recommend building a bed, wherever home may be.

Take stock of your inventory

Most items must be crafted. However, due to your recent departure from Midgard, you will have to recall the true shape of objects. Just pick things up and it will all come back to you, I'm sure.

My lesser brother, Munin, tells me one can fashion a stone axe out of wood and stone.

You need to lighten your load!

If you carry too much luggage you will become encumbered, slowing you down and preventing you from regaining your stamina.

Be wary of the weather

When the temperature drops at night, or if you are wet, you will suffer from being cold. This reduces your stamina regeneration.

Seeking shelter by an open flame is your best option when this happens.

You need sustenance

Consuming food is of utmost importance to a viking warrior, even in the afterlife. Having a full belly both fortifies your health and improves your stamina.

Food can be found everywhere in the world, and a great deal of it can be prepared at a cooking station.

A tasty morsel!

You have found a snack. Consume it to improve your health and stamina.

Be aware that before long you will grow hungry again, so try to always have at least a couple of different meals ready.

You have crafted a hammer

With this tool you will raise mighty halls and towering fortifications.

Start by building a workbench. This in turn will enable you to construct other things.

You have crafted a hoe

This tool is used for landscaping. You could say it is the perfect complement to the hammer.

Use it to clear the ground and manipulate the terrain. It is easier to create buildings on level ground!

You have found some ore

Raw ore needs to be refined in the smelter before you can work it at the forge.

To build a smelter you will need surtling cores. Search for them in the dark places beneath the earth.

You have built a workbench

A workbench allows you to craft complex items as well as giving you access to lots of more building pieces to construct with the hammer.

You have built a portal

Portals are great for fast travel between different parts of the world.

Of course, you need to build one on the other end as well, then give the pair the same name and they will be automatically connected!

Forsaken altars
Calling forth the beast

You have found the summoning place of one of the Forsaken. Make the correct offering at their altar and they will come.

Be wary though, the Forsaken are not easy prey, so craft a wicked weapon, don your finest armor, and eat a hearty meal before engaging them in combat.

Treasures lie below

Delves and dungeons can be found across the tenth world. They are monuments of the past, and most often filled with the riches of civilizations long lost.

Remember to bring a light source!

You have crafted a pickaxe

The black forest is rich in minerals. There you can find copper in the ground and tin lining the ocean shore.

Now go forth and strike the earth!

Forsaken trophy
Congratulations, warrior!

Return to the Sacrificial Stones with your Forsaken trophy and offer it as a sacrifice to make the Gods smile upon you.

Bonemass left you a parting gift

It seems one of the many bones this living ossuary hid in his belly was a Wishbone.

This bone contains powerful magic which guides you to things hidden in the earth. It can locate silver veins, but may also lead you to buried treasure...

Black Forest
Turn back! This is a dangerous place

You have wandered into the Black Forest. This place can be very dangerous for those unprepared for it. Prove your worth by slaying Eikthyr.

You have built a ward

The ward emits a strong aura which prevents other vikings from building things. It also locks all doors within its influence.

You have built a smelter

Deposit your raw ore in this furnace and it will melt away all impurities, leaving you with a bar of refined metal to work at the forge.

You will need coal to fuel the smelter. Coal can be produced by building a kiln and loading it with wood.

Settling in
A headrest for the weary!

Sleep the night away in your bed and awaken feeling refreshed and full of energy.

Another improvement to your home would be some chests where you can store items. It is good practice to always have some spare equipment, if something unfortunate should happen to you while exploring...

You have been invaded

Monsters will lay siege to your camp from time to time. Strength of arms does not guarantee you victory in these situations. Build a strong defense to weather out the storm!

You have crafted a shield

A shield allows you to block incoming damage. If your timing is perfect, the enemy may also be parried. Be careful though, if you block too many hits you will become staggered. The amount of damage you can block before becoming staggered depends on your maximum health, so if you plan on tanking a lot of damage you should eat food that increases your health. Heavier shields will block more damage but will also slow you down.

Cartography table
Record your exploration

With this table you can record and share your explorations of the tenth world. Use the toolbox to record your progress and take a look at this large map to copy what others have explored.

The mists permeate all that live and grow in these lands, and now it is a part of you as well.

With eitr you will be able to cast all sorts of powerful spells. Try to find more eitr-infused ingredients to increase your ability.

Yggdrasil roots
Kraa! Although severed from the trunk, I can see that magic still lingers in the roots of the old ash.

Needless to say, no weapon of your design will be able to break the bark. You need something better, fashioned by more capable hands.

Giant remains
Kraa! Pick their bones and break their domes!
Dvergr homes
As I am sure my lesser brother tells you, the halls beyond are very impressive...

Just try not to get lost in the winding tunnels and secret passageways will you?

Galdr table
Trying your hand at scrying the runes are you? I'm impressed, sorcerer!

Charms and conjurations will take their toll. If you wish to master the arts you must find appropriate sustenance. As it happens, the parts around here are looking ripe with all sorts of delicious new ingredients to gather. Lucky you!

Eitr refinery
Warrior, what kind of contraption is this?! It looks dangerous...

There is a grinding funnel up here, I wonder what you will put into it.

Wisp fountain
A strange edifice indeed. I wonder what it will attract. Let us just perch here for a while and see what happens...

Warrior, I am bored. Besides, it is not my job to babysit the likes of you long into the night... Just be vigilant and I'm sure you will be rewarded.

Kra-kraaa! Stubborn fools! The Dvergr will tolerate strangers and vagrants but they are quick to anger should you upset them... Which I am sure you will manage to do sooner or later.
Keep a cool head!

You have discovered the Ashlands, the very hottest parts of the tenth world. Here, water boils without a cauldron, and anything flammable can be set alight with just a spark. Be careful!

Shield generator
Means of protection

Kraa! This should keep away whatever the sky might throw at you.

Battering ram
A powerful siege engine

The enemy fortresses are built from sturdy stuff. You'll need machines like this one if you're to break through their walls.

Boiling waters

It seems you have ventured to the boiling waters of the south. As you surely noted, this can be a deadly pursuit. To traverse these waters you will need to build something sturdier if you dont want to sleep with the fishes.


  • If the player damages Hugin, he will teleport away close by. Experience is earned in the appropriate skill.