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Health determines how much damage destructibles, creatures, ore deposits, players, structures and trees can take before getting killed or destroyed.

Max health

Players start with 25 health which can be increased by eating food.

Creatures have a different base health per creature that gets increased with creature level and multiplayer scaling.

Destructibles, ore deposits, structures and trees have different health per object.



Players gain health regeneration by eating food. Each food gives 1-5 health regeneration that is applied every 10 seconds.

Health regeneration is further modified by status effects. Positive status effects are added additively while negative status effects use multiplication. This means the order of effects matters when there are both positive and negative effects. However Rested and Resting can't be acquired while having some of the negative status effects.

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Creatures passively regenerate 0.028% of their max health per second (10% over 6 minutes, 100% over 60 minutes).

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Destructibles, ore deposits, structures and trees don't regenerate health. Some structures cam be repaired by players.