Valheim Wiki


Action Default Key Steam/Xbox Controllers
Move around WASD Left Stick
Look around Move mouse Right Stick
Fire LMB Right Trigger
Block RMB Left Trigger
Jump Space B Button
Run Left shift Left Bumper
Barrel roll RMB + Space / WASD Left Trigger + B Button
Interact (use, pickup etc) E A Button
Use Hotbar Slot Item 1–8 Dpad Up (Dpad Left or right to switch)
Open inventory I / Tab Y Button
Move in Inventory Area Move Mouse Left/Right Bumper
Split Stack Shift + Left Click Left Trigger + A Button
Move/Drop Stack Ctrl + Left Click Right Trigger + A Button
Repair Tools Click Button at Bench Right Stick down in Crafting Area
Toggle minimap M (, and . to zoom mini) Menu/Select Button
Zoom map Mouse Wheel In mini map Left/Right Trigger
Move map Left Click and Drag Left Stick
Select map marker Left Click Dpad Up/Down
Place map markers Double Left Click A Button
Remove map markers Right Click B Button
Toggle map markers Left Click on Marker Dpad Right on marker you want to toggle
Zoom camera in Mouse scroll up
Zoom camera out Mouse scroll down
Toggle chat box Enter
Submit Enter
Cancel Escape
Screenshot F12
Hide interface Ctrl + F3
Auto Walk Q
Sit X X Button
Sneak Left crtl Left Stick Click
Secondary Attack Middle Mouse Button Right Bumper
Boss Power F Dpad Down
Settings/Exit Menu Esc Start/Menu Button
Toggle Hide/Show Weapon/Shield R Right Stick Click
Toggle Building Snap Placement Shift Left Bumper

How to make a weapon?[]

  1. Press [E] to pick up branches and stones that are on the ground.
  2. Press [I] to open inventory and crafting screen.
  3. Crafting a Club from wood or a Stone axe from wood and stone.

How to craft?[]

The player will need a Hammer. Place a workbench and create a repair shack to be able to craft more items. Press [E] when prompted when looking at the workbench to access. You can also craft in your inventory by pressing [E].

How to sleep?[]

Build a campfire, then create a simple shack. The campfire should be outside or have proper ventilation. Then place a bed inside.

How to unlock recipes?[]

For more details, check: Category:Items

New recipes will be unlocked once the player has discovered all the necessary types of ingredient to craft them. (That is, you may not have enough of one or more of the ingredients to use the recipe immediately on unlocking it.)

How to build?[]

For more details, check: Building

The player can build using a hammer within the working area of a workbench.

What to eat?[]

For more details, check: Food

The player can eat harvested or prepared foods to increase maximum health and stamina, and provide healing over time. The best source of healing in the early game is honey.

How to hunt deer?[]

Sneak until you get close and strike as fast as you can with the most damage. Alternatively the player can use a spear or a crude bow with wooden arrows.

How to tame boars?[]

For more details, check: Taming Boar

Build a pit or enclosure and lure/trap two boars inside; feed them until they become tame.

How to go back home?[]

For more details, check: Portal

The player can claim a bed to set their new spawn point. There is currently no recall to spawn without death.

What to do after dying?[]

For more details, check: Death

When you die, your possessions will stay in your grave. You can return to your grave and retrieve your lost items. Move your cursor to the grave and press [E] to open the storage. Once the storage is completely empty, you will receive the Corpse Run buff, which makes you very difficult to kill for a short period, allowing you to re-equip yourself.

How to stop freezing on the mountain?[]

You need to build a shelter with a heat source. The campfire is the only early alternative here. Frankly, you shouldn’t be on the mountain in the early game unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

Later, players can craft Frost resistance mead or wear armor that grants resistance to Frost to remove the debuff.

How to set off a firework?[]

To set off a firework, place 1 Firework into a Campfire. This will shoot a firework into the sky, allowing friends (or enemies) to see where you set it off. Steps: Select Firework from your inventory and place it on the quick bar [1-8]. After that, press the quick bar key while looking directly at a Campfire.

How to prospect properly?[]

Prospecting is an advanced method to find hidden objects without a Wishbone or if a hidden object isn't findable by using a Wishbone using a Stagbreaker. Attacking the ground using your Stagbreaker will show all objects with health by showing the damage numbers or "Too Hard". Allowing the player to find hidden objects underground or otherwise blocked. One of the main uses is finding large amounts of Iron before killing The Elder or getting extra iron before killing Bonemass.

Iron Prospecting[]

Iron Prospecting is one of the main uses for this but it can be quite hard due to the random objects littering the swamp, The first step is to attack the ground with your Stagbreaker and look at damage numbers, The damage number you are looking for is 0, ignore all others, If you get a 0 appearing underground and not from any rocks or mini Fur trees or one to many zeros that the amount of said trees and rocks then you have found a Muddy scrap pile node. All you must then do is dig down and around with your pick and mine it all for some Scrap iron. Which then can be smelt it into precious Iron.

How to navigate in no map mode?[]

Finding North[]

There are lots of ways to find north. Obviously in a game with a map then finding north is trivial. But in no map mode then finding north is more difficult.

compass at the sacrificial stones

Compass at the sacrificial stones

The Sacrificial Stones[]

When the character spawns at the very beginning of the game they stand on a large disc in the middle of the sacrificial stones. The Valkyrie conveniently carved a compass on this round stone platform. North is pointing towards the Elder’s left hand. Thank you Valkyrie!

yggdrasil points east

Yggdrasil points roughly east


The world tree in the sky, Yggdrasil, points roughly east. Points? When the character has a good view of the sky then it can see two side branches make an arrow. Actually the tree points a little bit south of east but that’s ok because the next method gets a more precise calibration of north.
Sides of the hole are oriented north/south east/west

The sides of the hole are oriented north/south, east/west

Dig a Hole (or build a wall)[]

When the character digs a small deep hole eventually the tiny patch of ground they are standing on resembles a rectangle. The rectangle's sides are oriented north/south, east/west. Combining this with an observation of Yggdrasil the player can figure out which direction is North. If the character doesn’t have a pick then they can do a similar thing by erecting a tall narrow wall using the hoe. It helps to dig the hole in an open meadow so you have good lighting and a view of Yggdrasil.

Astronomical Methods[]

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It is possible to build a type of sundial which will help determine north and south. Some people claim they can navigate using the starmap.

a north pointer

North Pointer

Recording North[]

After determing north then the player should record it. Different people have different ways of doing it. The Wood Wall 26 degree piece makes a good arrow. My method is to build a north pointer like this at every base so I can correct my portable compass.

Matching build to pointer

Matching build system to north pointer

Portable compass[]

There is a mod which will give your character a compass but that is not necessary. It is possible to use the build system as a compass. The build system has a built in direction and that direction remains set until the player changes it. After building a north pointer the player can orient the build system using north pointer. Then the build system will remember north for you!

Follow through forest

following build piece through forest

When the build system is set to north (or any other direction) your character can use the hammer and follow the building piece through the forest.

When adventuring in the forest it might be necessary to build something. If possible, the player should build a north pointer before changing the orientation of the build system. If not possible, then building the player can use one of the methods above to determine north, make a north pointer and set the build system to north.

Recording Vegvisir Direction in a Burial Chamber or Crypt[]

It is possible to change the direction the character is looking without moving the character. This means that the character is pointed in one direction but the point of view of the camera is pointed in a different direction. When the character reads a vegvisir the character doesn’t move but the camera rotates to face the boss. This gives the direction of the boss. After the point of view has rotated the player can use the hammer and rotate the wood wall 26 degree until it is pointed in the same direction as the camera. That sets the build system in the direction of the boss. It is not possible to build in a dungeon but that’s ok, the build system will remember its orientation when the player exits the dungeon. When the player exits the dungeon they can build a pointer in the direction set at the vegvisir. The player should have some system to mark that direction as NOT north. My method is to use wood wall 45 degree pieces to mark boss directions. That way wood wall 26 is always north, wood wall 45 is the boss direction.

Two directions

two directions

Helpful tips[]

  • DO NOT leave the meadows until you collect proper resources. Look at the top right of the minimap to determine what biome you are in. You will begin in the Meadows; Black Forest is challenging for an early stage player; Swamp, Mountain, and Plains are dangerous. Stay out of Burial Chambers until you have decent food available to eat. Take caution in Troll Caves until you are confident you can take on a troll at close range.
  • Keep an eye on the progress of the sun and don’t get caught out at night. The spawn rate of enemies increases considerably, and more powerful variants of common enemies appear. If you can’t make it home, try to find an out-of-the-way place to spend the night, such as a small island just off the coast.
  • Remember that being wet is a debuff and rain is your enemy. Fog and mist, too, though they won’t wet you. The things hunting you probably have better sight than you do.
  • Collect and kill everything you can. If you gather a surplus of materials, store them for later use in wooden boxes—these are weatherproof. Nearly everything has a use—even Greydwarf Eyes are used to make portals later in the game. In particular, save any biologicals such as raspberries, blueberries, yellow mushrooms, and especially thistle—they grow back in time, but you can’t cultivate them and you’ll need lots later on. Flint is a good resource to hoard as well; the flinthead arrow is the best in the early game and sovereign against trolls.
  • If you survive a troll attack, see if the troll did you any good without intending to. Occasionally, trolls will break down hardwood trees giving access to Fine Wood, or even smash up formations of copper ore, both of which require bronze tools to harvest otherwise. Fine Wood can also be harvested early by cutting down softwood trees to fall on the hardwood trees (birch and oak), and then rolling the trunks against boulders on the ground until they break up.
  • A fully upgraded flint spear and wood shield will last you into the swamp phase. With rest, decent food, and a little training you will be able to take down a troll with little effort. Interfering Greydwarfs will cause greater threat while fighting a troll, but if you manage your stamina well they won’t be a huge problem. They are more easily taken out with the flint spear than the axe due to its faster attack speed, and likely greater level due to use while hunting meadows creatures.
  • Queens Jam provides decent stats early on. But due to its high cost in berries, it is best not to stockpile stacks of it. You will be able to make better food shortly after starting a farm, and the berries will then be put to better use making different meads. Same goes for honey and yellow mushrooms as food.
  • Don’t get to attached to your first home. You will build and rebuild many times through your adventure.

What to do next?[]

Check out the Progression guide for more information.