Honey is an item in Valheim. It is a food and ingredient that you can get from beehives. As a food it gives 20 health and 20 stamina. Provides the highest health regen out of all available food at 5 hp/tick, however it also lasts the shortest with only 300s duration. It is required to make Mead bases.


Beehives typically are found within abandoned houses. They can also be found around swamps. When you break a beehive you receive a queen bee which can be used to craft your own beehives at your base to create a honey farm.


Despite it being mainly used for Mead Base recipes and the low hp/stamina it gives, the regeneration Honey provides, coupled with Rested buff, can greatly help underequipped players navigate the Black Forest early, allowing them to recover from heavy damage incurred much sooner than they would with the food available to them at that stage.

The short duration of Honey is both a blessing and a curse: the short duration means the stamina and health bonus decay much faster and a relatively high amount is needed to keep the bonuses up, however this also means honey can be used as a way to quickly regenerate health only to replace it with a stronger food.


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