Action Default Key
Move around WASD
Look around Move mouse
Fire LMB
Block RMB
Jump Space
Run Left shift
Barrel roll RMB + Space / WASD
Interact (use, pickup etc) E
Use Hotbar Slot Item 1-8
Open inventory I / Tab
Toggle minimap M
Zoom map . / ,
Zoom camera in Mouse scroll up
Zoom camera out Mouse scroll down
Toggle chat box Enter
Submit Enter
Cancel Escape
Screenshot F12
Hide interface Ctrl + F3
Auto Walk Q
Sit X
Sneak Left crtl

How to make a weapon?

  1. Press [E] to pick up branches and stones that are on the ground.
  2. Press [I] to open inventory and crafting screen.
  3. Crafting a Club from wood or a Stone axe from wood and stone.

How to craft?

The player will need a Hammer. Place a workbench and create a Repair Shack to be able to craft more items. Press [E] when prompted when looking at the workbench to access. You can also craft in your inventory by pressing [E].

How to sleep?

Build a campfire, then create a simple shack, the campfire should be outside or have proper ventilation, then place a bed inside.

How to unlock recipe?

For more details, check: Items List

New recipes will be unlocked once the player has all the necessary ingredients to craft them.

How to build?

For more details, check: Building

They player can build using a hammer within the working area of a workbench.

What to eat?

For more details, check: Food

The player can eat harvested or prepared foods to increase maximum health and stamina, and provide low healing over time.

How to hunt deer?

Sneak until you get close and strike as fast as you can with the most damage. Alternatively the player can use a crude bow with wooden arrows.

How to tame boar?

For more details, check: Taming Boar

Build a pit or enclosure and lure/trap two boars inside feed them until they become tame.

How to go back home?

For more details, check: Portal

They player can claim a bed to set your new spawn point.

What to do after dying?

For more details, check: Death

When you die, the player's possessions will stay in your grave.
They player can try to find their grave again and retrieve your lost items.
Move your cursor to the grave and press [E] to open the storage.

How to stop freezing on the mountain?

You need to build a shelter with heat source such as firepit and torch.

Alternatively, the player can craft Frost resistance mead or wear armor that grants resistance to Frost to remove the debuff.

Helpful Tips

  • DO NOT leave the meadow until you collect proper resources, look at the top right of the minimap to determine what biome the player is in.
  • Collect and kill everything you can.

What to do next?

Check out the Progression guide for more information.

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