Haldor is a trader found randomly in the Black Forest biome. He sells several unique items that can be purchased when players bring enough Coins. Haldor will also purchase Rubies, Amber, Amber Pearls, and Silver Necklaces from players in return for coin. There is no other use for these items and they can be safely sold.


When in a 290m radius (about 1½ default minimap sizes away) from Haldor for the first time, his bag icon will appear on the world map.

He will only spawn on the Black Forest biome, but can appear in any Black Forest biome in that world whether it is near the starting Sacrificial Stones or at the edge of the world.


Name Icon Cost Item Use/Description
Yule hat Yule hat.png Coins.png 100 Coins Cosmetic headpiece
(Uses Helmet Slot)
Dverger circlet Dverger circlet.png Coins.png 620 Coins Provides light in front of yourself.

(Uses Helmet Slot)

Megingjord Megingjord.png Coins.png 950 Coins Increases inventory carry weight limit by 150.
(Uses the Accessory slot)
Ymir Flesh Ymir flesh.png Coins.png 120 Coins Crafting material needed for high tier equipment.
Fishing Rod Fishing rod.png Coins.png 350 Coins Allows you to obtain Fish as a food.
(Uses both hands when equipped)
Fishing Bait x50 Fishing bait.png Coins.png 10 Coins Required for use with the Fishing Rod.
Currently not craftable


Name Icon Price for One Price per Stack
Amber Amber.png Coins.png 5 Coins Coins.png 100 Coins
Amber pearl Amber pearl.png Coins.png 10 Coins Coins.png 500 Coins
Ruby Ruby.png Coins.png 20 Coins Coins.png 400 Coins
Silver necklace Silver necklace.png Coins.png 30 Coins Coins.png 600 Coins


  • When players find Haldor, it can be a good idea to drop a Portal in the vicinity to make easier returns.
  • Haldor's cart and tent are surrounded by a shimmering transparent dome that acts as a safety zone that Creatures cannot enter.
  • Haldor has a Lox in his camp named Halstein that can be seen feeding from a bowl.
  • Haldor has 10 possible spawn areas per seed (example shown here: https://valheim-map.world/). He won't actually appear until you approach one of these spawn points, and once he does appear he remains at that one location "permanently."


  • "Haldor" is a name having roots in Old Norse origins. Its meaning is presumably "Thor's rock".


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