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Haldor is a character found in Black Forest. He is a Dwarf trader wearing a brown cloak, a gold belt and cape. At his camp, Haldor sells several unique items that can be purchased if the buyer has a sufficient amount of Coins and world progression.


Nothing is known about Haldor beyond his occupation as a trader within Valheim. At some point in time, he set up camp within the Black Forest and tamed a Lox named Halstein that can be seen feeding from a bowl in the same camp.

Haldor is a dvergr or "dwarf", according to his introduction on Iron Gate's blog[1], and how he refers to himself by one of his many quotes.

Haldor says multiple phrases including "Im short for a dwarf", "Check this stuff out", "Take a look at my wares" and "Radjdadaj".

Hildir, Haldor's sister, can be found in meadows.



Haldor has 10 possible spawn locations that are located in Black Forests which are at least 1500 meters away from the center of the world. Approaching any of these locations will permanently place Haldor there. This can happen from 320 - 453 meters away (about twice of the default minimap range) when the related zones is generated. When discovered, his bag icon will appear on the world map.

He spawns with his own point of interest, a small camp consisting of a large wooden wagon pulled by Halstein, a propped up canopy, barrels, tables and multiple display items including spears, swords, shields, helmets and food. The camp is surrounded by a shimmering transparent dome that acts as a safety zone that Creatures cannot enter. The safe zone cannot be destroyed.

When players find Haldor, it can be a good idea to drop a Portal in the vicinity to make easier returns.



Name Icon Cost Availability Item Use/Description
Yule hat Yule hat Coins 100 Coins Always Cosmetic headpiece
(Uses the Helmet Slot)
Dverger circlet Dverger circlet Coins 620 Coins Always Provides light in front of yourself.
(Uses the Helmet Slot)
Megingjord Megingjord Coins 950 Coins Always Increases inventory carry weight limit by 150.
(Uses the Accessory slot)
Ymir Flesh Ymir flesh Coins 120 Coins After defeating The Elder Crafting material needed for high tier equipment.
Fishing Rod Fishing rod Coins 350 Coins Always Allows you to obtain Fish as a food.
(Uses both hands when equipped)
Fishing Bait x20 Fishing bait Coins 10 Coins Always Required for use with the Fishing Rod.
(Currently not craftable)
Thunder Stone Thunder stone Coins 50 Coins After defeating The Elder Required to build Obliterator.
Egg Egg Coins 1,500 Coins After defeating Yagluth Required to obtain Chickens and Hens.


Name Icon Stack Size Price for One Price per Stack
Amber Amber 20 Coins 5 Coins Coins 100 Coins
Amber pearl Amber pearl 50 Coins 10 Coins Coins 500 Coins
Ruby Ruby 20 Coins 20 Coins Coins 400 Coins
Silver necklace Silver necklace 20 Coins 30 Coins Coins 600 Coins



  • "Haldor" is a name having roots in Old Norse origins. Its meaning is presumably "Thor's rock".[2]
  • The transparent dome which surrounded Haldor's camp apparently powered by four small runestones placed around it and that each of them carved with Odin's Illusory Rune, a Viking glyph devised to provide camouflage and deception. This is fitting as the barrier only allows Haldor's potential customers to both see his camp and pass through it while hostile beings such as Greydwarves cannot enter.