The Hoe is an item in Valheim.

General information

The hoe is a tool that can be used to elevate or level the ground. It can also be used to apply the Pathen and Paved Road ground decorations to an area, visually creating a path for players to walk on.


It can be crafted in the Workbench.

How to use

To more effectively level the ground there are two things to keep in mind. When shift clicking it attaches the hoe to the level of ground you are pointing at. When not shift clicked it defaults the hoe to the level of ground you are standing on.

If you need to raise the ground, first right click with the hoe equipped and switch to the raise ground option. You will need Stone x2 and a workbench in your vicinity.


Hoe stats
Quality 1 2 3
Durability 200 400 600
Crafting Recipe
Workbench level required 1 2 3


  • It can lower the ground but only a little. For the first item available to lower the ground, please see Antler pickaxe.


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