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Greydwarf brutes are strong creatures found in Black Forests. They are bigger and stronger than Greydwarves but only have a melee attack. They are also not afraid of fire.


Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Ancient seed.png Ancient seed 33% 2 (66%) 4
Dandelion.png Dandelion 1 2 4
Greydwarf Brute trophy.png Greydwarf Brute trophy 10% 10% 10%
Greydwarf eye.png Greydwarf eye 2 (50%) 4 8
Stone.png Stone 2 4 8
Wood.png Wood 3-4 6-8 12-16


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Black Forest during the night time, despawn at dawn 1 Common When 2000 meters from the world center
Anywhere in Meadows during the night time after defeating The Elder, despawn at dawn 1 Common No
Rare spawn point near some abandoned structures in Black Forest - One time Yes
Rarely from Greydwarf nests in Black Forest 3 12 seconds Yes
During "The forest is moving..." event before defeating The Elder 1 Very common No


  • One-Star Greydwarf brutes have pinker bark then the standard Greydwarf brute's brown. Two-Star Greydwarf brutes have even more vivid-pink bark.
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