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The HUD in Valheim

Always Displayed HUD



Active items are highlighted in blue. Use the numbers [1-8] to select an item to equip, or to use on another object

Durability for a Tool or Weapon is displayed as a white bar at the bottom of its slot.

Item quantities for stack-able items are shown at the bottom of the slot.

Health, Food, and Forsaken Power

Located in the lower left; The red bar shows the player's current Health.

The three boxes on the left shows the currently active food, and their current contribution to the player's Health.

The icon on the right shows the current Forsaken power, and its cooldown under it.

Mini Map

The Mini Map gives you a quick navigation info, and the player's current location.

The top right displays the name of the biome the player is currently in.

The bottom left corner displays an arrow, indicating which direction the wind is blowing.

Markers placed on the full size map will be visible on the Mini Map

Temporally Displayed HUD

Stamina Bar


Located in the lower center of the screen; Displays the current amount of stamina the player has available.

Only appears when stamina has been used, and fades away when stamina is full

Status Effects

Located next to the Mini Map; Shows currently active Status effects and duration.

Some effects are based on the immediate situation of the player (Such as Shelter, Fire, and Resting), and have no duration.

Control Hints

Located in the lower right corner; provides information about how to use the currently equipped item, as well as other actions.

Boss Health-bar

Shows the name and health of boss during a boss fight.

Creature HUD

Awareness Indicator

All creatures (except NPCs) have an Awareness Indicator above their name and health bar, displaying their current awareness in regards to the player.

Awareness Icon Description
Yellow Awareness Yellow.PNG The creature is aware of the player's presence, aggressive creatures will start searching and passive creatures will get more attentive.
  • At this point an attack from an aggressive creature can still be avoided by escaping the area without getting spotted; Fleeing of passive creatures can be avoided in a similar fashion.
  • While not being spotted, any damage dealt is multiplied by the weapon's backstab multiplier (which is usually x 3).
Red Awareness Red.PNG The creature has spotted the player, aggressive creatures will start attacking and passive creatures will flee.